Apple purchases TV Series based on Carpool Karaoke!



The late Late Show with James Corden has a segment called ‘Carpool karaoke.’ if you haven’t seen it, click on this link, watch it. It’s pretty rad. We’ll wait here.


OK. So, pretty rad, right?




News today is that Apple has purchased an unscripted television series based on it! it’ll be distributed by Apple Music. Apple has licensed 16 episodes of the show from CBS TV Studios, which will be executive produced by Corden and Ben Winston.


Carpool Karaoke has been big new in the industry as of late, with a reported bidding war sparked over it’s success.


From the Sauce: Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services:


“We love music, and ‘Carpool Karaoke’ celebrates it in a fun and unique way that is a hit with audiences of all ages, it’s a perfect fit for Apple Music — bringing subscribers exclusive access to their favorite artists and celebrities who come along for the ride.”


Other TV shows Apple has in the works is Dr Dre vehicle “Vital Signs,” a dark semi-autobiographical drama, and “Planet of the Apps,” a show about Apps and developers.



Apple’s making coin off Pokemon GO!

You guys have heard of Pokemon Go, right?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OF COURSE YOU HAVE.


What you may not have realized is that Apple is going to make a lotttttta coin from it! How?


The App Store!


The game is free of charge on the iOS App Store BUUUUUT you can make in-app purchases that are worth $1.49- $149.99. Apple gets a 30% cut of all in-app purchases.


Some pretty nice coin! Arrrre we right? According to reports- 53% of Pokemon Go in-app purchases have been made by people who have pain nothing for mobile games in the last 6 months.


There’s just people wandering around spending money living in a half-reality all over the place.


Is Pokemon Go changing the world as we know it?


It’s… it’s a real possibility?






Verizon Wireless customers beware!

Are you a Verizon Wireless customer? Do you have a grandfathered unlimited data account?


Well…. we’ve got some bad news. Possibly.


Verizon has kiiiind of announced that they are going to disconnect these customers from its network if they use more than 100 GB of data a month and don’t switch to one of the company’s new wireless plans.


A Verizon Spokesperson told Ars Technica: 

“Because our network is a shared resource and we need to ensure all customers have a great mobile experience with Verizon, we are notifying a very small group of customers on unlimited plans who use an extraordinary amount of data that they must move to one of the new Verizon Plans by August 31, 2016, these users are using data amounts well in excess of our largest plan size (100GB). While the Verizon Plan at 100GB is designed to be shared across multiple users, each line receiving notification to move to the new Verizon Plan is using well in excess of that on a single device.”


Well that sucks, guys. And it’s not long after Verizon raised the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan from $30 to $50 per month. If you want to use 100GB a month , you’re looking at $450 big ones per month for that plan.



Do you use 100GB a month?



Will Apple buy F1??

Sooo we guess the rumor mill this week is working on the idea that Apple could buy Formula One. Kinda crazy, huh?


Well, they can certainly afford it, insane as it sounds. F1 is worth somewhere between $7-$9 Billion Clams. Which is a lot. We wouldn’t know what to do with that many clams, real ones or dollar ones!!


Apple, on the other hand has a cash stockpile over $100 Billion clams. Dollar clams. 

If Apple owned F1, it could stream it as a premium service on Apple TV, gaining more loyal users as it does (Over 400 million people watch the F1 annually).

F1 is a high tech sport, the high tech sport, some might say.  Apple is investing in the car industry as it is ( in electric vehicles) , so why not the super fast car industry?



So, what do you think? Would Apple buy Formula 1? Or is it just a slow rumor week at the old Apple mill?


Watch Apple’s new ‘Shot on iPhone’ Ads

More ‘Shot on iPhone’ Ads from Apple were released yesterday, and they feature a pretty rad ant and a downright awesome squirrel. Both are video shot using an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6s Plus. Both have funky music, and both a short and sweet.


See the masterpieces, shot by Linda H. and Tim W. respectively.






Why don’t more people have squirrels as pets?




Apple Watch is never gonna give you up!

Apple’s sneaky Apple Watch easter egg is …never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…





Can you spot it? Hint: Look at the contacts on the Apple Watch Face.


Do you know of any other recent Apple Easter eggs? Let us know and we’ll give you a coupon code for extra cash when you sell your iPhone to us!! Contact us here! 




Worlds first iOS Developer Academy to open

Apple has joined together with the University of Naples Federico II to open the first ever iOS Developer Academy at the University’s San Giovanni a Teduccio campus east of Naples.


The academy is FREE – no kidding, free – and will provide over 200 lucky students (400 in the second year) with the skills and training needed to develop iOS apps. The course begins in October 2016, runs over 9 months, and the curriculum is designed by Apple.


From the sauce, Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO:


“We are thrilled to be working with Università di Napoli Federico II to launch the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe.”
Applicants are required to take an online test in Italian or English, with successful candidates moving to an interview stage. The university is also currently looking for teachers, and will be accepting applications through their website.


Back in January, Tim Cook commented on the project:


“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we’re thrilled to be helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy get the skills they need for success. The phenomenal success of the App Store is one of the driving forces behind the more than 1.4 million jobs Apple has created in Europe and presents unlimited opportunities for people of all ages and businesses of all sizes across the continent.”


Check it out here, and keep an eye out for the application process, which is coming soon.
And don’t worry! There are plans in the mix to extend the project to other countries in the future.



Live Stream the International Space Station on your Apple TV


NASA! NASA is the best!


And GUESS WHAT. They have a new Apple TV app! What. 


Yup! And here’s what you can do on it!
*Scroll through 15,000 archive images, which you can view individually or as a continuous slideshow

*Watch 10,000 videos from the NASA archive

*Get info about when you’ll next be able to see the ISS or other NASA satellites pass overhead, based on your location

*Scope out 2D and 3D tracking maps of satellites currently in orbit

*Check out the latest NASA intel for current and future missions


And – the best part? The super duper best part? You can log on to a live stream with real-time views of Earth from the International Space Station. Heck yes. 


The app is free and you can get it if you have a fourth-generation Apple TV. There is also a version out for iOS.


Available for free on the App Store on Apple TV. 


Also available on iOS 



Pokemon GO update fixes Google permissions problem

If you’ve been swept up in the cray Pokemon GO trend, but have been concerned about reports that by doing so, you’ve given Google all kinds of permissions to access information on your iPhone, concern no longer!


Reports have been coming out loud and clear all over the place that by playing Pokemon GO on your iPhone, you’ve given Google ‘full access’ and control of your email, search history, Google Drive documents, etc, etc.


Apparently, this was a mistake.


The game’s developer – Niantic Labs, issued a statement to the good guys over at Mashable


“We recently discovered that the Pokemon Go account creation process on iOS erroneously requests full access permission for the user’s Google account. However, Pokemon Go only accesses basic Google profile information (specifically, your User ID and email address) and no other Google account information is or has been accessed or collected.”


And – they’ve apparently fixed it.


“Once we became aware of this error, we began working on a client-side fix to request permission for only basic Google profile information, in line with the data that we actually access, Google has verified that no other information has been received or accessed by Pokemon Go or Niantic. Google will soon reduce Pokemon Go’s permission to only the basic profile data that Pokemon Go needs, and users do not need to take any actions themselves.”


Now, you can update to version 1.0.1 of Pokémon Go for iOS, which will bring you improved stability, crash fixes, and a improvements on Google account permissions.


The update is now live in the App Store.


You know what works great for catching Pokemon? A new iPhone.


Sell your old not-very-good-at-catching-Pokemon-because-it’s-old-and-the-screen-is-cracked-iPhone to us for CASH! Use the cash for a new iPhone! CATCH POKEMON! LIFE.




Pokemon Go craze is Cray – about to overtake Twitter in Android users!

You guys have heard of Pokemon GO, right? Seen people wondering around the streets with their phone in front of them, getting excited about something you can’t see?


Well, if you haven’t, IT’S HUGE.  and it’s only getting bigger. Data published by SimilarWeb indicates that Pokemon GO daily active users are about to bypass Twitter. That big.


AND it’s not even global yet. At the moment it’s only officially available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. It’s also installed on more Android phones than Tinder. People who use Android phones are more interested in finding Pokemon than dates? So it seems! Average users are spending twice the amount of time engaged with Pokemon GO than they are on apps like Snapchat.


Snapchat me that Pokemon.


And these are only the stats from Android. Throw in the iOS stats and this trend is big. Like throw all kinds of italics around big. 



Google search activity for the term “Pokemon” is at an all-time high, and by a considerable amount.


Have you caught any Pokemon? Is this a sticky trend? Did our neighbors sneak into our house and steal all our Pokemon?


Damn them.