App of the day!

Updated your Device to iOS 8? Wanna play around with some awesome new keyboard apps that are newly available to good people like yourself? Yay! You guys should check out Popkey. It lets you access animated GIF images within your device’s keybard!






Yuppers. AND it’s free. Did we just totally make your day?


You’ll be able to send GIFS throughout your device, from text messages, emails, etc.


Simply download the PopKey app from the App Store, go to Settings >  General > Keyboard > Keyboards and select PopKey. You can now toggle between PopKey’s keyboard and other keyboards installed on your device by tapping the globe icon in the bottom lefthand corner of the keyboard.


If you want to make an account and refer a friend (kinda annoying, but certainly doable) you can upload your own GIFS to use on your keyboard. PopKey requires iOS 8 and supports the iPhone 4S and higher*.


Get it free from the App Store!






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App Of The Day!




The App ‘Epic Zen Garden’ was used during this year’s WWDC to demonstrate the beauty of Metal, Apple’s new Graphics API, and now you can see it in all it’s peaceful beauty for yourself!


It’s now available to download, but we would recommend only doing so, (sorry guys) if you have an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display. You can download the game on older models, however the game really needs the power of the more recent models and will crash on those ill equipped.


There are several different areas to explore which show off the power of the GPU in your iOS device. Keep in mind it’s not really a proper game per se, as developers haven’t had enough time to harness the graphical power of Metal, but this is an excellent start, and well worth checking out. And besides, it’s free from the App Store!





Deals Of The Week Wednesday!

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Let’s start off nice and easy with:


*Get 20% off your order at Cowboom when you enter promo code TREAT at checkout. This coupon excludes any Deal of the Day, Auctions & Items Fulfilled by Best Buy. Go check out some of the deals!



*Get thee to Amazon and grab a Polaroid 72″ Photo/Video Tripod with carry case for $24.99 with coupon code “AKXSFKUU” and free shipping.





*Can’t wait for the Apple Watch? Get a Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch for $129.99 from Groupon.


* TigerDirect is offering $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. Just go to this link and sign up to receive their ‘exclusive deals’ – you’re also signing up for 6 deal text messages per month, but you can stop unsubscribe at any time.



*Get this cool little guy! iBasics USB Fan w/ Speakers and Microphone for $24.99 from Groupon.



*Watch TV in style with this awesome deal:  Get a 55″ Samsung UN55H6350 1080p Smart LED HDTV PLUS get a $200 Dell eGift Card, all for just $897.99 with free shipping from Dell.



* Grab yourself a 1-yr Sam’s Club Plus Membership AND GET A $20 Gift Card AND $22 in Food Vouchers for only $45  from Living Social. (New Members Only)



*And, we’ll finish off with some fun-  Xbox One Bundles and Consoles will be available starting at $349 from November 2. Available at most major national retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Stores, Target, Toys ‘R Us and Walmart.



Happy The-Giants-Are-Going-To-Win-The-World-Series-Day!





Another Apple & Facebook job perk!



We all know tech companies offer really, really cool perks if you’re lucky enough to find yourself employed by them. From chef-cooked meals, to gym’s, hairdressers, cool cool & cool,  we can now add egg-freezing to the list.


You read me correctly, and no, we’re not talking eggs of the chicken kind. (Side-note – iPhone Antidote are the new proud owners of a chicken named Egg and she’s awesome!)


We’re talking human eggs. The kind that usually live inside women, but sometimes, things get hectic, and then eggs get old and stuff can sometimes get kinda sad.


Tech companies don’t like sad people! So both Facebook and Apple are now offering to pay for the procedure for their employees to freeze their unfertilized eggs for later use. This is actually super expensive, from $10,000 to $15,000 per round plus $500 a year for storage — and not usually covered by insurance, so the offer is definitely a legit awesome one with both companies paying up to $20,000.

There has been some criticism of the offer, with some believing that this is another way the tech companies can have more control over your whole life, not just your working life, and get you to work harder for longer. But Silicon Valleyer’s are big grown up people, right? We think it’s probably better to have the option to make that decision than not to, even if you do have doubts about the intent behind it.


We think it’s just one more amazing perk they’re using to attract and retain employees. Happy egg freezing Silicon Valley’ers!






Find my iphone win!

exclamation mark


So we all now about the Find My iPhone App, right? The App that you can use on a separate device with your iCloud account to locate your iPhone if it’s missing? If used properly, it’s super useful for device owners and also apparently in keeping iPhone muggins down, but recently it’s been used in a different and wholly remarkable way!


A 28-yr old woman names Melissa Vasquez was driving on Mount Hamilton near San Jose California recently when one of the worst things that could have happened, happened. For whatever reason, her car went off the road and fell down through thick trees about 500 ft into a steep ravine before coming to a stop. She was injured and unable to contact anybody for help for over 15 hours.


Her miracle? The Find My iPhone App.


The OnStar satellite tracking system on her 2012 Chevy Cruze initially sent out a distress call, however after 2 hours of searching, police couldn’t find any sign of her or her car. There was a ‘be on the lookout’ notice issues by the police with the vehicle description to all law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County.


It was only when her Stepmother called in the following morning to report Miss Vasquez missing that they realized what they were dealing with was more than a faulty OnStar issue, and the search restarted in earnest.


One bright young police officer went to her home and after confirming with family that she had an iPhone, was able to guess the password on her iPad and use the Find My iPhone app to pinpoint the location of her iPhone, and hence, Miss Vasquez.


Apple’s Find My iPhone app locates users with a database of Wi-Fi hotspots, cell phone tower locations, as well as the GPS satellite system, and tracks users over time. The location was accurate and they discovered Miss Vasquez’s car, and herself quickly.


The U.S. Coast Guard helicopter were called to airlift her from the scene and she was taken to hospital where she was in a stable condition.


Even if it’s not the originally designed purpose of the app, that was probably a day when the Find My iPhone app engineers were due an unexpected but worthy thank you. Perhaps its also an incentive to use the technology to make a more purpose built app to serve the needs of people in circumstances such as the one Miss Vasquez unfortunately found herself in.




App of the Day! Camera Edition




You guys, it’s almost the Holidays! One week ’til Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas! All the times you’ll be wanting to take the best possible camera phone photos…


SO you’ll prolly be wanting to get the updated version of VSCO Cam. It’s super cool, the newest update has been catered towards iOS 8 and you can manually control all kinds of wonderful photo-taking things like shutter speed, white balance, focus and exposure.


Not to worry though, they also actually manage to make all that stuff pretty intuitive to folks who aren’t that versed in camera terminology.


It comes equipped with post photo editing tools and the ability to share straight to Facebook or Instagram from the App and it’ll make your Holiday pictures superb, we promise.


Get it from the App store.  It’s free with the option to make in-app purchases for filters etc.




It’s almost Halloween!

Less than one week until Halloween! All Hallow’s eve! Samhain! Whatever you call it, it’s fun and it’s coming our way fast. Hopefully you’ve got your decorations up, bought your candy (full size chocolate bars this year? you don’t say…) and organized your kick-ass costume, so all you need now is THIS.



screen568x568 (1)


Ghost Cam + Screamer edition not only adds a variety of ghosts to any photo but also sets up a Halloween prank for you to play on your friends and family. Import any of your photos into the App, hand it off to a friend to look at and when the secret timer goes off a screaming ghost will come shrieking out in the photo. Pretty Cool, eh?


Scaring people is cool. Just remember to have them sitting down on a soft couch or something, unless the idea is that you want them to buy you a new phone after they drop and break yours (we’re not condoning this of course, you crafty little crafter you).


You can also use the app to adjust the brightness and contrast in a way that’ll make the subject of your photo look like a ghost, which is ok, but nothing that’s gonna make people scream. That’s the cool bit.



Get it for $0.99 from the app store. 



Happy Halloween!!



(P.S. We love taking phones broken by halloween pranks. Get a quote here to sell your cracked iPhone.)




No more Bose



So we’ve been hearing about how Bose is now the official sponsor of the NFL, and how players have been banned from wearing any competitor headphones (such as Beats) on camera, how Colin Kaepernick and others have ignored that rule and how Beats has gotten a ton of cheap press for it all.



What you may not have heard is that not long after Beats was acquired by Apple, Bose actually filed a patent claim against Beats focusing on their ‘improper use’ of it’s noise cancellation technology. This case was settled out of court.



And now it seems like this tech company beef might not going away any time soon.



Apple has now officially stopped stocking Bose products for sale online or in-store. It kinda makes sense not to stock a direct competitor, however they do still stock other similar competitor’s brands such as Urbanears, Bang & Olufsen and Sennheiser. Seems like Beats might be wanting to stick around in their press limelight for a little longer and… wait for it… silence Bose. No way Bose…ay!


We’re here all week!





iPhone 5C is now only offered in 8GB!




Around the same time that Apple announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, something else happened quietly in the background to one of their recent iPhone models.


The iPhone 5C is now being offered only in one size – 8GB. Dun dUn DUN!


This size was not even offered as an original option for the iPhone 5C, (the options were 16GB and 32GB only) however earlier in the year Apple did release the 8GB model in 5 areas such as the UK and Australia – not the United States.


Now, if you take a look at the Apple store, you’ll find this is the only option available. This is something a lot of people may not be super happy about, considering how small 8GB feels like to some (most?), and especially considering it takes approximately 4.6 GB of free space just to upgrade an iPhone to iOS 8.


So, is this the beginning of the end to the iPhone 5C in the U.S.? It looks like it might be the case. If so, we’ll miss you, you colorful little guy. You were too cool for your own good.


If you want to sell your iPhone 5C, we’d love to take him! Get a quote and send him on over to us for CASHmoney!




Deals Of The Week Wednesday!


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Who said deals? WE SAID DEALS!


*Apple has refurbished iPad Mini 2’s with WiFi & Retina Display on sale (gotta get rid of that old generation stock now we got some new iPad Mini 3’s coming in!) You can get the 16GB model for $249, 32GB model for $299, 64GB model for $349 and 128GB model for $439. Shipping is free.  GO GET ONE! 


* Speaking of iPads, the Wi-Fi only 64GB iPad Air in Space Gray or Silver can be purchased for $499.99 from Best Buy, or open box from $449.99. You can get a 64GB Cellular iPad Air in Space Gray from AT&T  for $599 from Amazon (free shipping), Adorama ( with free iPad Game Controller), and B&H Photo. 



* Newegg are selling 500GB Sony PlayStation 4 Consoles for $360 + Free Shipping on eBay.


*Get a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player (Manufacturer Refurbished) for $25 from Groupon.



*AND MORE IPADS YAY. At Best Buy you can get a  64GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini 2 in Silver or Space Grayfor $399  or the 128GB model for $499.  If you’re looking to rock cellular, you can get the 64GB AT&T Cellular iPad mini 2 in Silver for $529.99. Open box from $476.99!  Free Shipping.




*Get a Philips 9″ Dual-Screen Portable Car DVD Player (Manufacturer Refurbished) for $59.99 from Groupon. Fantastic price, but we recommend reading some of the reviews on Amazon for this product. Take them with a grain of salt, too, if you can, but understand that some people have had problems with it.






*Get an Urge Basics 4,000mAh Portable Power Bank for just $14.99 from Groupon.




WE LOVE DEALS! Happy Humpday! Go Giants!