How to Replace Your Cracked iPhone 4 Back Glass

So you broke the back on your iPhone 4?  That is a bummer.  But don’t fret, it is not really as bad as it may seem.


With a couple of steps you can make your iPhone 4 or 4S look just like new again.


1) Go to and search iPhone 4 (or 4S) Back Glass.  You should be able to find them for around $15-20.  Make sure it includes screwdrivers.

2) Once you receive your new iPhone 4 Back Glass, go ahead and take the old glass off of your phone and swap to the new glass as shown below.

3) Now your iPhone looks just like new!



Repair Steps


a) Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone using the screwdriver that was included with your iPhone Back Glass (as shown below)

Fix Your iPhone Back Glass

b) Slide the back of the iPhone glass up towards the top of the iPhone, which will release the back off of the iPhone.

c) Place your new iPhone glass against the back of the iPhone where the old glass was located and slide it back down to lock it in place.

d) Using the screws you previously unscrewed, screw the new back glass back into place




How to Get Out of Your Sprint Contract without Paying an Early Termination Fee

Cancel Your Sprint Contract without an Early Termination Fee


Have you been itching to leave Sprint, but you are still on contract?  As it turns out, their terms and conditions have changed recently, and this may mean that you can get out of your Sprint cell phone contract without paying the dreaded early termination fee (or ETF).


This is applicable for people on family plans and have a discount applied on their account.  Basically what Sprint has done is that they have decided that only the first line of your family plan will be able to have a discount (not the additional plans), whereas previously, they did give this discount.  Since this discount will raise most people’s plans prices each month, there are opportunities to get out of your contract without paying the ETF.


Call the Sprint Consumerist Hotline (703-433-4401) and tell them that you would like to cancel your service because of the increase on your bill regarding your discount on your family plan lines.  Make sure to mention that since this is an increase of your bill on your contract, that you do not need to pay the early termination fee.  They should know about this, and if they do not, ask to speak to a manager.  This will be valid as long as they are made aware within 45 days of the change.  Make sure you have a new carrier to port your number to after you cancel your Sprint service.


Enjoy your savings and don’t worry about paying any of the dreaded ETF!


How to Create a Backup of your iPhone

Save your iPhone Data - Backup Your iPhone


Although it is fairly easy to do, there are still a lot of people that would not entirely know how to create a backup of their iPhone.  Here is a quick guide in case you find yourself unsure of how to create a backup.

  •  Plug your iPhone or iPod into your computer
  • Load iTunes
  • Find your iPhone or iPod on the left side under the Devices section of iTunes
  • Right Click on your Device
  • Click Backup


This will create a manual backup of your iPhone or iPod which you can later use to restore your device.  This guide will work for iPhone’s, iPod’s and even iPad’s!



How to Put a Passcode on your iPhone

Put a Passcode on Your iPhone


Are people always messing with your iPhone? Or do you just want to make sure your data is safe in case you iPhone gets lost or stolen?  Either way, there are several different situation that making having a passcode on your iPhone a good idea.


With the iPhone, you are able to create a 4 digit passcode to prevent people from getting into your phone’s data.  To do this is simple, and there are also several options you may not have known about including:


  • The ability to have a complex multicharacter passcode
  • The ability to erase all data after 10 failed passcode attempts
  • The ability to require a passcode only after leaving the phone idle for a certain number of minutes.



Here is how you do it:


1)      In your iPhone, go to the “Settings” application

2)      Select “Passcode Lock”, it should be near the bottom of the screen.

3)      Select “Turn Passcode On”, it should be near the top of the screen.

4)      Enter in a 4 digit passcode, and then reenter it once more to confirm.

5)      Now you have a passcode on your iPhone!



In addition, you can add several options:



If you would like a complex password, combining both numbers and letters:


1)      Slide the “Simple Passcode” slider to say off.

2)      Enter in your old passcode

3)      Now you can enter any string of characters as your password.



If you would like your iPhone to only require a passcode after leaving it idle for a certain number of minutes:


1)      Select “Require Passcode: Immediately”

2)      Change to your preference of when you would like the passcode to be required, ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours.



And finally, if you would like your iPhone to erase all of its data in the case of 10 failed passcode attempts:


1)      Slide the “Erase Data” slider to say on.

2)      Confirm on the next page by clicking “Enable”


Be careful as in the case you were to forget your passcode and try 10 times, all of the data on your iPhone will be erased!  However, this can be particularly handy in case you were to get your iPhone lost or stolen and it had sensitive data on it.



And that’s how you put a passcode on your iPhone!

The iPhone Antidote – Now We Buy All Types of iPhones

Sell Your Old iPhone to the iPhone Antidote!


Up until recently, here at the iPhone Antidote we only purchased the iPhone 4.  Now we are excited to announce that we purchase all types of iPhones in ANY condition!  That means that no matter what kind of iPhone you have, we are willing to buy it!  It does not matter if it is used, broken, or even water damaged.  Heck, your iPhone 4 could be sitting in water right now and we would still be willing to pay $150 for it!


We have discussed earlier why it makes sense to upgrade your phone as soon as possible here (sometimes you can actually make money)!  So why not do it today?


Come give our site a look, and check out our newly updated quote section under the “Let’s Start” heading at the top of the page.


1)      Simply select the model of your iPhone and an instant quote will show up!

2)      Click “Let’s Do It!” located just under the quote, and fill in your shipping information.

3)      Click submit and a prepaid USPS Priority Mail PDF Label will download.

4)      Send your iPhone in using this label.  The label will work for any type of packaging, and works from anywhere in the United States.  Don’t worry about sending in the box or accessories, you can keep those if you would like.

5)      In just a couple of days you will be paid via check or paypal (your preference)!


With payouts up to $400, sell your old iPhone today!








Check Data and Cell Phone Usage for Overage

Don't Make it so You Have to Sell Your iPhone for Cash to Pay Your Bill!


Have you ever thought you might be a little over budget on your text or data usage for the month? It is easy to check and find out. And if you are actually over your plan for the month, don’t worry, just predate your bill with AT&T here. This can also be quite nice if you are worried about international or roaming usage, as this will show your limits as well as your actual usage.


In order to find out, simply take your phone and dial *3282# and click send. This triggers AT&T to send you a text message which will state the information regarding your plan. It specifies:


a) Your Next Billing Cycle Date
b) Data Usage
c) Text Message Usage
d) International/Roaming Data Usage
e) International Text Message Usage
f) Other Plan-Specific Information Regarding Your Phone Plan


That is it!  Enjoy!