New products coming in 2014!





There are still more products coming our way right from the magical world of the Apple production line! Next year! That’s like only a few tomorrows away!


A couple of days ago Tim Cook confirmed to members of the press, that Apple is definitely planning on introducing new product categories in 2014. Categories baby! That’s like, things we’ve never seen before. Woop.


According to Cook, Apple believes that it can use its skills building software, hardware, and services to create “great products” in categories that Apple does not participate in today. “We’re pretty confident about that,” said Cook.





Things to look forward to  (probably) include the iWatch, the iTV and a little baby unicorn that makes all your dreams come true.








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New Motorola phone? Looks exciting!


Do you guys remember a lil’ while back when a video featuring a blocky, stack together futuristic idealistic mobile phone started doing the social media rounds?


This one:



If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out. There are some really smart ideas in there, formed by some people really thinking about how to make the future of tech better.


The phone in the video above is designed by a group called Phonebloks, and it’s a design prototype; it’s not real, yet. Turns out Motorola has been thinking along the same lines as the guys from Phonebloks, and now they’re working together on a project that is super exciting.


The following is from the Motorola Blog, go here to check it out at the sauce.


Goodbye Sticky. Hello Ara.


Over the last six months, our MAKEwithMOTO team took Sticky, a truck wrapped entirely in velcro and filled with rooted, hackable Motorola smartphones and high-end 3D printing equipment, across the country for a series of make-a-thons.


On that trip we saw the first signs of a new, open hardware ecosystem made possible by advances in additive manufacturing and access to the powerful computational capabilities of modern smartphones. These included new devices and applications that we could never have imagined from inside our own labs. Open fuels innovation. See some examples here, here, and here.


After the trip, we asked ourselves, how do we bring the benefits of an open hardware ecosystem to 6 billion people? Meet Ara.


Led by Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Ara is developing a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software: create a vibrant third-party developer ecosystem, lower the barriers to entry, increase the pace of innovation, and substantially compress development timelines.


Our goal is to drive a more thoughtful, expressive, and open relationship between users, developers, and their phones. To give you the power to decide what your phone does, how it looks, where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it.



Here’s a sneak peek at early designs for Project Ara:




The design for Project Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules.  The endo is the structural frame that holds all the modules in place. A module can be anything, from a new application processor to a new display or keyboard, an extra battery, a pulse oximeter–or something not yet thought of!


We’ve been working on Project Ara for over a year. Recently, we met Dave Hakkens, the creator of Phonebloks. Turns out we share a common vision: to develop a phone platform that is modular, open, customizable, and made for the entire world.


We’ve done deep technical work. Dave created a community. The power of open requires both. So we will be working on Project Ara in the open, engaging with the Phonebloks community throughout our development process, as well as asking questions to our Project Ara research scouts (volunteers interested in helping us learn about how people make choices).


In a few months, we will also send an invitation to developers to start creating modules for the Ara platform (to spice it up a bit, there might be prizes!). We anticipate an alpha release of the Module Developer’s Kit (MDK) sometime this winter.


So stay tuned. There will be a lot more coming from us in the next few months.


–Paul Eremenko, and the Motorola Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Ara Team






Rundown on the iPad event on october 22nd





Ok, our blog has been doing a little bit of this:





If you’re not sure what that is, oh by geez be thankful you’ve never tangled with the spinning wheel of death!


We tangled, and we won! And now we’re back! And we’re like this:




Click on these lovely blue links for all the info you want and need about the new and updated Apple Products!


iPad Air

iPad Mini with Retina Display

New MacBook Pro Retina

OS X Mavericks


AND check out the videos from the event here!




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Apple Videos

Here are some videos from the most recent Apple Event featuring the new iPads, the Apple Magic, the wonderful Mr Ive, and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as the narrator on the “Pencil” TV ad.


Way to be hip and happening with current pop culture there Apple. Also, way to use music and fancy images to make us all goosebumpy.


Enjoy friends!







Also enjoy this, posted on Aaron Paul’s instagram.












New Macbook Pro With Retina Display




We now have a brand new MacBook Pro with Retina Display in 13 inch and 15 inch options! Yay! Soon, they’ll most likely just become the new MacBook Pro, but for now they get to keep their extra long fancy name as the 13 inch MacBook pro is still available to buy.


So, the Retina Display, huh? What’s so good about that that has something to do with eyes? Well, this is straight from the Apple’s mouth:


“When you pack so many pixels into a display — over 4 million on the 13‑inch model and over 5 million on the 15‑inch model — the results are positively stunning.


The pixel density is so high, your eyes can’t discern individual pixels. Images take on a new level of realism. A spectacular 2560-by-1600 resolution on the 13‑inch MacBook Pro and an equally impressive 2880-by-1800 resolution on the 15‑inch MacBook Pro let you see more of your high-resolution images with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. ”


And here’s the thing- a whole lot of people agree with them. The Retina display is beautiful and wonderful.


Ok, so the upgraded machine has the stupidly good Retina Display, yes, but it has also been updated with the latest of processors from Intel. The 15 inch Pro now has a Crystal Well processor and the 13 inch the Haswell. Double Rainbow Yay!



According to our friend Philip Schiller,


“We’ve made the world’s best pro notebook even better by adding more performance and even longer battery life. MacBook Pro with Retina display continues to redefine the pro notebook.”


The battery life on the 13-inch will last up to 9 hours, whilst the battery life on the 15-inch will last up to 8 hours. That’s really impressive for the performance and display the machine offers.


The 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro features quad-core Intel Core i7 processors up to 2.6Ghz (via add-on), with Intel’s Iris Pro 5200 Integrated Graphics. A GeForce GT 750M discrete graphics card with 2GB of video memory can also be added on.


In addition to improved Intel chips, the new MacBooks feature 802.11ac “Gigabit” Wi-Fi compatibility, which offers speeds up to three times as fast as existing 802.11n wireless networks. They have also gained dual Thunderbolt 2 ports and PCIe flash storage, which pushes peak read/write performance to nearly 800 MB/s, a 45 percent improvement over previous generation technology.





That means it’s going to be faster, more powerful, have better graphics and better Wi-Fi capabilities.  That stuff is cool.


The shiny new MacBook Pros are available right now! And cheaper than a lot for people thought! Triple Rainbow Yay!


  • 13‑inch now starting at $1299
  • 15‑inch now starting at $1999


What do you guys think, shiny new Christmas MacBooks all around this year?













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OS X Mavericks – What you need to know.





We would have suggested OS X Liger (rawr!), but Apple went ahead without consulting us, starting over with the naming process for system upgrades and leaving the big cat names behind.


Announced back in June at WWDC and coinciding with their new ‘Designed by Apple in California’ ads and the announcement that the Mac Pro will be built solely in America, Apple started a new naming scheme for their operating system based on locations in California.


Mavericks is a surfing location particularly well known for its dangerous big wave riding in Northern California, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay.



Now, it’s also the new Apple operating system. Is it as cool as beach with big wave breaks? Well, kinda? We may have trapped ourselves in that comparison- it might not be that cool, but it is very cool.


Here’s the double rainbow of coolness for you guys;



New Finder Tabs.



Just like in your Internet browser, you can now have independently controlled tabs in your finder windows. You can merge these finder windows and take the finder full screen.







Filed under ‘I wouldn’t have though of this, but now that you did, it looks really freakin useful’ is tagging.


With Mavericks you will be able to ‘tag’ documents and media – save it, tag it as sports, home, to do, etc. and it catalogues these under their tags in the side bar of the finder.


You can tag documents with multiple tags, create new tags on the go, and the best part? Searching using tags. For instance, searching for ‘iphone stuff’ and ‘the best’ will naturally take you directly to your saved iPhone Antidote Wallpaper.




Multiple Displays



Users will now be able to access the menu bar and dock separately on each screen with multiple display support. You will also be able to load separate and independent applications on each screen, and drag them from screen to screen.


Apple TV is not forgotten here either, as it can now be a fully powered OS X display, with access to menu bar dock and independent applications also.




Extended Battery Life


There is a heap of new processing elements included in Mavericks to extend your battery life and reduce CPU utilization by up to 72%.


We particularly like a new feature called app nap, which figures out what applications and web pages are in use, and which are not. The system will then simply stop giving power to the web pages and applications that you’re not currently looking at.


Compressed memory pretty much does what it says, compressing inactive memory to provide spare memory to running applications when needed.


Timer Coalescing groups low end operations together , creating tiny periods of time when your computer can enter into an idle, low power state, which in turn saves your battery.







Safari is updated with Mavericks, starting with an all-new homepage with top sites and a sidebar with your bookmarks and access to your reading list. This will also include shared links from people you follow on Linkdin and Twitter.


Safari uses less energy in this update and includes accelerated, smoother scrolling and one click bookmarking.  In your readin list, you will be able to scroll continuously through all of your articles, one after the other.




iCloud keychain


Cross device safe keeping of all your passwords and credit card information starts with iCloud Keychain.


This new feature will store all your passwords, across all your devices, so you don’t have to think about them ever again. Sounds pretty good right? The keychain will even suggest new passwords for you, and then will go ahead and put it in the cloud, encrypted.


With your credit card information, when shopping online, the keychain will offer the last four digits of all the cards you have stored, and you can pick one when paying and be done with it.


Although this sends little tiny shivers of scariness up the security part of our spine, it also sounds super useful and convenient.







You can now get all your notifications, from all your devices, on your computer.


What’s also pretty great about this is you will have a number of new options for action within the notification when it appears on your screen.


You can respond directly to most notifications, (by replying to email, declining Skype calls etc.), within the notification banner when it appears.


Once you have actioned a notification, you won’t see it again on any of your other devices, and they will all be updated with your response to the original notification.


When the computer is awoken from sleep, all the alerts you may have gotten when it (and you!) were asleep will be listed.






The calendar app has been updated in a really cool way- where now if you have appointments scheduled, the app will give you a ton of information you might need for them.


The calendar will now provide you with weather in the spot where your appointment is scheduled, as well as suggestions for restaurants etc if you require them.


We particularly like that the calendar will work out and tell you the travel time to and from your appointment, and will even add it to the calendar so you cant double book the time when you’re supposed to be on your way!


You will also get notifications of when you need to leave on your phone and/or computer.






Maps hits the computer with Mavericks! You can now access street maps, 3D flyover data and info cards. You can also push turn-by-turn directions to our iOS device straight from your computer.








iBooks will be on your computer by Fall with this system update. Now you can access all the books in the iTunes store as well as your stored books and bookmarks, and read them full screen on your computer screen.


But what is really cool is for the educators and the learners amongst us.





iBooks for Mavericks will come with interactive textbooks, which feature videos and other media embedded within the normal text. You will also have the ability to highlight and make notes, and learn using study cards made from the material.


Sounds pretty awesome huh?


OS X Mavericks is available RIGHT NOW for FREE in the Mac App store.  Download it here now.





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iPad mini with Retina Display






Along with the iPad Air, Apple also gave us a shiny new iPad Mini. With Retina display. Yeah, we all knew this was coming, but it’s still awesome. Because Retina is Awesome. D’uh.


The new Mini has the same 7.9-inch display BUT with the retina display the screen now has four times the pixels, with a full 2048 x 1536 resolution.


It’s ever so slightly heavier and thicker to compensate, but the good guys out there who have held it say that it’s not really noticeable.


The other extra on the upgraded iPad Mini? It also comes with the new A7 chip seen in the iPhone 5S. The super fast & super powerful 64-bit A7 processor makes scrolling and everything else notably faster and smoother.


The Mini with Retina comes with an improved 5-megapixel camera and the front FaceTime camera comes in HD with larger pixels to help in low light, and duel microphones. It also comes with Multiple-input and Multiple-output tech that gives the device faster Wi-Fi capabilities. It maintains it’s 10 hour battery life.





The Fancy Retina Screen comes at a price, beginning at $399. BUT it is now being offered at 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb AND 128Gb.


iPad Mini with Retina Display with Wi-Fi – $399 for the 16GB model, $499 for the 32GB model, $599 for the 64GB model and $699 for the 128GB model.


iPad Mini with Retina Display with Wi-Fi + Cellular – $529 for the 16GB model, $629 for the 32GB model, $729 for the 64GB model and $829 for the 128GB model.


You can still get the original iPad Mini at  LOWER price, with the 16Gb starting at $299 for Wi-Fi and $429 for Wi-Fi + Cellular.


They will be available in Space Grey and Silver.






It will be at some point in November.



Also: There are expert analysts who say that the iPad mini with Retina Display will be really hard to get your hands on until early next year (These guys don’t really have a lot to do with Apple themselves, except that they study them and have secret sources and stuff).


So, if you’re planning on getting one as a Christmas Present, you better get your best Christmas Present Getting Boots on early, and on well!










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iPad air


We have a new iPad!


Good news: this one might not cause as much damage to our faces when we use them in bed and they fall on us. Because it’s realllllly light.


So we be like:



Other than the less facial damage stuff, let’s have a look at what the new iPad brings and why you might want to upgrade.


The iPad air is super slim, and super light. Yeah, we said that already but we’re gonna give you specs now. It’s 1 pound. Pretty nice spec, eh? That’s less than one of these babies:



Mmmm. Guinness.


The iPad Air is 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the 4th Gen iPad. It has a 9.7 inch Retina display screen, with thinner bezels ( side bits), similar to the iPad Mini, so the screen is supposed to be more immersive.


We haven’t had the chance to feel it for ourselves yet, but according to all the good guys out there it feels substantially lighter, thinner, and fits nicer in the hand, without resorting to feeling cheap in any way.


So that’s awesome.


The iPad Air has the new A7 processor, same as the iPhone 5S. This means everything is super quick. This is the kind of thing that you might not 100% notice when upgrading, but if you do upgrade, the second you use someone else’s 4th Gen iPad, you’ll notice how drastically slow it is in comparison. And then your friend will be like



The A7 chip is a big part of what helps with the size reduction – it allows the battery to be smaller whilst apparently still allowing it to uphold it’s previous 10 hour battery life.


The iPad Air comes equipped with the usual Apple incremental improvements, i.e. better camera capabilities , better Wi-Fi performance, and an improved FaceTime Camera.


Alongside all of this is and for free is iOS 7, the iLife suite of apps – iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, and the iWork suite of apps – Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


This is what Philip Schiller, the Worldwide Marketing guy for Apple had to say about the iPad Air.


( This guy)



“iPad created an entirely new mobile computing experience, and the new iPad Air is another big leap ahead. It is so thin, light and powerful, once you hold one in your hand you will understand what a tremendous advancement this is,


iPad Air with its 9.7-inch Retina display weighs just one pound and packs the incredible performance of iOS 7 running on a 64-bit desktop-class Apple A7 chip, and delivers all-day battery life in the lightest full-sized tablet in the world.”


You can get the iPad Air  in Silver or Space Grey. ( No Gold?! )




Friday, November 1.








iPad Air with Wi-Fi – $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for the 32GB model, $699 for the 64GB model and $799 for the 128GB model.


iPad Air with Wi-Fi + Cellular – $629 for the 16GB model, $729 for the 32GB model, $829 for the 64GB model and $929 for the 128GB model.


You will still be able to buy the iPad 2 for $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and $529 for the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G model.



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HTC releases a phone with a fingerprint sensor






HTC have released a new smart phone, and it’s the second one in recent history to have a fingerprint Sensor. The first, of course, was featured on the home button of the iPhone 5S, and it was called the Touch ID.


HTC ‘s new phone is called the HTC One Max and the fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the device, near the camera lens.


You activate the sensor by swiping it and while it can only recognize 3 different fingers, each finger can be linked to different functions, i.e. unlocking the phone or opening the camera.



Unfortunately, the positioning of the sensor, the fact that you need to wake the phone from sleep before using it and no doubt it following so quickly in the footsteps of the highly viewed Touch ID means the reviews of the HTC Max One inclusion of a fingerprint sensor is coming under some quite loud criticism.


For example, we have this from The Verge


“The fingerprint scanner implementation here is clumsy, awkward, and comfortably in line with the long history of failed attempts at making this technology work.”


This From Cnet:


“A big part of the frustration is that you can’t really see or feel the scanner to position your finger on it properly. Equally, it’s not obvious how the thing works — it doesn’t technically “scan” an image of your fingerprint, but instead measures the capacitance of your skin to create a unique signature. ”


And, lastly, this from Engadget:


“Overall, the fingerprint scanner could work better; it’s not quite as intuitive as Apple’s Touch ID, and we’d happily have given it up in exchange for something more useful, like optical stabilization in the camera module.”




Other than the Fingerprint sensor, the phone is said to be, well, eh. Eh-y. It has a huge screen at 5.9 inches diagonally, but doesn’t have the fastest Snapdragon 800 processor.  The thickness of the device and the camera are also not as great as expected.


If you think about it, it’s a wonderful thing for people to have great expectations for your company’s products, as many people do for HTC. Missing the mark one time? Not so bad. But we might wait for the next HTC phone.



Think it’s for you? The HTC Mac one will be available on Sprint and Verizon later in October.


( P.S. When you get it, sell us your stinky iPhone for CashMoney, make the world dance )






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Apple hires burberry lady



Apple has hired the second fashionista in months and this time it’s a nice lady from Burberry.


Burberry, for those less in the fashiony know, is a british luxury fashion house. They’re fancy and most well known for this:




The trench coat, not the celebrities. Although a lot of celebrities like wearing Burberry. Cos it’s fancy.


The CEO of this fancy fashion house has just been announced as the Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores for Apple. She will be in charge of the strategic direction, expansion and operation of both Apple retail and online stores.


According to Tim Cook:


“I am thrilled that Angela will be joining our team, she shares our values and our focus on innovation, and she places the same strong emphasis as we do on the customer experience.


She has shown herself to be an extraordinary leader throughout her career and has a proven track record.”


This is the lovely burberry lady in question. She will start her role in the Spring, and will be at Burberry until then.



She looks pretty cool, huh. She’s got a pretty good record in the fashion industry, so it looks like a pretty nice hire, and no one is leaving Apple’s executive team.


The lady herself has said that she’s “profoundly honored to join Apple in this newly created position next year,” and that she’s looking forward to “working with the global teams to further enrich the consumer experience on and offline.”


( That’s us, yay.)


Recent fashion-y hires by Apple include Paul Deneveformer as vice president in charge of special projects in July of this year. He was previously CEO and President of Yves-Saint Laurent, another fancy fashion house. In August Apple hired Enrique Atienza, a senior vice president at Levi’s to lead Apple’s US retail efforts.


Definitely seems like Apple is hiring on… trend….






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