Accessory of the day

Ever get worried that you’re spending too much time with your eyes on your phone in the car? Yes, we all know that it is against the law as well as sensibility to hold or do anything with your phone when you’re driving. That’s what our trusty sidekicks are for, right? ( The one’s with the capes not the technology).


Sometimes though, especially when you’re alone in the car, it is very tempting if you’re expecting or receiving an important call or a message to sneak a peek. Alongside that, we have our NAV systems, which whilst legal and a lot safer, still keep your eyes away from where it really should be.


Road safety is SUPER important and any technology that supports that is a good one in our books! And so we come to our Accessory of the day  - future edition. The Navdy.






Currently only available for Pre-order, it’s a device that sits on the dash in front of your steering wheel with a Head-Up Display (HUD) which  projects information as if it’s floating six feet in front of you.  It connects to your phone and is controlled by both by voice and touchless gesture control. It’s a NAV system and a way to interact with your phone ( phone calls, Messages, music)  without needing to look away from the road.  It looks, well, ultra cool.






Check out the preview video here. You can Pre-order right now and for the next 14 days for $299.  After that the price will bounce back up to $499. The device will ship early 2015.





Deal of the day! MacBook Edition



A while back we told you guys about an excellent deal for the Macbook Air, and we’re about to tell you about another one! It’s not quiiiite as good, but it’s still pretty stellar! Like stars, ye see? And if you’re a student with an .edu email address, ( or are somehow able to get an .edu email address, because those things *can* happen…) you can get an even starrier price!


Start with going down to any post office and asking them for their ‘movers’ coupon book. Inside you’ll find a Best Buy coupon for 10% off any single purchase.


Jump with glee!


Head on down to Best Buy, and check out their current sale on Macbook Air’s for $850 ( down from $1000).


Use the 10% movers book coupon to take the price down to $765.


IF you have an .edu address, go here to sign up to get a further $100 discount on the Macbook.


And ( after tax) that’s it! Congratulations, you Dealmaking Macbook Air owning human, you!





Apple awarded an Emmy!

If you guys remember back to Christmas time (  that one that’s further away than the one coming right at us would you believe) you might recall Apple’s Holiday ‘Misunderstood’ ad featuring a young kid recording his families activities on his iPhone. It made people cry, yeah, that one. Well, it’s some kind of awards season time and that ad has just won an Outstanding Commercial Emmy.


Yay! Apple received the award alongside Park Pictures production company and TBWA\Media Arts Lab ad agency. Good job. Now let’s all watch the ad again, cos what the hell, who doesn’t need to cry over an Apple Christmas commercial in the middle of August?





Flappy Bird creator releasing new game!




Remember Flappy Bird? Yeah? FROM YOUR NIGHTMARES? Or maybe from your dreams if you were one of those stupid people who were somehow really good at the game. You know who you are.  Or maybe you just remember if from the huge media attention it got, especially when the creator, Dong Nguyen pulled it from the app store.


Before being pulled, Flappy Bird was extremely successful, generating upwards of $50,000 per day. It was taken off teh App store because of the media storm it attracted, and because it was being criticized for being too addictive.


Not long after that, Mr Nguyen indicated that he would be bringing Flappy Bird back in August of this year ( how is it August already!?) however it hasn’t appeared yet. What will be appearing, on Thursday the 21st of august, is a new game from Mr Nguyen called Swing Copters.


It is unclear as of yet as to whether Flappy bird will also be appearing in the App store soon, or if this is the new version of Flappy Bird as it seems to feature very similar gameplay, and  is apparently just as tough as it’s predecessor. Uh… excellent? There goes all our free time! Whatever. Like we weren’t using it on the internet anyway.


Head on over to the guys at TouchArcade to see a preview of Swing Copters to know just how addicted you think you’ll become Thursday night! The game will be free from the app store with a $0.99 option to remove ads.





Deal of the Day!

currency_dollar green


We have an excellent deal of the day for you guys! Especially for those of you who like to understand how things work, love to learn new things and maaaaaaaybe a bit of a nerd. Like the good kind of nerds, the charming good looking ones.


Straight from the wonderful humans over at, we have ‘The Complete iOS 7 Course’, the iOS Bootcamp that teaches the tools needed to develop iPhone and iPad applications for iOS 7. You learn by building 14 apps along the way with the final app being a full featured dating app: A Tinder Clone.


This course from BitFountain is usually – wait for it – $499 – but for a short time only it is – wait for it – FREE!


Head on over to…UPON111677 . You will need a Mac, and probably some spare time. Go! Learn! Educating yourself is THE BEST.




Image courtesy of Webdesigner Depot –

App of the Day – ladies only edition!



Ladies! Who wants to talk about periods?







Um, well doctors and parents should probably want to talk about them we guess? But otherwise, it’s kind of a pain in the womb that we live with and that’s that. But is it? We’re aware that a lot of girls  haven’t had the opportunity to understand or learn properly about their cycle until well into womanhood and sometimes beyond and that affects their lives in ways they probably haven’t thought about.  A lot of women will also not truly understand their period cycle and how it works when it comes to fertility- something that’s not a huge concern, UNTIL IT IS!


Welcome, then, the period tracker app, Clue.  A beautifully designed app that will track your cycle initially using an algorithm and worldwide data before intuitively learning your unique personal data based on your entries relating to your period length and flow, pain, mood swings, PMS,  and sexual activity.


The app will then alert you as to when and what to expect of all of the above, becoming more accurate the more you use it, as well as alerting you to fertility windows. It also includes education materials relating to your period including in-depth explanations of what exactly is going on in your body, medical terminology definitions, what’s considered normal, etc.


Free from the App store, Clue is an excellent tool for all the ladies, from beginners up through all the roles we play in life as women. Just don’t think about how many cycles that is, because that’s just insane. You insane person.




Speckled bush cricket by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Tim Cook does the Ice Bucket challenge. BTW, if you haven’t heard, there’s an ice bucket challenge.




So if you haven’t heard, there’s a social media ‘challenge’ making the rounds where you pour a bucket of ice on yourself, film it, and put the evidence on social media. Um… fun? Well, yeah, duh it’s fun, but the actual reason behind the challenge is to raise both awareness & funds for Amyotrophic Lateral  Sclerosis, more well known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Sweet! But, is this like those other times when you do the thing and put the thing on social media and then everyone makes fun of you for doing the thing and no one actually benefits? Well, the good news is – not so much with this one.


The Ice Bucket challenge has garnered some high profile challengees such as Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake to name but two, and it has a caveat – if you refuse to do the ice bucket challenge once you have been challenged – you must make a donation towards ALS charities. What is awesome is that many people who have participated in the challenge have poured ice over themselves and  made a donation.


So far, since August 12th, the challenge is said to have raised over $4 million dollars. Now that’s some seriously helpful cash.

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook took part in the challenge after being challenged by Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller.  He did it at the company’s bi-weekly beer bash with Vanilla Ice playing in the background. ICE ICE BABY MR COOK SiR.


He then went along with the rules and challenged three others - Apple board member Bob Iger, musician Michael Franti, and Beats co-founder Dr Dre.


So we learnt two things today – The ice bucket challenge is good and fun and we should do it if we get challenged, and Apple has a BI-WEEKLY BEER BASH WHAT




Bucket of Ice by Nautical9 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Definitive indication there will be two models of the iPhone 6!

So, the rumor mill has been spinning off it’s wheels lately  ( do mills have wheels? Sure they do.) regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 release, which is expected to be announced early september.


Most people believe that there will actually be two versions of the iPhone 6 – differentiated by size. One is said to be 4.7 inch whilst the other will be a pretty massive 5.5 inch.  Speculation is rife as to if this will come to fruition, if those are the correct specifications, and if the’ll they be released concurrently.


BUT WAIT! Now we seem to have something pretty definitive ( probably) with a recent announcement from Takorn Tantasith, who is the Secretary General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in Thailand.


Uh, what does he have to do with anything? Well the NBTC needed to approve Apple’s application to distribute two iPhone 6 models in Thailand. Which they did, and according to government regulations, these approvals had to be announced publicly. Which is also what they did.


On August 5th, Apple reportedly filed the import application and on August 8th they received certification of equipment and a written approval notice  for two iPhones with model numbers A1586 and A1524. The approval was then announced and was also mentioned in a tweet by Nakorn Tantasith. 


Details on the iPhone 6 handsets referenced in the documents are, unfortunately, sealed. Bummer hummer. Guess we’ll just have to wait like patient little Appler’s!



Tip of the day! Screenshots edition




So this is an oldy but such an important goody!! We’re talking SCREENSHOTS PEOPLE!!


So much of our lives are lived on our computers and devices these days (which we are all for, btw, as long as it’s not on the Kim Kardashian App…) and sometimes it’s just NECESSARY WITH CAPITALIZATION to show someone what’s going on in your deviceland. And maybe it’s just us here at iPhone Antidote, but sometimes it’s stupidly hard to remember how to take a screenshot, so here’s what you do:


For your iPad/iPhone: Press the top right hand power button at the same time as the Home button which is in the middle at the bottom of the phone. BAM MAGIC PHOTO SAVED RIGHT INTO YOUR PHOTOS APP


For your Mac: Press and hold the Command button,  the Shift button and the number three button all at the same time. BAM YOUR WHOLE SCREEN IS FROZEN IN TIME AND ACCESSIBLE ON YOUR DESKTOP AS A FILE


For your PC: If you’re using  Microsoft Windows XP,  click the window you want to capture. Press and hold down the Alt key and  the Print Screen key at the same time. BAM YOU”VE GOT A SCREENSHOT ON YOUR PC BUT WHY ARE YOU USING A PC AGAIN?


For your iWatch: Oh wait, that doesn’t exist yet, our bad. Don’t tell anyone we know stuff from the future k? K.






Command Key by Walt Stoneburner is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

App of the Day





Today’s Apps of the day is a little aestheticentric ( yes, we made that word up, and yes, we’re using it from now on) but, for some people,  pretty goshdarnit useful..




We’re talking NAILS ladies ( & gentlemen!), specifically the OPI App. It’s pretty nice technology with a clean interface, and serves it’s purpose remarkably well. The purpose being making choosing your next nail color purchase easier, obviously. Because that debacle is a hard one, y’all.


Using this app you can try out hundreds of OPI’s nail colors before you buy, adjusting skin tone and nail length to suit your own , as well as marking shades as favorites and of course, keep up with all the important OPI news. Because that’s a thing.


Pretty nails for everyone!!




More light greens by ballekarina is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0