New Steve Jobs Movie footage

The new Steve Jobs movie is set for release on October 9th! Is everyone excited? You betcha! Are you so excited you want to watch behind the scenes footage and cast and crew interviews RIGHT NOW?


Thanks to ScreenSlam, your wish is granted.










New Google Service?



You might have heard rumors of a new Google fortune telling service, which is great, right? Google has ALL the answers!! Give us more answers Google!! This, however is a little different, and it’s not actually a Google service.


Click on this link, and start typing. Type a question you have about the future. You can go for a cliche, like ‘will I be the richest man in South Florida even though I live in San Francisco?’ or, a little more off the beaten track, like ‘ will I ever own a dinosaur named Tubby MacPeterson?’


Go for it.


Not what you were expecting?



Neither is war and becoming a refugee. This is a great little tool to spread around to promote understanding of the refugee crisis unfolding around the world. A reminder that we can help. If you choose to share the site, it’ll appear on Facebook and Twitter as if you found an incredible fortune-telling website, but it will lead people to the same page in the end.


Tech, helping people helping people. Nice.




Future tech of the week!



When we say shaving, what word pops into your head? We’re going to go ahead and guess that for a lot of you, that word is ‘booooooring’. For a lot of us shaving is a regular thing, and the tools we use haven’t changed for like 5000 years. AND it means that while we’re supposed to be giving the environment hugs, we’re actually giving it about 2 million plastic razors a year (from the US alone!). Sorrrrry environment.


Well, never fear, because a Kickstarter campaign is here!


More precisely, a company called Skarp (meaning “sharp” in Swedish) is here! And it has designed an aluminum razor powered by lasers that doesn’t need water to work or to be thrown out after use. Whaaaaat.


At time of writing Skarp has had over 10,000 backers pledge $1,823,077, waaaaaay over their original goal of $160, 000. Aparrently a lot of people are feeling the lack of progression in the shaving industry!


Benefits? We’ll give you benefits!


No scratches
No razor burn
No infection
No itch
No accidental cutting
No irritation
Effortless smooth stroke
No painful waxing or messy depilatory creams
Incredibly close & smooth shave
No expensive cartridges replacements
Little to no water usage
Environmentally friendly



The razor works by using wavelengths of light for an extra close, clean, shave for both dark and light hairs.


Ch-ch-ch-eck it out!






Apple Music free trial period ending + guided tours




Did you sign up for Apple Music on or shortly after June 30? If you did, your free trial is ending!!


Dun Dun Duuuun!


Personally, we’re keeping our subscription, because if you haven’t read our review of the service, we fricken’ love it. BUT! If you want to unsubscribe, There are 2 ways.


On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings. Tap on the iTunes & App Store option, and then tap on your Apple ID.  A box will come up – tap on ‘view Apple ID’. Sign if if necessary. You’ll then see an option called ‘subscriptions’ with the word ‘Manage’ underneath. Click on ‘Manage’.  On the next page you’ll see the words ‘Renewal options’, and underneath that as the 3rd option down is Automatic renewal. To unsubscribe, turn slide the slider off green.


On your computer, go into iTunes and sign in. If you’re already signed in, click on your name (left of the search bar) and click down to account information. Enter your Apple ID password. Scroll down to the Settings section, and when you get to ‘subscriptions’, look to the right and click ‘Manage’. Turn off Automatic Renewal for Apple Music to cancel a subscription.



If you wish to continue with the service, as many will, you don’t have to do anything except enjoy some sweet tunes!  If you’re unsure about continuing your subscription or if you’ve been enjoying the service but not exploring it, Apple has just introduced a bunch of guided video’s to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. They’re available on the Apple website and will presumably soon be featured on their YouTube channel.


Or, watch them right here!




























Tinder for… bacon lovers?



Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. Tinder. It seems like there’s a Tinder version for everything, but not until now has there been one for… Bacon?


Yup, you read that correctly. If you love Bacon, (like, as if you capitalize it, for example) and you’re looking for a date with someone with a similar love, then Sizzl is for you.


Released by the excellent people over at Oscar Mayar, Sizzl is a dating app where you can search through, accept and reject, nearby people who like the same bacon that you do. Traditionalist Pork Bacon lover? Turkey Bacon? Thick? Smoked? Crispy? The Maple kind? 




Go get some! Are we talking about some Bacon, or some lovin’? BOTH SILLY!






Elon Musk has opened up his own school

exclamation mark


Tech genius Elon Musk has apparently decided that the schools in his area are not equipped to produce more people that we need in the world (i.e. people like him), so what did he do? Open his own school, dummies! D’uh.


With only 20 students (including his own 5 children), with no formal grade structure and set, fittingly, in a mansion, the school is named Ad Astra which is latin for ‘to the stars’.


The other children at Ad Astra are believed to be children of SpaceX employees. There are 3 teachers, and, currently at least, no website or obvious application process. Sorry, Junior.

“They weren’t doing the things I thought should be done,” Musk has reported saying. “I thought, well, let’s see what we can do. Maybe creating a school would be better.”

His vision for Ad Astra is an education that is matched to “the aptitudes and abilities” of the child. Sounds… nice. Let’s see some more genius’s Mr Musk!





Switching to iOS 9?



Well… might want to wait, as there has been a number of complaints around the world describing the mess that iOS 9 can leave your phone in.


We’d suggest waiting for the next update of iOS 9 is released, however if you just can’t wait, PLEASE make sure to back up your phone so if the most terrible of terribleness happens, you still have all that precious data!


If you have a lot of media on your device, then we’d advise backing up over iTunes. However, understand that if you have photos taken with an iPhone or iPod on an iPad in your camera roll, they won’t be restored from a back up, and vice versa.


You can restore data to a device at anytime with a WiFi connection on iCloud Backup.



Back up with iTunes 
Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer. Open iTunes. Go to ‘File,’ ‘Devices,’ and ‘Back Up’. You can also find the ‘back up now’ button under Summary in iTunes.


Want to make sure that it’s worked? In the iTunes menu option, go to Preferences’, then click on ‘devices’. If you see the name of your device and the time that you backed up, you’re all good like candy canes at christmas.


Back Up on iCloud

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app, select ‘iCloud’, and tap Backup. Turn on iCloud Backup. The device will automatically update when it is connected to the Internet via WiFi, the screen is locked, and it’s hooked up to a power source. To do it manually, go to Settings, then iCloud, select Backup, and tap Back Up Now.



Save your data! Do it!


How to pair your Apple Watch with your new iPhone

apple watch




So, you’ve got your shiny new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus! Yay! If you’re the luckiest of us, you’ll need to know how to pair it with your shiny Apple Watch. Here’s what you need to know.


Before you unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone, back up that stinky old iPhone, as unpairing the Watch will wipe all of your information. Your iPhone automatically backs up your info to the iPhone that it’s paired with. Back it up to iTunes or iCloud.


Open the Watch app on your stinky old iPhone. In the My Watch tab, touch ‘Apple Watch’ then ‘unpair Apple Watch’. Confirm.
Enter your Apple ID password when prompted.


Grab your delightful new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6S you lucky devil you, and restore your backup from iTunes or iCloud. Make sure Bluetooth is on in Settings and that you’re connected to the internet.


Open the Watch app.


On your Apple Watch, hold the button on the right side until you see the Apple Logo.


You’ll see some instructions, because Apple are pretty good like that. Follow them!  Hold your iPhone camera over the watch.


On the next screen you’ll see where you can ‘restore from back up’. You’ll see some more instructions, follow them too!


BAM! Paired!! Marriage made in heaven!


iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus now available in-store!





It’s here! Shiny new iPhone launch day!! As of 8AM this morning, across America and Canada Apple stores have been opening their doors for the hoards of iPhone lovers who are having their in-store reservations fulfilled or those who have been braving the lines to buy a shiny new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus in-store.


UPS and Fedex are also making people’s day (something you hear often?) by delivering pre-order iPhones to homes all over the country.



The iPhones  have now launched across the world  U.S., Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the U.K. as well as the States.



Did you get a new iPhone today? Tell us what you think! Oh, and if you need to get rid of that old stinky iPhone… you know what to do… 




iPhone 6S & 6S Plus pre-orders



Starting last night at 12:01 AM, those in the mood for some light shopping were able to pre-order themselves a shiny new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.


As per usual although supplies started off robust, they have now begun to slowly dwindle, with shipping times now slipping to 2-3 weeks. Predictably, the Rose Gold model is being affected the most.


If you were really hoping for a Rose Gold iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus ASAP, you can always try your luck by going in store on release day – Friday September 25th.


The iPhone 6s is available in 16, 64, and 128 GB capacities for $199, $299, and $399, with a two-year contract. Contract-free pricing begins at $649. Apple’s higher-priced iPhone 6 Plus is available in 16, 64, and 128 GB capacities for $299, $399, and $499, with a two-year contract. Contract-free pricing starts at $749.