How to Restore Your iPhone From a Backup

There are  a few cases in which being able to restore your iPhone can be a valuable thing to know. Take for example, if your iPhone was stolen, or you accidentally deleted a funny video off of your iPhone, or maybe you even accidentally erased the whole iPhone!  Either way,  it is pretty easy to restore your iPhone to its previous state provided that you made a backup (to learn how to create a backup see here).

Restore Your iPhone from a Backup


The First thing you’ll need to do is to plug your iPhone into the computer with your backup on it and turn on iTunes.


Secondly, in iTunes, under devices, find your iPhone.


Right click on this iPhone and click “Restore from Backup”.


Select the proper backup from the selection of previous backups and click ok.


iTunes will go through and restore your iPhone so that it is the exact state of your old iPhone.




Erase Your iPhone and Restore to Factory Settings

There are a few different reasons why you may want to restore your iPhone to its factory settings.  One of the main reasons would be if you were selling the iPhone.  If you are selling your iPhone it is a good idea to erase all of your data to ensure data security.  When you sell your iPhone to the iPhone Antidote (see here), we securely erase all of the data, but some other companies or other methods of selling your iPhone may not be as secure.


Erase Your iPhone to Factory Settings


Follow the directions below to erase all of the data on your iPhone and restore it back to it’s factory settings.



First, turn your iPhone on and go to settings.


Next, go to General.


At the bottom of the General screen you should see an option for reset, click this.


Now click “Erase All Content and Settings


This will erase everything on your iPhone and restore it back to it’s factory settings.




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How to Lock Your iPhone Screen from Rotating

Have you ever been lying in bed, using your iPhone to browse the internet, and you turn over just to have your iPhone’s screen flip sideways?

Lock Your iPhone Screen from Rotating

Apple created a feature in the iOS software to enable the iPhone to switch perspectives if you were to tilt the iPhone over.  This can be really helpful if you actually want the perspective to be rotated, but it can be quite annoying if you are laying down or are otherwise horizontal.


Rest assured, however, there is an easy way to fix it.  If you would like to temporarily disable the screen rotation, follow the steps below.


First, hit the home button twice to bring up the bottom menu.

Then, slide the menu to the right (to view what is to the left) and click the circular logo with the arrow on it once.

This will change the circular logo to include a lock logo inside of it.


Once you have done this, you will be able to lay in bed and read on your iPhone without any worries about the screen changing its rotation.



How to Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone/iPod/iPad

Something most people tend to miss out on with their iDevices is the ability to take a screenshot. This can be really helpful in a variety of different situations. You can take pictures of your text messages, your call log, different websites you are on for later viewing and pretty much anything else you can think of.  It can also be a really helpful way to zoom in and crop pictures that may already be on your iDevice.


Take Screen Shots with Your iPhone


The gesture is quite simple to do, all you need to do is:


Press the Home (round button) and the Lock (top button) button at the same time.



Hope this helps someone!


What to Do if You Drop Your iPhone in Water

The worst has happened.  Your iPhone has gotten wet, and as with all electronics and water, you fear the worst; your iPhone is broken.

Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

This horror story has happened too many times, but if your quick and on the ball, you can possibly prevent your iPhone from damage.  Follow the instructions below to help fix your water damaged iPhone before it is too late.

  • First, take your iPhone out of the water!


  • Turn your iPhone off immediately!  Water and electricity do not mix well, and if there is anything you can do to help preserve your iPhone it is to make sure it is off immediately.


  • If your iPhone fell in any type of salt water, beer, soft drinks or anything else, put your iPhone in fresh water to clean off any of the previous liquid.  A quick rinse should be fine, do not go overboardwith useless water damage.


  • Get a ziploc bag and put uncooked rice or silica gel in it (the packets that come in shoeboxes and beef jerky packets to keep them free of moisture) and place the iPhone and the rice/silica gel inside the plastic bag.


  • Keep your iPhone in this bag for 48 hours, or AT LEAST 24 hours.


  • Take your iPhone out and turn it back on.  Hopefully if you were fast enough your iPhone will work perfectly again!
Warning –  Do not test your iPhone immediately after the water damage has happened, you could damage your iPhone.


If you are electronics-savy you can unscrew some more of your iPhone.  Follow this guide here to take the back off your iPhone.  Unscrew as much as you are comfortable with and then put it in the bag with the rice/silica in step 4.


Good Luck, and remember, if you are not able to fix your water damaged iPhone you could always sell it to us at the iPhone Antidote here!