iPhone 5 Release Date Leaked, Announcement Coming September 12th

It has been a pretty exciting few days if you have been following up on iPhone leaks.  And today, we have the supposed release date of the new iPhone 5 as well as a few other things.  The big date to come is September 21st.  That is the leaked iPhone 5 release date, and this sounds in line with previous expectations (late-September, early-October).


It looks like on this September 12th date, we will have an Apple announcement that likely consists of the specs of the new iPhone as well as introductions of the new iPad Mini and iPod Mini.  This should definitely be a pretty exciting date.


In case you hadn’t seen yet, we actually have a decent amount of the info about the new iPhone, and a bunch of new pictures of it as well!  Take a look!

iPad Mini and iPhone 5


Credit to iMore for the image

Pictures of the New iPhone 5

Here we go guys!  We have several new pictures to show you of the new iPhone.  They all appear to be from trusted sources, and it really looks like this is what we are going to end up seeing this September/October.  Not too many changes that haven’t been noted previously, but its still pretty nice to get a good look at what the finished product will end up looking like.  Here are the pics!



The New iPhone 5



The New iPhone 5


The New iPhone 5


The New iPhone 5

New iPhone will have a smaller dock



Lots of news today about the next iPhone dock being made smaller. Quick outline- Apple iProducts currently have a 30 prong dock connecter cable and have done since 2003. The next iPhone, due out around October, is confirmed to have a large reduction in dock connecter size so as to move the headphone jack to the bottom. Allegedly.


A lot of people are hence questioning whether or not the new phone will come with an adapter or if it will be sold separately.


I think that Apple as a customer oriented brand won’t charge for this extra bit of equipment that they’ve made necessary through their own design, although they did do exactly that recently enough when they decided to charge $9.99 for a power adapter for their Apple’s new Magsafe 2 Power connecterfound on the new MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro.


On that note, I think that there are secrets hiding in this modification. I could very well be wrong but it feels like such a huge and potentially difficult design change for something that wasn’t really broke is a bit of a red herring.


And then I start to get excited. The main and acknowledged problem with iPhones and I guess Mac products in general is battery life. Maybe With Apple changing the way power comes into their products they’re preparing for something amazing. There’s gotta be some boom or maybe I’m just looking too hard?




Let your imagination run free- iPhone 2052

Let’s play a game. Instead of trying to guess the specs or shape of the iPhone being released this year, let’s imagine for a moment that instead we’re eagerly anticipating the release of the new iPhone, June or October 2052.

Screw guessing shape. We’re going to start by thinking about the quality and clarity of hologram the new release will allow us. HD holograms. People are talking about how they will assuredly have, by now, fixed up the bug in the iFeel app so that when you use the app to touch something thousands of miles away, there is no time lag. There is a large group excitedly anticipating and discussing the controversy of the iChip that we can place on our wrists that will come with a surge of dopamine, and how the amalgamation of pharmaceutical companies and Apple has made taking prescription drugs easier, and with this release, more prescription drugs have been added to the list Apple works with. There are people raving about how glasses and contacts will be a thing of the past once the new release comes out equipped with a way to make your eyes work better only using invisible electrical messages. Educators everywhere are waiting to have the ability to be able to map their student’s brain activity, and have that map available to them whilst they’re teaching, to better understand the way that the student’s brain works, and how they learn.

Scientists and governments are wondering how to police and politicize the iFeed program while the rest of us are wondering how it will change our world- if someone doesn’t want to finish their meal, they can take a photo of it and send the nutrients to a bank that can be accessed by NGO’s in the few still poverty stricken communities.

Everyone knows by now that the technology that comes with the new Apple release will make their world better. What do you think we’ll be looking forward to with the new i-release, 2052?

iPhone iOS 5 Tips & Tricks Part 2

Welcome to our second part of  iPhone Tips and Tricks! We hope you found some useful and easier ways to use your iPhone in the last article, and hope you’ll find even more in this second part!

Choose different vibrations for different contacts
Now this is very cool. Now not only can you have different ring tones for different contacts in your phonebook- now you can have different vibrate alerts too. Fantastically useful if you use your phone on vibrate and you need to know who is calling in the middle of class/that meeting.
Simply go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Custom vibrations and turn on.
Then, whilst still in Settings, go to Sounds, and right down the bottom with be vibration. In there you can create your own vibration or choose one of the generic ones. In the contact you want to change in contacts, hit ‘edit’ and under ringtone will be the vibration option. Done!

Space on your iPhone
If you have limited space on your iPhone, and don’t know where it’s all going- go to Settings – General-Usage and you can see all the apps on your iPhone and how much space they’re taking up. If you decide that one app isn;t worth keeping, click on it and you have the option to delete it.

Different calender view.
In your calender, if you have it set to see a month view, you can actually get a week view simply by turning your iphone horizontal. You can scroll across to see the days and up and down to see the hours. Turn back up the right way to go back to the month view.

Edit your music tabs
Not everyone listens or organises their music the same way. Because there are quite a few options available in your music app, Apple sends all iPhone’s out with the same organization. To change this, simply go to ‘More’ on the bottom right hand side, and the press ‘Edit’ on the top left. This allows you to change the bottom buttons to however is best for you to use and listen to your music.

This is a very easy one, but not well known and can be very useful. Once in the calculator, if you turn the iPhone on its side, you get a scientific calculator!

Home Button
Here’s a clever one… Now, here at iPhone Antidote, we think that if your iPhone is damaged, you should sell it and trade up to a new one! But, if that’s just not possible, here is one rescue feature. If your home button no longer works, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, then turn Assistive Touch to ‘ON’. This will place a moveable home button on the screen.

here’s to easier iPhone use!

iPhone iOS 5 Tips & Tricks Part 1

The following two part article is a summation all the tips and tricks that iPhone Antidote are aware of. We’ve given you a few necessary ones already, but here are the rest- all the ways to make you the most savvy iPhone user around!

Making new photo albums
A lot of people only have the one photo album- all the photos they’ve ever taken in one long, long, scrolly list. If you want to break it up into a more accessible list, you just need to open the Photo app, and on the top right will be an edit button. Press it, and on the top left press the add button. Name your new album, save, and then simply choose the photos you want to add to this album by clicking on them from your previous album and pressing done.

Emjoi keyboard
The Emjoi keyboard gives you a tonne of icons to add to your text vocabulary. Previously to utilize the Emjoi keyboard, you needed to download the app. Not so with iOS 5. Simply go to Settings – General – Keyboard – International Keyboards. Scroll down until you find Emjoi and enjoy!

Have more tone in your emails
Now you can use italics, underlining and bolding in your emails. Simply type your email, press and hold on the word/s that you want to change and a bar will come up with options. Press ‘Select’, and ‘Cut’ ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ will come up. Beside that is an arrow. Press it, and you will see BIU ( Bold, Italic, Underline). Press this and a further bar will appear asking you which type you would like.

Saving Images
Next time you see an image you’d like to keep for yourself, be in on the net, in an email or in a text, just press and hold on the image and a bar will appear asking if you want to save the image. Save it and it will be stored in your photo albums.

Stay tuned for more useful iPhone tips and tricks to come shortly!

Facebook Smartphone?


It seems inevitable, but there is proof now more than ever that Facebook are looking to design their own smartphone. Today sources claim that facebook has headhunted more than a dozen Apple software and hardware engineers in their attempt to design a Facebook smartphone.

There has been a few attempts in the past, but this time, ‘Buffy’ is apparently under development– a phone in coordination with HTC that will try to tackle the fact that facebook currently has no meaningful revenue from mobile app users. Even though they are using post Apple engineers, they will not be trying to tackle Apple’s share in the market, rather, device’s running Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

With so many people using their smartphone’s as a very expensive text message and facebook machine, we can only wait and see when and how popular the Facebook smartphone will be.

iPhone: FaceTime Tricks and tips

Facetime is a nice feature of the iPhone 4 and perhaps all of us are quite fond of it. Well, here are some little tricks for you to get the most out of Facetime chat.


Facetime: Video Calls now with more fun

FaceTime Tricks: Spicing up your Video Calling

FaceTime has been quite popular among iPhone users for its free and high-quality iPhone –to-iPhone video calls. Though there’s the catch that you need to have good signal strength in a Wi-Fi zone to prevent call dropping, Facetime had been quite popular.

So, we thought of sharing some tricks with you that can spice it up further.

The default mode of FaceTime screen in portrait, now just try by rotating the phone by 90 degrees—you can have your image turned into landscape mode. The one you are calling will see your image turning suddenly. Nice, isn’t it? J Well, by rotating the receiver set in the same way, he or she can get it back right obviously.

Here’s another funny aspect for you. You can even show your family or friends on FaceTime what you are actually seeing at that time. Got confused? Well, we are talking about the camera-switch option from your FaceTime. While on FaceTime chat you can tap on the Camera-Rotation icon from your screen, switching from the default front to the rear camera. With the rear camera in action, even the person you are calling can see what you are seeing in front of you.

You can also do a quick bit of stuff just by changing to another program or even simply tapping the Home button. Well, while the audio contact remains on, the video screen goes black and you can do a bit of work before going back to the call. In the meantime a Green banner would pop-up and stay on the top of the Home Screen to remind you of the ongoing Call.

iPhone with Facebook: Maybe in iOS 6

iPhone already has Twitter; wouldn’t you be delighted to have Facebook integration into iOS?  Well, as per reports Apple is also considering the same to get on-board with the most popular Social Networking platform.


Apple joining hands with Facebook?

Apple Facebook collaborating?

Reportedly Apple Inc. is in official talks with Facebook to work on a piece of code to integrate the Facebook app into the iOS. Possibly named Sundance, this integrated app would grant Apple users to interact with other iOS apps directly avoiding the sign-in on each occasion.  It’s not only Apple who gets the benefits—at a time when share prices are dropping horrendously and facing tough competition from twitter and others, this would be a golden opportunity for Facebook to get into the iOS devices.  Twitter, integrated more than a year ago in iOS 5 is receiving quite a good response and surely Apple Inc. at this critical point of would keep no stone unturned.

It has been two years since we started hearing buzz about Facebook-Apple co-operation. But there are issues—low similar sort of services can run parallel like Apple’s music network or Ping. But in recent times Apple’s stance has been softened to a great extent, even at last D10 conference Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at future co-operation between the two Giants.

At a time where Facebook is having their own share of problems with the pricing issue at stock markets and on the back foot, Apple perhaps thinks it’s the best to push forward with the integration. Well, whatever it is—iOS users are the one who would be getting the benefits.

iPhone tips: It’s not only for ‘dummies’

We have already discussed some tips to maximize your iPhone’s usage, now we are back again with some more.


iPhone abruptly hang-ups? Just try out rebooting

iPhone: More, more and more

One of my friends was complaining the other day—his iPhone ‘hangs-up’ and he just not could not get it working. What would you have done? Well, the better way is to try the On/Off button or  by pressing down your Home button for more than six seconds. From my experience, I can say it works on 99% cases—it ‘quits’ any locked up application on your iPhone.

Now if your problem still persists, keep your On/Off and Home button pressed for around 10 seconds. This would reboot the iPhone and you can view the Apple logo which the iPhone is booting up.

Now sync iPhone Notes with MAC: Notes on the go

Truly speaking this is a stumbling block in iPhone’s ‘Notes’ – you can’t synchronize the Notes you have in your iPhone with those on your Mac. But we have figured a way around syncing your notes.  You can create a pseudo-contact and copy-paste the important notes in the ‘notes’ field of that fake contact. So, what you have is a pseudo-contact added to your Address Book with all your important notes and hence moving on the go.

iPhone: Alternative calling from Safari and more

Rather than scrolling down to a contact number and dialing—you can even call from your Safari. It’s simple—you need to find the phone number in Safari and just tap it—and bingo; iPhone will call up in no time.

Also, you can now time-up when to receive your voicemails. When you are not using a Bluetooth headset (that routes the calls instantaneously when plugged in)—you can use the Audio button of the Voicemail screen to time-up the messages. This enables you to hear those messages only when you desire.