New iPad announced today



Apple has today announced an iPad with 128gb storage capacity, double that of the current iPad. The new device has retina display, will be available in black and white and both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities.


The new iPad doesn’t count as a new model so will still be referred to as an iPad 4, however this version is catering more for the business market, who are anxious for the ability to use the tablet for more detailed projects, such as blueprints, X-rays, film edits and music tracks.


The new iPad will be available Tuesday, February 5 starting at $799 for the Wi-Fi only model and $929 for the cellular model.

jOBS – A Steve Jobs Biopic


The Steve Jobs biopic ‘jOBS’ will be shown for the first time to the public at the Sundance film festival tomorrow, however the first clip has been released online today. See;


Directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring Ashton Kutcher as the man himself, the movie is a college dropout to tech-hero of a nation story, cost approx. $8,500,000 to produce and will be coming to a cinema near you in April.


We’ll have to wait and see the reviews when they come out after the official screening tomorrow, but just from the clip, Steve Wozniak, played by Josh Gad in the movie, told website Gizmodo today that both his character and Jobs’ are ‘totally wrong’, but that he wouldn’t mind it if the movie was ‘fun and entertaining’.


A second biopic, a Sony produced, Aaron Sorkin written movie is in the works, but this version is an adaptation of the official Jobs biography, and Sorkin says he plans to have his movie contain only three scenes, shot in real time, with each one taking place before a product launch.


Although much anticipated, this film is still being written and doesn’t even garner a mention or Sorkin’s IMDB page, so it won’t be in direct competition with jOBS.

Two other exciting new Apple products predicted for 2013!


Apart from the expected Apple iTV and the next iPhone, other new products rumored for release by Apple in 2013 include a subscription music service similar to Spotify and Pandora ( proposed name iRadio) and the bluetooth enabled ‘Smart Watch’.


iRadio will be incorporated into iTunes and Apple is believed to be in final discussions with three major music labels. It will be similar to Pandora and Spotify, but will also include the ability to access concert information or tickets. If the music labels can agree to Apple’s terms, expect this service to debut mid to late 2013.


There have been rumours about an iWatch for a few years, and with more than a few secret sources and patent ‘evidence’ to back it up, 2013 could be the year to release the iWatch, a new product that is not stand alone, but, similar to the proposed iTV, a device that uses wireless technology to connect your current Apple Devices in a cool, awesomely designed way.


According to sources from China, Cupertino, and Apple’s patents, the iWatch would be a Bluetooth enabled, Siri controlled, curved glass watch that would surpass other companies current or near future smart watches because of Siri, and because of the ability of Apple to make excellent use of excellent Apps.


You would be able to take and make calls, use the internet, email and social media, use fitness, recording, organizational and other apps, gaming, and probably even tell the time on the Apple iWatch.


Commentators have actually predicted that the iWatch, if indeed released in 2013, will be released in the first quarter of the year and will be the first product released since Jony Ive has started providing leadership for human interface as well as his role as senior vice president of industrial Design.


So, two new products, both of them for people who are essentially already Apple fans and own a stand alone devices, and that’s why we love Apple- providing new, exciting products for their loyal fans. In 2013. We hope.

Apple iTV


The Apple product we believe will knock your socks off in 2013 is the much speculated Apple iTV.


There have been analyst’s like Richard Greenfield from BTIG ( An equity trading company) recently stating that while the Apple TV is an exciting future product, they don’t believe Apple can release it this year because of legal issues , tying up the loose ends with cable providers and networks, etc.


Call us optimistic, but we disagree. Not only do we believe that Apple needs this product this year, there have been intense rumors all over the internet about this very product- with numerous ‘secret sources’ giving legitimate sounding information.


Sounds familiar to the time before the iPad and the iPhone were released right? Which means that there is a revolutionary product coming with Apple’s name all over it!


In a recent interview, Apple Ceo Tim Cook spoke about the possibility of Apple entering the television market; “ It’s an area of great interest to me. I can’t say more than that.”
Of course he can’t, because marketing. Let’s get everyone excited!


There have been sources from Sharp that say that they are building HD screens for Apple already, there is the patent that Apple have for a universal television remote, the news from Foxconn visitors that production on specialty components for the TV had already begun last summer. Sources ‘familiar with the matter’ at the end of 2011 have said that “Apple executives have discussed their vision for the future of TV with media executives at several large companies.”.


So what is Apple TV? Well, in the words of Tim Cook, “When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years”. So, the Apple TV will be a product that will bring the television market into the present, if not the future.


Sounds good right?


Now, imagine your TV in HD, with an A6 Processor, Retina screen capabilities, run by iOS, and with the ability to be controlled by your voice via Siri (voice and face recognition is predicted).


The Apple TV will be a homebase for all of your apple products, (Statistically, if you own one product, you’ll own more than one – around 2.6 actually), all connecting wirelessly with the ability to share content.


Imagine Internet, social media and wireless connectivity, Apps, gameplay, and add in content from iTunes or streamed though Airplay, combined with content from a cable provider.


Sounds revolutionary. Bring it on in 2013, Apple.

Some updates for Apple computers in 2013


Slightly less exciting than the new iPhone, but just as important, are updates we’re expecting for Apple computers in 2013.

Firstly, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple are investing $100 million dollars in 2013 to outsource manufacturing of more of their products and devices in America, as opposed to China where the majority of manufacturing is completed currently.



Moving on to the technology, according to recent reports Apple and a company called Broadcom are working together to bring superfast Wi-Fi technology to Apple’s 2013 Mac lineup. This predicted connectivity, known as “5G Wi-Fi,” is theoretically capable of delivering peak speeds of 1.3Gbps and is excellent news in the world of Wi-Fi.



Lastly, the beautiful and acclaimed retina display is expected to be part of the new MacBook Air’s in 2013, making one of their best laptops even better.



Stay tuned for all your Apple news!

2013 Predictions Part 3 – What to expect from apple regarding the iPhone?


The product that Apple is arguably most known for and the one which most of it’s consumers get excited about, certainly the one that gets the most media attention, is the iPhone. D’uh.


Now, 2012 bought about the iPhone 5, which was… fine. It was great! But, it wasn’t as…exciting as a lot of fans were hoping it to be. It’s a tough gig to be expected to be revolutionary all the time, but as it turns out, that’s just something Apple has to deal with, and a lot of people are hoping and predicting that by dealing with it in 2013, that means bringing it.


So, bringing it when exactly? There have been sightings online of a device called iPhone 6.1 being tested with iOS 7 ( The iPhone 5 was similarly tested as iPhone 5.1 and 5.2). The IP address of these devices has been traced to the Apple campus in Cupertino. The fact that they are testing a new iPhone so soon means good things for an earlier release date.


There are a lot of reports that say that WWDC 2013 is when and where we can expect the new iPhone. We here at iPhone Antidote agree with this prediction, however there are others predicting September, similar to the iPhone 5 release date. It is not expected that Apple will release the new iPhone at any other time, and it is expected to have at least one new iPhone this year (there are a few rumors that Apple might try and release two new iPhones this year, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6).


Whenever it is, people are really hoping for a hop, skip and a jump from the fairly averagely received iPhone 5, over the iPhone 5s, straight to a massively impressive iPhone 6.


So is this a realistic expectation? Some say yes! Some say no. Guesstimating is fun!


There are numerous wishes and optimistic predictions for  super impressive new and amazing features for the next iPhone, but here are some of the more realistic rumors:


*Bendy Flexible display. Similar technology has actually been presented at CES in Vegas today by Samsung, however Apple also have a patent for their own version of the technology. A race to spur on an earlier release perhaps?


*NFC – Near Field Communication. A type of device radio communication that will allow for more social media interaction and more importantly easier purchase transactions through your phone.


*A wider screen.


*Retina Display.


*Full Gesture Control.


*Purely aesthetic design modifications such as hiding the camera behind a liquid crystal window.


*Improved Maps.


*Improved Siri.


*Larger storage– up to 128 GB


*Different colors similar to what is available on the iPod


*A display using Indium gallium zinc oxide, in order to reduce power consumption, while boosting pixel densities and improving the signal-to-noise ratio for touch input.


*Something we haven’t even dreamed of yet!!

So there are the more realistic rumors and predictions so far for the new iPhone (/s) in 2013. We’ll keep you updated!!!! Happy dreaming!

2013 predictions pt 2



So, 2013. Let’s start simple.


Of course we can never be sure of anything to do with Apple and all things unreleased, but we think that iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 is almost certainly going to be released during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC) in June (this conference happens every year in San Francisco and is a platform for Apple to show off their new products, software and updates to new products).


There were reports in December that app developers had seen a new device ( named 6.1- more on this later) being tested using a new operating system named iOS 7. The people testing the device and iOS 7 had IP addresses originating from Apple’s Cupertino campus.


So, Apple are already testing their new operating system, which means, well, there will definitely be one. Excellent. But what can we expect?


We’re not totally sure on this, as it is quite early for them to be testing, indicating much more in-depth updates than previous (or everyone’s wrong about the release date…) and there may be something completely unexpected that comes along with a brand new feature of the next iPhone.


What we can feel safe in predicting is that Maps will definitely be improved, hopefully including the ability to work offline.


The dock should have more user preferences available and an option for the user to choose which of these they see when they press the home button.
On the home screen we can probably expect more icons with live information- weather, user specified news, sports updates etc, as well as speed dial icons – one button on your home screen to call or message specific people without having to go through the apps themselves.



Lastly, a lot of people expect big things from an updated Siri with iOS 7, as the current version is not impressive enough!

Now, another operating system, different hardware! OS X 10.9 is another almost certainty to be released at WWDC. OS X 10.9 has also been seen being tested on a number of machines online. With the new operating system, you can expect Siri (the upgraded version) and, according to some, Apple will be offering the new operating system free of charge.

Next- Pt 3 – What to expect from apple regarding the iPhone!?

What’s next for Apple?


2013 should bring some interesting moves from Apple, and these are already being rigorously debated by those who are in the position to do so, and those who aren’t.


As per usual with Apple, everything is a guessing game, and we are only at the mercy of the limited amount of information analysts pour through patent documents to discover or that which is leaked – purposefully or not.


Over the next couple of days we’ll be looking at and making predictions for everything coming up in the Apple world in 2013 – their release schedule, the possibility of new products, new updates to existing products, and how this will affect you, as a customer, and the industry as a whole.


There are people who say that after the very public lawsuit with Samsung, Apple (as well as other industry players) will be reticent to create anything unless it is completely new and revolutionary. In other words, we won’t see anything new released that might be seen to have been built on the technology of other products as that would only welcome more lawsuits, which is bad for not only the company but for the whole industry.


There are others that are adamant that this year, after an arguably lackluster year in 2012, Apple must impress the tech world and it’s fans with new products or surprising updates to current products if they want to stay relevant.


Who’s right?


We’re going to pick through all of the  predictions and rumors, educated guesses and outright optimistic hopes for Apple in 2013, and give you the best of all of it.  Stay tuned!!



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