Ashton Kutcher fans and Steve Jobs Fans, rejoice! Not only do we have some awesome, goose bump giving teaser material for you guys, but we also have a final release date for the Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS!


The Joshua Michael Stern directed film charts Steve Job’s inspirational ascension from college dropout to one of the most admired tech heads and entrepreneurs ever. It’s a purported cinematic celebration of Apple’s visionary leader and the rebellious and unorthodox way he wanted to lead his company.


As skeptical as iPhone Antdiote may have been in the beginning about this biopic, the promotional material and buzz leading up to the release is getting us excited and changing our mind about how much we think we’re going to like the movie.


As well as Kutcher in the lead role, other stars include James Woods, Dermot Mulroney, and Josh Gad as Apple’s other founder, Steve Wozniak.


The independent film was first glimpsed by a lucky few at the Sundance Film Festival in January and according to some Apple employees in the crowd who knew the man, Kutcher did an uber awesome admirable job playing Steve.


The film was originally due to be released on April 19th but delays (thought to be reshoots or the desire for more time to create better buzz) meant that everyone had to just cool their butts for a while… and that while is almost over!


Drum roll….


You can see jOBS on August 16.


Here is the official promotional poster released yesterday:





And you can see the trailer for jOBS here. And it’s pretty damn excitement making!


The other film biopic of Steve Jobs, the big budget Sony produced and Aaron Sorkin written ‘official biopic’, is still in development and, similar to an Apple product release, is being kept well under wraps…


Happy viewing kids!




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Now Samsung are trademarking names for smart watches!






Samsung has officially trademarked the name ‘Samsung Gear’ last week. Cool, cool, but what has that got to with watches iPhone Antidote?


Included in the  trademark application made by Samsung are mentions of ‘Parts and fittings for watches, wristwatches, electronic clocks and watches, bracelets  watchbands, control clocks and watches that communicate data to personal digital assistants’


Sounds like a smart watch and smart watch accessories to us!


Add this up with a quote in March from Samsung’s executive vice president of mobile business who said that they have been ‘preparing the watch product for so long’ and that ‘We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.’


So much smart watch excitement! Who will release it first? Will that person then sue the other person for ever and ever over stolen ideas? Will anyone wear them or is the time for watches over? Will they make our lives better? Will they solve global warming? Will they have sandwich making capabilites?


Only time will tell!


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iWatch trademark update


So, we now have news that Apple has applied to trademark the name ‘iWatch’ in more countries across the world.


All of the applications were filed on June 3rd but have only become public in the last few days.


As well as Russia and Japan, Apple has filed to trademark ‘iWatch’ under both software and hardware categories in Jamaica, Taiwan, Turkey, and Mexico.


Momentum is building! Aghhhh!



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Free Stuff!



You heard us! Free stuff! And actually good free stuff too!


To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the App store, Apple are giving away 5 games and 5 regular apps.


This is for a limited time, so get in there quick kids!


The apps you can get are:


Barefoot World Atlas
Day One ( Journaling app)
How To Cook Everything
Traktor Dj for phone


The games you can get are:


Infinity Blade 2
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
Tiny Wings
Where’s My Water?


All for freeeee! Happy Free Stuff Monday!




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Hell is other people- the app that helps you avoid people






So, we’ve done a review of the lover-ly app that is Tinder, we were planning a review of the similarly themed ‘Bang with friends’ app, however it has been unceremoniously dumped from the Apple App store ( for the time being…).


We thought maybe now we should review an app for the people who are not really interested in human interaction, or face-to-face interaction specifically. Cos it be scary. We get that, so this one is for you guys!


The app?  ‘Hell is other people’. Got a nice dystopian ring to it doesn’t it? People are calling this an Anti-social app, and as unfriendly as that sounds, we think that it has definite potential in certain circumstances.


Here’s how it works.


You download the app onto your device. You go out for a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll. Say….say you might not have slept at home last night, say you’re on what some people might call, a ‘walk of shame’. Who you wanna see? Altogether now: No-one.


Change the situation to your good self hung over and wearing track pants and not wanting to see that girl/guy, or when you might not be where you’re supposed to be and yet there you are staring at your very unimpressed boss in the bar down the road.


Or, imagine you’re just somewhere in the world, you walk into a cafe, and look, there’s that guy that does that weird long silence thing between sentences. Or worse, that chick who does the weird silence thing in the middle of  her sentence, and then you react to their weird half sentence, and then you realize that they hadn’t finished and oh my god just walk away.


Here is that magic thing that you’ve been waiting for- a chance to avoid that particular awkward awkwardness.


So, is it really magic? Will I never have to have an awkward social interaction ever again?


Well, no, sorry kids. The above ( and many more too)  are all situations where the Hell is other People App would come in handy- as long as the people you know and want to avoid in certain situations all use the location based social media app Foursquare. Frequently.


If they do, then you’re in luck. The app will track, record and plot your friends most recent check in’s on an ‘avoidance’ map for you, so you know where people are and when they checked in, making it perfect for sneaking around them.


The man behind the app, Scott Garner, a student at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Programme, says that he hopes to include check in’s from facebook and geo-tagged tweets in the future.


This would create an even more comprehensive way to avoid your friends in sticky situations, or just, you know, cos your friends suck.


This is not a downloadable app, and you have to me a member of foursquare for it to work. Go to to sign up using your foursquare log in information and you can see your ‘Avoidance’ map from there!


Happy avoiding guys!



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The iWatch


Good news for those of us waiting for a brand spanking ( ooh) new Apple product!


Yesterday, Apple’s application to trademark the term ‘iWatch’ in Japan was made public.


iWatch is, of course, the rumored name for the first wearable Apple device and the potentially out of this world Smart Watch. The trademark was applied for on June 3rd this year and is actually the second time that Apple has applied to trademark the name, the first being in Russia in February.


Momentum (and the rumor mill) for this product is building rapidly. Yesterday’s reports come after Bloomberg posted in March this year that according to their sources there were 100 engineers working on the planned smart watch, and after Tim Cook said in May that the wearable device market is one just waiting for innovation. And who better to do it than Apple?


Unlike other Smart Watches currently available (see the wonderful Pebble Watch), the much speculated iWatch will most likely be a stand alone device, with biometric potential that could turn the way we use technology on it’s head.
Suckily, experts agree that we probably won’t see the iWatch until the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2014.


C’mon Tim Cook! We want wearable device innovation, and we want it now! Or soon! Please?


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The Annual Apple ‘Back To School’ Promotion


Something for the learners & learned amongst us!


Apple have announced that to celebrate that magical time of year- the beginning of the school year- their annual Back To School promotion will be starting as soon as tomorrow.


The promotion offers students who purchase a Mac a $100 iTunes/App store gift voucher, and for those students who purchase an iPad or an iPhone, they will be offered a $50 gift voucher.


Sweet deal!


What’s sweeter? This promotion is added on top of the usual student discount of $200 off a new Mac.


To be eligible you must be a college student, parents buying for college students, teachers (including homeschool), school administrators & Staff.


Happy learning guys. Also, we apologize for calling the beginning of the school year magical.



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Microsoft Games coming to iPhone


This is one to be filed under F for Fun! Erm… yeh, so anyway, who likes playing games?


Everyone? Cool. Later this year, according to reports via Reuters, Microsoft will be bringing a bunch of their X-Box and Windows games to the iPhone.


Helping bring their gamey goodness over into the smartphone world is Japanese gaming firm KLab Inc.


The first game is said to be Age of Empires, and is also said to be F for Free!


P.s We do apologize, some of the team here at iPhone Antidote appear to have been taken over by Sesame Street.






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