Apple might have leaked a photo of the iPhone 6C!

Photoshop fail? Or accidental leak? You be the judge! There are currently photos on the Apple online store that seemingly show an iPhone that is yet to be released – an updated version of the iPhone 5C with a Touch ID (see below left).


iphon 6c


Apple is expected to announce a new line of updated iPhones, likely at WWDC which starts in San Francisco on June 8th. Within that line up it’s rumored that there will be an updated iPhone 6 (iPhone 6S), iPhone 6 + (iPhone 6S+), and a lower cost 4-inch iPhone, such as an updated iPhone 5C (iPhone 6C).


So is this proof of the existence of the iPhone 6C? Apple are yet to comment, and are not expected to, because, well, their Apple. Looks like we’ll have to wait a moment to find out!


If you’re wondering, that moment will take exactly 17 days, 14 hours, 7 minutes and 3 seconds from….now.




You’ll be able to buy an Apple Watch in-store in June!




Good news Apple Watch watchers! Tim Cook recently confirmed with employees at Apple China headquarters that beginning in June, customers will be able to purchase – and take home- their own shiny new Apple Watch from Apple retail stores in multiple countries around the world (including China).


Apple’s original online only purchasing system, was the first of it’s kind in the company’s history and was designed to smooth out the launch of the new device, however it was only ever going to last through May and is not indicative of how Apple will handle product launches in the future.



From the sauce, Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Sales: “We love our launches we do in stores, have absolutely no fear, this is a unique situation.”


There have been a couple of boutique stores around the world that have had the ability to sell the Apple Watch in their stores from the beginning, such as Maxfield in Los Angeles, California, which is the only retail location in the United States.


Come June, expect to see Apple retail stores roll out the Apple Watch to buy in-store, most likely beginning with the model with the least supply wait currently – the sport.



Be Inspired by Tim Cook’s Commencement speech!



Yesterday Tim Cook spoke at the graduation ceremony at George Washington University and, as we have come to expect from the Apple CEO – his speech was a stirring, inspiring and challenging one.


The speech lasted for 20 minutes, in which Cook told the class that they had to be the ones to change the world, be it by where they work ( I hear Apple’s hiring…) or by simply pursuing a life that you believe in and making a lasting impact in the world, such as one of his hero’s, Martin Luther King.


“The sidelines are not where you want to live your life,” Cook said  “The world needs you in the arena. There are problems that need to be solved, injustices that need to be ended,” he said.


“People that are still being persecuted. Diseases still in need of cure. No matter what you do next, the world needs your energy, your passion, your impatience with progress. Don’t shrink from risk and tune out those critics and cynics.


History rarely yields to one person, but think and never forget what happens when it does. That can be you. That should be you. That must be you.”



Well, Gee, Mr Cook. Way to make the world a better place.


Watch it below!





GW Commencement 2015 Tim Cook from GW Media Relations on Vimeo.



See the first trailer for the Steve Jobs movie here!

exclamation mark



The new Steve Jobs movie has had it’s fair share of media attention in it’s short life so far, what with multiple cast members dropping out and the whole Sony-dropping-the-movie-thing but this time it’s only good media!


Today, Universal, who took over from Sony, have released the film’s first trailer! In it you see Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs on a stage with his back to the camera as you hear other characters muse about who Jobs is (taken from other parts of the film).


At the end you see what Kate Winslet, Seth Rogan and Jeff Daniels look like in their roles as Joanna Hoffman, Steve Wozniak,  and John Sculley, respectively.


Then, we get a release date – October 9th. It’s not the best trailer we’ve ever seen, but we can see the potential. Hopefully we get a better follow-up trailer soon!


Watch it! What do you think?








Hungry? Tweet some pizza to your door!



Having a party? Got the Friday night Munchies? You know what is awesome for both of these? Uh, PIZZA. Cheesy, saucy, delicious pizza. YO you should probably order some pizza!


Wait, what’s that? You’ve lost your voice? Your computer will only let you type certain keys? UH OH.


That’s ok though, bro! Come May 20th, Dominos will be accepting pizza orders through Twitter. All you have to do is tweet 🍕 @Dominos.

THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO! After you create a pizza profile, and add their Twitter handle and favorite pizza. BUT AFTER THAT THAT’S AL YOU HAVE TO DO! Bro!


So….Pizza party May 20th guys?








New configurations of Apple Watches shipping now!




Did you order a fancy stainless steel Apple Watch with a Link bracelet, Modern buckle or Leather loops band? If you did, it’s likely you haven’t received your shiny new device yet, along with everyone else who ordered those specific configurations.


BUT! You can rejoice. It seems that Apple have overcome the shortages that plagued those models/bands and they have begun shipping out. Commence shipping dance! The first orders, in fact, should be arriving ANY MINUTE NOW HOLY APPLE WATCH BATMAN!


It looks like Link bracelet band on Stainless Steel is shipping first, with modern Buckle and Leather Loop soon to follow. If you ordered the Link Bracelet or Leather loop band separately, they have begun shipping, whilst the elusive Modern Buckle band remains unavailable for purchase.



According to Apple’s site, the Link Bracelet is crafted from 100 components, including links that take more than nine hours to cut, while the Modern Buckle and Leather Loop are made from leather sourced from small tanneries in France and Italy. FANCY.


You tell us: Worth the wait?







Apple’s new iPad microsite







Apple has just launched a new microsite celebrating the iPad and how ‘everything changes’ with the device. On the site you’ll find sections dedicated to showing a bunch of apps and ideas about how the iPad could start changing your life in many different areas, such as cooking, small business, traveling, education, etc (once you buy one, of course).


This is in line with Apple winning everywhere recently – except in iPad sales which have been down (12.6 million from 16.35 million in the first quarter.) There is also persistent rumors of an iPad pro being introduced this year, most likely at WWDC in June which would make promoting the device as a whole a step forward in boosting both current and future device sales.


Check out the website and the new ‘iPad changes everything’ video below.










You’ll soon be able to pick up the Apple Watch in-store!

So, you guys remember how you can only get an Apple Watch through shipping after online ordering? Well, natch! Not so much anymore! Apple is in the process of making it possible to pick up certain models of the Apple Watch in-store as well!








The ‘pick up in store’ option is officially labelled as ‘coming soon’ for most people on the Apple website, and as ‘currently unavailable’ for others, the pick up option for both remaining greyed out for the time being.


Soon, however, it seems as though you’ll be able to reserve your shiny Apple Watch online to be able to be picked up in a physical store shortly afterwards. You’ll reportedly be asked to present your government-issues photo ID, of which the name must match the name on the order. Uh, duh.



There has been no confirmation as to when this new option will become live, but we’re assuming it won’t be too much longer than 1- 2 weeks.


Exciting stuff!





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Apple’s revamped music streaming service

exclamation mark


Predicted to be released in late June after being announced at WWDC 2015 in San Francisco, Apple’s revamped music streaming service has just started hitting the next level of tech rumor mills.


While the company is said to be working on last minute record label deals in order for the service to be launched as part of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2.  The current iTunes Radio was announced at WWDC on June 10th, 2013, with the service launching on September 18, 2013, the same day as iOS 7. Available across all Apple devices, it is currently only available in the US and Australia.


Apple purchased Beats Music for $3 Billion dollars last year with the speculated intent of using the brains behind it to not only revamp their music streaming service – but become the best in the business, beating out (ha) other popular moneymakers such as Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, etc.


The revamped service will purportedly be available in additional countries, welcoming a new design, the ability to pay for unlimited song skipping, streaming from music and playlists stored offline, manually created playlists instead of ones using an algorithm.


The beta version of the service has already been seeded to developers as part of iOS 8.4, however we assume (read: hope) that there will be a few tricks up Apple’s  sleeve in order to lure and win over customers, some wow-factor music streaming goodies that have yet to be even whispered about yet.


You will reportedly be able to trial the service for free before signing on the line for about $8-$10 a month.




Who does Tim Cook follow?



CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is a fairly important and influential man in the scope of the tech world, yeah? He’s in charge of one of the wealthiest and most successful companies in the world, and an advocate of change towards workplace (and life-place) equality for all.


So who does he think of as important? Who does he look to? Social media will help us!


Cook currently has 1.14 million followers on Twitter (his preferred public social media forum) however he only follows 37 people. It’s said that who you follow on Twitter (especially when it’s such a small select group) is pretty telling, so let’s have a look, Mr Cook:


1 – Human Rights campaign – Civil rights organization working towards LGBT equality.


2 – The Official Twitter account of the United Nations Human Rights office.


3 – Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation


4 – The band One Republic 


5 – Aaron Levie, ‘Lead Magician’ (and CEO) at Box, a company that allows you to ‘Access, manage, and share your files securely from anywhere’


6 – Auburn University Tigers Football team.


7 – American Journalist David Muir


8 – Dick Costolo, CEO at Twitter


9 – The National Football Foundation


10 – Scientific American – the ‘authoritative source for the science discoveries and technology innovations that matter.’


11 – College Game Day


12 – Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President, Apple Retail.


13 – Duke Men’s Basketball.


14 – Charlie Rose from the Charlie Rose Show.


15 – National Parks Foundation – official Charity of America’s National parks.


16 – iTunes U on Twitter


17 – iTunes on Twitter


18 – ESPN on Twitter


19 – RED Charity ‘Harnessing the power of people & companies to fight AIDS.’


20 – TED Talks – ‘ Ideas worth Spreading’


21 – iBooks on Twitter


22 – iTunes Movies on Twitter


23 – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


24 – The App Store on Twitter


25 – iTunes Music on Twitter


26 – Nike 


27 – Former President Bill Clinton


28 – Pope Francis


29 – The Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama.


30 – The Auburn Plainsman, Auburn University’s student-produced news source.


31 – Duke Basketball, Coverage of Duke Basketball from The Chronicle, Duke’s independent daily student newspaper.


32 – Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, a nonprofit organization working to realize Robert Kennedy’s dream of a more just & peaceful world.


33 – American Journalist Anderson Cooper


34 – Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc.


35 – Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services


36 – Jimmy Fallon


37 – Kerry Kennedy, President, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 


So, it seems like Mr Cook is into Apple (Duh), sports, his Alma Matter Auburn University, sports, tech, news, news oriented comedy shows, charity, and making the world a better place.



What a good guy.