Watch the first person to buy the iPhone 6 in Perth DROP IT

We don’t say this much, at all, but we think this might, for once, justify it.




The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus went on sale at 8am on the Friday the 19th in Australia. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet but it has in Australia because they’re in the future.


SO a journalist on live TV went to interview this kid who was the first person to buy the iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia. Par for the course, right? Yeah, but then as he was showing the journalist the iPhone HE DROPPED IT! ONTO CEMENT!


Oopsie. Did somebody say… iPhone Antidote?









How to download iOS 8 the easy way!



Here’s the deal guys: iOS 8 is available to download onto your iPad or iPhone right now, and iOS 8 needs a lot of space to download onto said devices. Like, up to 6GB of free space.


BUT! Don’t panic and delete all of your photos and videos (which is where all of your space is usually taken up). That can end in error. Nobody likes deleting photo errors!


First – Back up your device to the cloud, silly. Sh*t happens. You don’t want it happening to your data.


Second- Plug your device into your laptop and open iTunes.


You may be asked to ‘check for update’, or if it recognizes that there is an update available, just ‘update’. DO NOT click ‘Restore iPhone’ as that will ruin everything and restore the device back to it’s very birth. IE it will forget it ever knew you.


Download and update your device with iOS 8 directly from there! Yay! Much less space needed and more reliable than an Over-The-Air update which is performed on the device itself.


The update should take roughly 25-30 minutes and then BAM! Hi iOS 8!


We’ll be testing all kinds of things featured in iOS 8 and letting you know all the ins and outs of the new operating system so if you’re not updating yet we can let you know what to expect!


We’re already addicted to not typing our own messages. Booyah!



How will Apple pay work with Apple Watch?




How exactly will you be able to use your Apple Watch to make purchase through Apple Pay? In the iPhone 5S and above, you will be able to make purchases with Apple Pay securely using the touch ID feature.


The Apple watch, however, does not have a touch ID feature. It will instead use a manually entered pin code to authorize Apple Pay payments, a pin code that is only active whilst it’s on your wrist.


Using sensors on the back of the watch, it can tell immediately and automatically when you’ve taken the watch off your wrist. Once you take it off, you can’t use it to make purchases via Apple Pay until it is back on your wrist, and you’ve entered the pin.


So there you go. Easy peasy bacon-cheesy. We hope. We’ll find out early next year when the Apple watch is officially released!


Dammit. Now we want bacon.




Not feeling U2′s ‘Songs of innocence’? Read this.




At Apple’s special media event last week, CEO Tim Cook was joined on stage by the band U2 playing a song form their new album, ‘Songs of Innocence’. Tim Cook then announced that as a special gift, all 500 million iTunes users would have the album- for free – automatically in their iTunes account.


Sweet, right?


Well, not if you’re not a U2 fan. Their has been a quite surprising amount of backlash to the gift, and nice guy Apple has therefore given us a way out.


U2′s manager  Guy Oseary told Mashable.”We just want to share it with as many people as possible. If you don’t want it and you don’t need it, delete it.” On Sept. 15, Apple set up an official page to help people do exactly that.


This is the support page you want, and below are the directions.


1) To remove the album:  Go to

2) Click Remove Album to confirm you’d like to remove the album from your account.

3) Sign in with the Apple ID and password you use to buy from the iTunes Store. You’ll see a confirmation message that the album has been removed from your account.


If you downloaded the songs to iTunes on your Mac or PC or to the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you’ll need to delete them manually. After you’ve deleted the album, you won’t be able to redownload it and will have to purchase the album when it is available after October 13th.


Now for some good ol’ Tuesday afternoon U2 comedy;


Why did Bono fall off the stage?  He was too close to The Edge!


Budum pshhh!


Q: What kind of lawyers praise U2? Pro Bono lawyers!


and finally:


At a recent U2 concert, Bono asked the audience for total quiet.

Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds. Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone, “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.”

From the front of the crowd a voice with a broad Scottish accent pierced the quiet …

“Well, f**kin stop doin’ it then, ya evil ba*tard!”


We’re here all week!







How many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-order sales?

iphone 6


Did you guys pre-order an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? You were (unsurprisingly) not alone in doing so! Wanna take a guess as to how many other people around the world made sure they would get their hands on a new iPhone?


In 2012, there were 2 million pre-order sales for the iPhone 5, and that’s the record, so that should give you some kind of indication. Or does it? How about… double that?


Apple has announced that it processed over 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus pre-orders. Nice!


Direct from the Sauce:


“iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are better in every way, and we are thrilled customers love them as much as we do,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Pre-orders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set a new record for Apple, and we can’t wait to get our best iPhones yet into the hands of customers starting this Friday.”

Both new models will be released in Apple retail stores at 8am this Friday, September the 19th.






iOS 8 Launching September 17!

exclamation mark


The new mobile operating system, iOS 8, launches on September 17th and will be available for you to download from the app store for free! Whee!


It’s been a while though, folks, so we figured some of you may need a bit of a refresh on what to expect from and what to look forward to with iOS 8. Check out our in depth rundown of what features and improvements iOS 8 will bring to your life, as well as some other features that we’re looking forward to. 


It is always important to consider that although Apple has had lots of super smart people working on the new iOS for a while now, the first release will probably have a few bugs that although not usually anything major, need to be ironed out before it’s ‘perfect’.


Hence, if everything working perfectly is important to you as a mobile user, even small things, a lot of people advocate waiting to download the new iOS until these kinks have been ironed out.


We will be jumping in all over iOS 8 so if you do want to wait, we can let you know exactly how nice or buggy it is.


Also, iPhone 4 owners? You’re a bit sh#t out of luck with iOS 8, as you will be unable to update to the new operating system on your phone. Time to upgrade? We hear there’s a shiny new iPhone out there now… and we also hear there’s a company that’ll give you lots of quick cash for that stinky old iPhone 4 so you can buy that shiny new iPhone…


Just sayin’.






New Apple Ads

Kool kids Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are the voices of the new Apple Ads featuring the iPhone 6. Take a look!







iPhone 6 Pre-orders info




Thinking of Pre-ordering the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? There’s only a few more hours to go, yo!


This year you won’t have to wait for your shiny new iPhone to be shipped to your address, as Apple is allowing pre-orders to be picked up in most of their retail stores from 8am on the release day – September 19th. Shiny iPhone. Hot little hands. Days Away.


You can of course choose to get your new iPhone shipped (for free, yay) to your address instead, if that’s what you prefer.


Or you can just go ahead with your fingers crossed and purchase the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in-store at 8am on the 19th. There hasn’t been much in the way of information on the availability of either model, and how long supplies will last on either, but we’ll be letting you know anything we hear, when we hear it! We would suggest pre-ordering if at all possible.


In-store there will most likely be two lines- those purchasing, and those picking up.


Pre-orders for both models of the iPhone 6 begin tonight at 12:01pm. One minute past midnight, tonight. Mere hours, guys. Good luck! Remember, if you need some cash to make the iPhone 6 upgrade work for you – hit us up! Sell your old stinky iPhone for CashMoney!! 





Thinking of pre-ordering the iPhone 6 on Friday? Read this first.




So, you like the look of the iPhone 6, huh? Looking to get a bit of iPhone 6 Plus action? Good news! You can pre-order one on this Friday the 12th! Wahey! AND they will be available in Apple retail stores from 8am on the 19th.


So, what are your options? What’s the condition of your current phone? Are you eligible for an upgrade?


To check your upgrade eligibility with your carrier, you can type a quick code into your phone. See below for the codes for each carrier.


- AT&T: *639#
- Sprint: 1311
- T-Mobile: #874
- Verizon: #874


Apparently AT&T won’t exactly tell you all of your current options this way,rather the option they want you to take, so it is definitely worthwhile calling them or visiting the Apple website. Once there, you can go through the motions of pre-ordering the iPhone 6 and it will give you the option to ‘check your upgrade eligibility’. For those T-Mobile users out there, you’re a little out of luck here, as Apple only gives you guys the option to buy the phone outright.


You’ll need to fill in your pertinent information, after which it will list all of the upgrade options available to you.


If you are eligible for upgrade, then you can sell your current stinky iPhone to get cash to help you pay the upfront purchase cost of the shiny new iPhone!


Here are the prices of the new iPhones on contract:


The iPhone 6 – 16GB/64GB/128GB for $199/$299/$399.

The iPhone 6 Plus – $299/$399/$499 for 16GB/64GB/128GB


Grab a quote from us and see how much cash you can get for your old iPhone to help you get the new one! You have the option to get paid in PayPal, Check or Bitcoin and have the money in your account in days.


If you’re getting an iPhone 6,  pre-order is most likely to begin at 12:01 AM on the 12th. Which is kinda the 11th. It’s one of those confusing times.


Just BE READY to pre-order at 11:59pm on the 11th! Yay for iPhone 6!





The Apple Watch




It’s FINALLY here! ONE MORE THING! This morning the iWatch Apple Watch was revealed and we have all the beautiful wearable tech details for you!


Firstly – how to solve a problem like no-one wants to wear the same watch? Make a bunch of watches, dummy. And that’s what Apple has done with the Apple Watch. It’s the most highly customizable technology Apple has ever made.


As well as 6 different (and interchangeable) strap options and what seems to be a bazillion types of changeable displays, the Apple Watch comes in 2 sizes (dimensions not specified yet), and 3 models: The Apple Watch, The Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. Respectively it goes: Stainless Steel; Aluminum casing, and 18-karat gold.


You will need an iPhone to have the Apple Watch. We mean, you can probably have one without owning an iPhone, but it wouldn’t do much. At all. You need an iPhone for the Apple Watch to work. BUT the excellent news is that it will work with any iPhone from the iPhone 5 and up. Bajinga.


The fancy innovation that we knew was coming with the watch is in the crown, or, we should say, the digital crown. The twisty knob that normally sits on the side of watches is instrumental in the user interface of the Apple Watch, becoming a zoom, scroll and home button all in one.


There is a button below the digital crown that, when pressed, calls up your favorite contacts and lets you call, message or contact them via the Apple Watch’s ‘new form of communication’. This includes sending your heartbeat to someone, sending customizable emoji’s, your own doodles and drawings, and sending taps. Time to learn morse code?


Raise your wrist and the watch face display disappears and in its place is your recognizable navigation home page, with all your apps. You can move in and out to see more or less of the apps, and touch to go into them.


A really cool feature we liked a lot was in the messages app. If you receive a message and wish to reply, you can either dictate the reply and the device will send it via type or audio to the recipient, or it will give you a list of replies created from analysis of the original message.


The given example was a message with a question regarding song choice for Karaoke, giving two options. Those two options were included in the possible replies the device gave. Our lives are slowly turning into a one-button lifestyle! We think we like it…


Exciting feature number 2: Apple Watch has Siri! It will be interesting how close you have to hold the watch to talk to Siri, as in the demo Kevin Lynch was leaning quite close to the demo watch.


Apple Watch can tell the difference between a touch and a press which allows easier movement around the user interface and includes a feature called Taptic feedback – which means if you get a notification, a direction on maps, or a special message – it doesn’t vibrate, it taps to you, so only you feel it. Each direction on maps has a different ‘tap’. James Bond much. We foresee magical blindfolded missions with our Apple Watches! Is that just us?


You can keep your photos on the device, which is pretty sweet, and any photo you favorite in iPhoto or on your iPhone will automatically appear on the Apple Watch.


4 sapphire lenses on the back of the watch detect pulse rate and the combination of a gyroscope, accelerometer, Wi-Fi and GPS creates a comprehensive picture of your daily activity. We’re talking tracking standing and running and walking and heart rate and we’re all going to be healthy. Or feel bad about ourselves about all the not being healthy we’re doing.


To charge, although not specifically mentioned, it seems like the Apple Watch might need nightly charging, but it does charge with a specifically designed, snug little MagSafe charger, so no complicated new cables or awkward positioning needed.


Apple is giving the Apple Watch over to developers for the rest of the year, looking forward to the added capabilities they can give the Apple Watch. New applications mentioned by Tim Cook that will for sure be included are for the Starwood Hotel chain, the ability to check in and unlock your hotel room door with the watch, the ability to check into your American Airlines flights, the ability to control lighting and temperature in your home, MLB sports updates, the ability to control Apple TV, the ability to use the watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone camera AND walkie talkie ability. Sweet 80′s ski-slope style.


Overall, the Apple Watch was what we expected and a little bit more- a bunch of extremely useful technologies with a focus on health and making life and communication easier, bundled up into one beautifully designed, highly customizable watch.


The watch will start at $349 and will be available early 2015.