Which celebrities use which phones





Yeah, yeah, why should we care what kind of celebrities use what kind of phones? Right? Right?


Well, cos they have people to tell them which is the best one to buy according to style and/or function. And they also have lots of money, so no real barrier to entry.


OR they get the best sponsorship deal. OR they get all phones for free and choose the best one.


Or cos they’re cooler and prettier than people in real life, and we want to be just like them.


Or so we can make fun of them cos they suck, and their smartphone choice proves it.


Anyway, wanna know which of your favorite celebrities use which brand smart phone?


Here’s what our researchers have come up with. Judge away.




Brad pitt uses an iPhone ( Hello ladies) as does Kate Hudson, Sarah Michelle Gellar ( Of course Buffy uses an iPhone. Right? COS SHE COOL.), Selena Gomez, Posh Spice, Denise Richards, Sharon Stone, Miley Cyrus and the Biebs (Uh oh).



Kanye West appears to have convinced Kim Kardashian to swap to an iPhone from Black berry. Halle Berry is also a big swapperer, having changed from being a Blackberry lover.





Speaking of Blackberry lovers, a surprising amount of celebs fit into this category. Who knew?


George Clooney, Megan Fox, Demi Moore,  Leo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox, Ben Affleck, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Tiberlake, Snoop Dogg ( Lion?) and Mindy Kaling (Breath), The Olsen’s, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen all fit in here. As does Justin Bieber, again. What a category lover.
The President is well known to be a fan of the BlackBerry. So much so, that he has two of them.



Celebrities that use Samsung phones are also different than we expected – a lot less! Perhaps someone in Samsung has to get their celebrity marketing game on!


Jay Z is of course endorsed by Samsung and uses the brand, LeBron James lurves Samsung, as does Eliza Dushku, Nicole Sherzinger and Evan Rachel Wood, Robbie Williams, Anna Kendrick and a whole bunch of Ashley’s; Ashley benson, Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Green.



So the winning phone category if we cared what celebrities like would be Blackberry, then iPhone, then Samsung? That sounds…weird.


Color us surprised.







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Happy Thanksgiving from iPhone Antidote!



Happy Thanksgiving!


This year, we’re most thankful for our awesome customers and faithful blog readers!


That’s YOU GUYS!


So BIG cyber thanks to you, and we hope you and your family have the best thanksgiving ever!


Love ,iPhone Antidote


( PS if you drop your iPhone in some Marshmallow Yams, you know where to find us. )



P.P.S. We’re also grateful for: The Breaking Bad Finale being Awesome, Pumpkin Pie, Planes, Kangaroos, Bill Murray, Magic shows, technology, Phil Dunphy, aaaaaaaaand animals that have weird faces!



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More black friday deals



More deals!? You betcha!



1, Staples is offering a Kindle Fire for $79, a savings of $80.


2, Best Buy is offering a 55-inch LG TV for just $499 — down from its current $1,100 price tag.


3, Office Depot  has the Toshiba Canvio 3TB Desktop External USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $84.99. This comes with 3 year standard limited warranty.


4, Best Buy has the Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera w/ 18-140mm VR Lens for $799.99. Apparently in store only.


ALSO You guys should totally check out this page. It’s pretty much every single ad spread for companies offering Black Friday savings and discounts.


Slickdeals know their deals like no one else knows deals! They’re what Leo DiCaprio is to acting. Really good looking experts.*


*In our imaginations, they’re really good looking. Is it sexy to assume that Jennifer Lawrence is telling me about awesome tech deals? Yes. Yes it is.







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Apps for Black Friday deals





So by now you guys should have some idea about what your goals are for deals during the Black Friday sales!


Still, it might be a little bit overwhelming. To help you out, you should check out Blackfriday.com and Bfads.net. They have all the big ads and if you download their apps they’ll let you know price changes.


FOR ON THE DAY, you should be prepared and RIGHT NOW download Amazon’s Price Check App. With this you can scan bar code’s on products in store and the app will let you know if you can get a better deal. You might not want to be all showy about this though, understandable some retailers are not fans.






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Country by country who has the most mobile phones?



There are over 6.8 BILLION mobile phones in the world. Yay! Everyone in the world has mobile tech!


Uh…not quite. (Zuckerberg is working on it though!)


Not everyone in the world has ( or wants?) access to mobile tech, but there’s quite a few people who do. Some even many times over.


Which country you think has the most mobile phones?


If you’re thinking it’s mostly dictated by, well, which country has the most people, you’d be about.. 63.2% right ( don’t try and calculate that, it’s a fakestimated percentage!)


Here is the list, ranked country by country of mobile phones ownership around the world.




1. China 1,206,553,000
2. India 867,800,000
3. United States  327,577,529 310
4. Brazil 268,440,423
5. Russia  256,116,000
6. Indonesia 236,800,000
7. Pakistan 125,012,860
8. Japan  121,246,700
9. Germany  107,000,000
10. Philippines 106,987,098



So there you go. Lots and lots and lots and lots ( is that enough lots?) and…lots of mobile phones! Who knew this would be a thing? ( Steve Jobs did.)



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Missed Gaga on SNL? Don’t be a misserouterer anymore! Apple TV now includes…




Now you can access all Yahoo has to offer direct on Apple TV. Similar to their recently launched iOS app, this means you can access all the content that Yahoo hosts as well. That means AWESOME!  Hello SNL, Hello The Colbert Report, Hello The Daily Show!


The shows aren’t live but you can get them shortly after they’ve aired. You have to sign in using Google Plus, Facebook or or using the app’s registration.


This latest addition to Apple TV comes after they’ve already, just this year, added Time Warner’s HBO Go, WatchESPN, Sky News, Vevo, Disney, Weather Channel, and Smithsonian.


We see what you’re doing here Apple. Slowly building up an excellent service, then BLAMMO! June 2014, hello Apple iTV!


Hello  already  killer service, hello agreements already set in place with the top TV making peoples, hello awesome design aesthetic AND HELLO major league new tech.





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Black Friday deals





Here’s a couple of excellent, techy, exciting, WONDERFUL  Black Friday deals for y’all  to look out for!




Walmart will have the 16GB Apple iPad Mini + $100 Walmart Gift Card for $299.00.


Apparently they will have stock guaranteed for 1 hour BUT you can’t use the gift card on the mini. Walmart says they will price match but you must have the ad and the store must be open with their sales starting when you try.


Walmart, opens at 6 p.m on Thanksgiving day.





Target  will have the iPad Air 16GB w/ WiFi + $100 Target Gift Card for $479.00 for Black Friday.


Target opens at 8 p.m on Thanksgiving day.


It also seems that both online and in-store shoppers get a 20% gift card if they spend at least $75 between Thanksgiving and end of business on Black Friday. The gift card can be used Dec. 1 to Dec. 7.



It’s almost here!






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What stores open when for Black Friday shopping??



So, opening store times are like Black Friday 101 right? It seems stores are opening for their Black Friday Sales sooner and sooner these days!


So you guys can be totally on your game, below is a list of stores and their opening hours!


Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28:

Lowe’s online  – 4:00 A.M.


Kmart – 6:00 AM

RiteAid – 7:00 AM


Walgreens – 8:00 AM


CVS: 9:00 AM


Michaels – 4:00 PM


Toys R Us – 5:00 PM


Best Buy – 6:00 PM

Sports Authority – 6:00 PM

Walmart – 6:00 PM


Old Navy – 7:00 PM


Bon-Ton – 8:00 PM

Dick’s Sporting Goods – 8:00 PM

JCPenney – 8:00 PM

Kohl’s – 8:00 PM

Macy’s – 8:00 PM

Modell’s Sporting Goods – 8:00 PM

Office Depot – 8:00 PM

OfficeMax – 8:00 PM

Sears – 8:00 PM

Shopko – 8:00 PM

Target – 8:00 PM


Staples – 9:00 PM


AT&T – Midnight

Bath and Body Works – Midnight

Dell – Midnight

Fry’s – Midnight

GameStop – Midnight



Friday, Nov. 29:


A.C. Moore – 5:00 AM

Bass Pro Shops- 5:00 AM

Burlington Coat Factory- 5:00 AM

Cabela’s- 5:00 AM

Fred Meyer- 5:00 AM

Home Depot- 5:00 AM

Lowe’s- 5:00 AM


Bed, Bath and Beyond- 6:00 AM

BigLots- 6:00 AM

Jo-Ann- 6:00 AM

Meijer- 6:00 AM

Menard’s- 6:00 AM

PetSmart- 6:00 AM


Ace Hardware- 7:00 AM

BJ’s Wholesale Club- 7:00 AM

Dollar General- 7:00 AM

Harbor Freight- 7:00 AM

Rite Aid- 7:00 AM

Sam’s Club- 7:00 AM

SteinMart- 7:00 AM


RadioShack- 8:00 AM

REI- 8:00 AM


Costco – 9:00 Am


Some Apple stores are opening at 6:00 AM on Black Friday, however others will be opening at their regular opening times. Click here to see when your local Apple store will be opening.



We think these guys probably already know the store opening times for Black Friday. We hope.






Image courtesy of CNN UsaToday.

Top 20 Games for iOS by revenue & country!


Wanna know which iOS game app rules?


Yeah? Wanna know which iOS game app rules in which countries?


We got you!


… Or actually, a company called Newzoo has got you.


The following is their international top global app list for September 2013 ranked by revenue.


1. USA – Candy Crush Saga
2. Japan – Puzzle & Dragons
3. China – 我叫MT Online
4. United Kingdom – 神魔之塔
5. Australia – Candy Crush Saga
6. Canada – Candy Crush Saga
7. Germany – Clash Of Clans
8. France – Candy Crush Saga
9. Korea – 몬스터 길들이기 for Kakao
10. Taiwan – 神魔之塔
11. Russia – Clash Of Clans
12. Italy – Candy Crush Saga
13. Switzerland – Clash Of Clans
14. Hong Kong – 神魔之塔
15. Brazil – Candy Crush Saga
16. Singapore – Clash Of Clans
17. Sweden – Candy Crush Saga
18.Thailand – Candy Crush Saga
19. Spain – Candy Crush Saga
20. Netherlands – Candy Crush Saga


So, Candy Crush Saga, Huh? Definitely time to invest on whatever it is they’ve got going on over there! (The evil addictive awesome candy).





OR OR OR! Time to invent the next hottest game! Yeah!










Images courtesy of play.google.com, Pinterest & Dailymail.

Only 50,000 Galaxy Gear Smartwatches sold!


Ruh Roh Samsung!


The Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s wearable tech effort has only sold around 50,000 units according to a report from BusinessKorea.


Launched a short time ago in September, the watch has not been received well by critics, or as it turns out, by buyers. It costs $299, it is not standalone, and this is what it looks like:



Samsung were (/are?) impressed with themselves for getting their version of wearable tech in watch form out first. Especially when the perception is that Apple usually play the role of tech innovators. This was their turn to create history with a first, but should they have waited?


The people say …mmmmmmmyeahprobably.


The customer and critical reviews of the Galaxy gear have mentioned that it is too bulky, it doesn’t sync with all of their smart-phones, and the battery life, at one day, is nowhere near good enough.


Apple is among other tech giants said to be working hard on their own version, named in the press the iWatch. A standalone gadget, it is said that a huge priority for the company is in trying to make the battery last at least four days and have a design aesthetic that will make people who don’t wear a watch currently, want to wear the iWatch.


So, kinda sucks for Samsung. But you know what this means, don’t you guys?


This can only be a fantastic thing for us, the consumers. Wearable tech, in this case specifically watches can and will only get better from here.


And if you were one  of the 50,000 peeps who bought the Galaxy Gear, kudos to you! If things continue in the same vein, now you’re the proud owner of some rare tech. Rare tech is good for the wallet!












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