The iPhone 6!


Are we excited for the iPhone 6? Huh? Huh? Duh! Rumors about the upcoming 9th generation iPhone to be released by Apple are running rampant already, and we couldn’t be more excited.





Here’s a rundown of everything we know about the iPhone 6. And what we think we know. And what we think other people might be potentially correct on what they think. And some things that probably aren’t true but some people think they are. Etc. All photos in this article are not real and are representations of what people believe the iPhone will be, or photos or purported prototypes.


Most people agree that one if not two new iPhones will be released this year, and following Apple’s recent naming system one of them more than likely will be called the iPhone 6. The main hardware difference that most people are solid on is that the new iPhone(s) will be thinner and slimmer, just like your New years resolutions!





Tim Cook has revealed that 2014 is a big year for Apple product releases, and people are optimistically expecting the release of the iWatch, possibly the iTV, and the next iPhone update(s!). These possible new product releases alongside other factors such as the possibility of dual iPhone releases will obviously affect when and exactly how fancily updated the new iPhone(s) will be.


Some people are speculating that the iPhone 6 will be, in fact, the iWatch and the current mobile iPhone will only get a new iOS update.





The more trusted and reliable thought is that the iPhone 6 will be its own separate hardware update, and because of the rumored new product releases set most likely for the Fall, it will be released early this year; think sometime in the 2nd quarter, June, or early Summer.  This is certainly a possibility – Apple released the first four generations of iPhone in June, before moving to an September/October launch schedule.


The other line of thought is that the iPhone 6 will follow the more recent iPhone release schedule and released in the Fall, leaving the Apple team plenty of time to make sure everything is perfect.


A lot of analysts believe that Apple will continue with their new 2 phone release model, this time featuring 2 differing size options. The sizing rumors range from 4.5 inches waaaay up to 5.7 inches. There is additional speculation that Apple will minimize or completely eradicate the bezels (the part bordering the screen) on the iPhone 6.





Arguments against the bigger screen sizes are backed up by Apple’s hard stance on one handed mobile use and their reluctance to provide a bigger screen at a loss to function just to compete with other smartphone companies. Tim Cook said this in April of last year:


“My view continues to be that the iPhone 5 has the absolute best display in the industry. We always strive to create the very best display for our customers. Our competitors have made some significant trade-offs in many of these areas in order to ship a larger display, we would not shop a larger-display iPhone while these trade-offs exist.”





Two new hardware components that are rumored to be allowing the iPhone to be thinner, lighter and more durable are Sapphire Glass and Liquidmetal.


Apple has exclusive rights to Liquidmetal, but have done for quite a long time. However, in November, five new Apple patents relating to Liquidmetal were published. Liquidmetal is a very strong and very durable material, which, if used, could make the iPhone 6 stronger and thinner as less material would be needed in comparison to Aluminum. According to some reports, the iPhone 6 could be just 6mm thick compared with the iPhone 5s’s 7.6mm. Below is a purported prototype from




Sapphire glass is the material currently used on the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID Home Button the cover of the iPhone’s rear-facing camera. It’s more than twice as durable than Corning’s Gorilla Glass, and is “extremley scratch resistant. Apple has apparently spent $578 million to enter into a multi-year agreement with manufacturers GT Advanced Technologies to provide sapphire materials from a huge new Apple facility in Arizona.





The iPhone 5s incorporates a 64-bit A7 28-nanometer chip manufactured by Samsung. Apple’s iPhone 6 will reportedly incorporate a 20-nanometer A8 chip from TSMC, which will be both smaller and more energy efficient.


Samsung will continue to be involved in the production, alleviating some of TSMC’s manufacturing workload. The A7 chip marked a 31 percent improvement over the A6 in the iPhone 5, and it is likely that the leap to a 20-nm A8 chip will offer similar increases in performance.





Apple’s next-generation iPhone should, and may support the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard that first began appearing in Apple products in 2013. 802.11ac, or “Gigabit” Wi-Fi offers speeds up to three times as fast as existing 802.11n wireless networks, reaching speeds over 1 Gigabit per second. It’s though that Apple have been waiting for external technology to catch up before they update their iDevices with the Wi-Fi Technology.


Wireless Charging is something that has been tossed around in the great big salad bowl of rumors, but we don’t think it’s coming- yet. Curved Glass is also a feature many are looking forward to- and would be be beautiful on the iPhone 6, but we wouldn’t be betting the house on it.





Holographic keyboard is the magic  feature everyone quietly and slightly unreasonably hopes for with each update. Will it be this year that their hopes are fulfilled? We think not, but there’s always a little hope. Meanwhile- they actually currently exist as an iPhone and iPad accessory.



According to a reports from The China Post, Apple will not be upgrading the resolution of the rear camera for the iPhone 6 later this year. Citing analysts from Nomura Securities, they indicate that while the iPhone 6 will have some camera improvements like enhanced optical image stabilization, it will continue to use an 8-megapixel sensor rather than a higher-resolution sensor in the 12-16 megapixel range.


Some people think that the Touch ID introduced on the iPhone 5S last year will be removed from future iPhone updates – we think this is pretty categorically not going to happen.  What we think will  happen is that Apple will, this year, introduce new payment methods using the touch ID.






Apple recently purchased PrimeSense, a firm specializing in the development of three-dimensional sensors for home appliances and mobile devices. This technology is similar to the gesture-detecting sensors of the Xbox’s Kinect controller. This purchase could certainly hint at a move to include gesture control on the next generation of Apple devices, although unlike Samsung, they would want to have it perfected before they release anything with gesture control.


The iPhone 6(s) will run on iOS 8. Yay!


So that’s it – so far. Everyday there are new rumors and people certain they know exactly what the iPhone 6 will be like. In actual fact, there’s very, very few people in the world who knows exactly what it will be like. This guy is one of them.






So if you see him, can you guys ask him for us?  Thanks.





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State by State Comparison of Broken iPhones

Here we go again.  We have gathered all of our iPhone buyback data (from the best way to sell your iphone, obviously), and we have created a heat map breakdown.


This map shows the percentage of broken iPhones that were sold using our buyback service.  Red states show that we purchased a higher percentage of broken iPhones from that state.  Green areas show that we purchased a higher percentage of used iPhones from that state.


State by State Broken iPhone Buyback Comparison


Hopefully your state isn’t one of the dark red ones (sorry West Virginia and Kansas).  The data tends to show that our customers that are tend to be in the country (Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) tend to break their iPhones more often.  While the Southern states tend to be quite good at taking care of their iPhones (as they tend to mostly sell their used iPhones instead of broken ones).


So maybe if your like us, and you happen to have broken your iPhone once or twice (or maybe more), then you should consider moving down to the South.  Otherwise, well, maybe its easier just to use our buyback service to sell your iPhone (don’t worry, we still pay a ton even if your iPhone is broken!)



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iPhone Tip Of The Day Camera Edition




Got iOS 7? You special little kitten you! Wanna know a camera trick?


You can now focus photos on iOS 7 without tapping the screen with your finger!


Instead, focus the photo by holding down the volume button for a few seconds, like you would do on DSLRs and point-and-shoots.







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Missed Out On Flappy Bird? See Our Games Review & Get Addicted!





Yes, our iDevices are super awesome for organization, education, sophistication, communication and blah blah blah. This post is purely concerned with entertainment. Games, to be precise.





You may have heard the recent furore over the Games App ‘Flappy Bird’ being taken down from the App store by the creator.






The fact that the dude has since gotten death threats and iPhones with Flappy bird installed are supposedly selling on eBay for MEGA big bucks is testament to how seriously people take their iOS gaming!


And so do we. Here are our votes for the best games currently available on iOS and why you should go ahead and download them. What are you, like working today? Pfft. That’s right, PFFFT. Download these games and start playing, that’s an order!





Cover Orange





One word: Addictive. Essentially a puzzle game with super cute graphics and light bouncy music. The goal is to move different objects in different ways in order to cover one or more poor little orange dudes from the evil rainstorm that kills them. Kinda like fun physics. Kinda.


Simple to start, with an impressive number of levels – 400- that gradually gets more and more challenging. Incredibly frustrating when you just can’t work it out, there is also Cover Orange 2 available.


$0.99 From the App Store





Mushroom Wars





This is an iPhone Antidote personal favorite. Just be warned, this might just take over your life- and that of your significant other. This beautifully animated game offers duel functionality, allowing multi level play against the computer and online multiplayer games.


You might find yourself yelling at the screen and saying how grossly unfair and stupid the game and everyone you’re playing against is but don’t worry- you’ll be back. Because it’s a really good game. It’s just that it can be really hard, and stuff, ya know?


You can play against the computer ad free as much as you like. For the multiplayer option, you get 5 free games that deplete as you play and lose. One game is replaced every hour and you can keep playing as long as you keep winning! If you do that, you move up the ladder. Just a warning, that ladder is hard, man.


FREE from the App Store





Dumb Ways to Die




This game is actually born from an Australian public service announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, to promote rail safety. Which is weird, and cool and all, but it’s also really fun. Try to beat our top score of 3200!


The aim of the game is to avoid the dangerous activities that the funny looking cartoon dudes get themselves into throughout the campaign. You get three lives, which you use to do such heroic things as saving a dude  from getting run over by a train, putting mustard on a bun so you can feed it to a snake so it wont eat you, flicking pirahnas away from a dude’s privates as seen above and other such delightful activities!


The longer you manage to stay alive the quicker each play gets until it’s all rather frantic. It is free and it includes the capability to tweet your death! Sweet!


FREE from the App Store





Can You Escape




An interesting and perhaps momentarily captivating puzzle game where you must collect and use multiple tools clues to find objects which in turn lets you open locked cabinets and drawers within the room. The objective is to get out of the room and into the elevator, so you can enter and figure out the next room.


Extremely frustrating in a good way, it’s the type of game where you find yourself jabbing furiously at the screen. I KNOW these stupid keys go HERE! Until you realize that they don’t, actually go there, and you’re a moron.


Free from the App Store, but you can pay $0.99 for walkthroughs. (Loser!)









This game was the winner of Best Casual Game in the 2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards so you know it’s gotta be good.


Hella cute graphics, and level based gameplay where the aim of the game is to aim your water gun correctly to put out fires before it gets to your little blue guy!


You get points for how much time and water it takes you to put the water out. Level up, more fires, more rocks to help or hinder the direction of the water, and more ways to move your giant water gun.


If you run out of water, everyone gets sad, or if you don’t get to a house in time before it burns down. Obviously. The game starts off super simple but it gets harder and more addictive as it goes along. You get affectionate with the little guys too.


Sprinkle has 46 levels, 22 of them are available from the start, and you can unlock the remaining 24 levels by scoring 5 Drops (stars) on the first 22 levels, or unlock them with an In App Purchase (this unlocks all previous levels as well).


Sprinkle Free available or for the full game , be ready to pay $1.99 in the App Store.




Robot Unicorn Attack 2




This game is by the classy guys over at Adult Swim, as are a few others in this collection. We might like them really a lot. They make well animated, fun, great looking games, usually with a dark edged twist.


Robot Unicorn Attack 1 was awesome. Yes sir, yes it was. Robot Unicorn 2 is… more awesome. That’s it, folks. It’s just as good, except better. A continuous running game, except you’re a Robot Unicorn. Obviously. Jumping through rainbow hoops, piercing rocks with your super awesome horn, and try to get as far along as you can while also trying to achieve the bonus level goals.



FREE from the App Store.





Super Monsters Stole My Condo




Another Adult Swim gold nugget!


Twisted and pretty, with overpowering graphics that are almost too much to take in, this game is pretty good if you can handle it. You have to match colors of precariously stacked condos to clear them and gain power-ups. Also? Angry monsters surround your condos and try to topple them, unless you feed them the matching color buildings, or clear three of that color.


Super Monsters Ate My Condo is actually a free sequel to Monsters Ate My Condo. It adds a time limit for games and boosts that can be activated with in-game currency. This game is highly addictive. Silly Condo eating monsters.


FREE from the App Store. 





Subway Surfers





Another continuous runner game. This time, you’re running through a subway, away from a station guard/inspector, dodging trains, jumping, ducking, and moving left to right. Controls are easy, design is pleasant and colorful and the music is pretty catchy.


Throughout the game you can collect coins and earn or purchase game extras and boosts to help you achieve the goals presented to you by the game as well as trying to get as far as you can with as many points. Works best on the iPad, with many different versions out there.


FREE from the App Store.




Quiz Up



See our review here for this super addictive general knowledge game. Free from the App Store. 





Major Mayhem



Go to the tropics, stop the dogs of war and save the world from mayhem! Great graphics. Easy to follow instructions. Great music, takes you inside the action.


You are given different missions to accomplish for each level. Your guy runs, then there’s ninjas which you have to shoot by tapping on the screen. You also have people you have to rescue- i.e, don’t shoot.  With each mission more controls are slowly introduced, making it more and more difficult.


You get awarded with medals when you safely finish the level ‘mission’  and you get mayhem points.


FREE from the App Store.







ClayJam is another personal favorite.Beautiful claymation art bringing gameplay alive like few others can. And the game itself is fun, and addictive. Across a number of levels, you complete challenges using your one little clay ball. Collect clay through a variety of measures, rolling over a variety of awesomely unique objects and characters.


You are up against a red sea of clay follwing you at a quick pace, and objects much bigger than you that you bounce off and lose clay. The clay you have collected by the end you can keep to create further characters and unlock other worlds. Missions help with the addictiveness!



FREE from the App Store.





Very honorable mentions: Tiny Wings ( $0.99 from the App Store)  &  Sonic Dash ( free). Also- An iPhone Antidote Associate swears by the Simpsons Game ( Free from the App Store) . Give it a try.



Play on, kids.





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What do people think about your city? (Map Infographic)

Well, what do people think about your city? We were a bit surprised when we checked out some of the results. (Fargo is good? Bozeman, Montana is expensive?!)


So just to be clear, we went through and used Google to search up each city, and we used the phrase “Why is (City Name) So …”


This prompted Google’s Autocomplete engine (you know, the one that pops up the sometimes-silly recommendations for you when you are searching). When the autocomplete recommendations came up, we wrote them down, and the result is here!


The Most Common Google Searches for Each City

The Most Common Google Searches for Each City



After taking in all the data, well, it looks a little sad for most places.  That being said, there was some interesting data:


Four cities were “Great”:

New York City, Denver, Boston, and Nashville


Four cities were “Boring”:

Charlotte, Louisville, Dallas-Forth Worth, and San Jose


And a few others had some pretty interesting ones:

Seattle is Loud

Portland is Weird

Chicago is Windy (Duh..)

and Atlanta is Gay


Sorry if we offended your city, but well, Google said so..


Hopefully you don’t live in one of the “Bad” cities:

Cleveland, Baltimore, Jacksonville, or Memphis


But then again, who trusts Google anyways?

*Black Rock City entry may include artistic liberties.


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iPhone Tip Of The Day! Camera Edition.



Ever feel the need to access your iPhone camera super fast?


Swipe up on the little camera icon in the bottom right corner of your home screen. The Camera app will open, bypassing the unlock screen!


So next time you see something like this:




Don’t bother running for your camera, or bother with unlocking your iPhone! Just swipe man!


Then you can be like this guy:







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iPhone Tip Of The Day Text Edition two




Confused as to how sometimes yours or others  text messages show up in green and sometimes they show up in blue?





It’s ok! We got you. See, blue is for iMessages, green is for SMS messages.





This, in turn, means that the green messages are sent as a proper old fashioned SMS, but if there’s internet connection available over WiFi, your messages will be sent for free over those connections, otherwise known as iMessage. iMessages can also be sent over 3G if you have Data turned on.


iMessage works on iPhones, iPad and iPods, however it will only work between iDevices.


Mind Blown? Not quite? How about …now?







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How to turn off ‘Find My iPhone & Anti-theft Activation Lock’ from the phone you’re selling!



If you’re thinking of selling or giving away a stinky old iPhone, you need to understand how to turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’ function. ESPECIALLY if the device has been upgraded to iOS 7, whereby it will also be loaded with Apple’s Anti-theft Activation lock.





That’s not it. The Anti-theft Activation Lock introduced with iOS 7 is however super awesome for preventing theft by rendering the phone basically useless and worth roughly one eighth of its proper resale price. However, it also does this if you forget to turn it off before you sell it or give it away.


For instance, here at iPhone Antidote, we cannot give you the total quoted amount for your iPhone unless the Anti-theft Activation lock is turned off.



So, you guys need to know how to turn it off! And luckily for everyone involved, whilst not being the funnest 3 minutes you ever spend (we hope) it IS super easy! High Five!





There is a couple of different methods depending on the condition and location of your iPhone. If your iPhone works and is with you, you should-


Remove your iPhone from Find My iPhone by turning  it off on the iPhone.


Simple! On your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn off ‘Find My device.’ It will ask for your Apple ID password ( The one you use in the App Store), then BAM, both Find my iPhone and the Anti-theft activation lock is turned off.




If your iPhone is not with you, already sold or given away OR broken or water damaged so that it won’t turn on, it’s also, really, really easy. HIGH FIVE!




If you can’t use your iPhone because it’s too damaged, or you’ve already sold it or given it away, you can remotely remove it from Find My iPhone and remotely remove the Anti-theft Activation Lock.


Your iPhone must be powered off. Easy to do if it’s broken! Also easy enough to do if you’ve sold it to a company such as ourselves or you can get in contact with the friend that you gave it to.




Sign in to with your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud & the App Store).


Click ‘All Devices’ at the top of the page. Wait for the website to locate your iPhone, then select it from the drop down menu. It should appear as offline and grey.

A menu of options will appear on the right hand side of the screen. IGNORE THESE ( Unless you want to remotely erase your iPhone)


Click back on the ‘All Devices’ button at the top of the page. There should now be an X next to your iPhone.  Click it. Click it good.


Click “remove” on the next screen to confirm.


Aaaaaand you’re done! Now someone else can now activate the device, making it worth a whole lotta more clams from us/high fives from the friend you gave it to!




If you guys have any problems removing the anti theft activation lock from your iPhone – please contact us and let us know! We’d LOVE to help you out! And we give hugs too!







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iPhone Tip Of The Day! Texting edition.


The world of text can be an intimidating and confusing one.



Tone, intent and, well, the ability to spell can all be lost in translation when considering the great communication tool that is texting.


Hence, welcome to the first part of our  iPhone Tip Of The Day, texting edition. First up – timing!


You know, sometimes you just really need to know what time you sent that text to Billy to tell him that you really like his new Tricycle.



And maybe you weren’t paying attention when you sent it because your heart was racing too hard because what if Billy naturally understood that when you said you liked his Tricycle you really meant you want to hold hands? And now you might have sent him the message at the same time as Stupid Cathy from next door and we all know what Cathy likes.


Life can be hard.



But never fear, we’re here to help! To find out what time you sent a message swipe from right to left in the message stream and a time will appear next to each message. 


Also? We… we really like your Tricycle.







Images courtesy of  Catsmob, funnyjunk & Dailydot.

Who Breaks iPhones the Most? (Broken iPhone Infographic)

Well, the results are in.  Since we are an iPhone buyback company (in case you were interested in getting an offer for your iPhone click here), we have decided to compile our latest purchases to make a map of where the majority of broken iPhone trade-ins come from.


We tallied up all of our transactions, and created a heat map that shows where the majority of our customers have had broken iPhones.  The red areas on the map show a high amount of broken iPhone trade-ins for the area, while the green areas show a high amount of used iPhone trade-ins (meaning they did not break their iPhones).


Heat Map of Broken iPhone Sales


Hopefully your city wasn’t one of the bright red ones (sorry LA and New York).  The data tends to show that our customers that are in larger cities (San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc.) tend to break their iPhones more often.


So if you really care about your iPhone, well, move out of the city.  Or maybe just get a good case.  Or heck, just go ahead and break it, but make sure to sell it to an iPhone buyback company like ours if you do!






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