Play Pac-Man in Google Maps for reals whaat


Perhaps in honor of the great day that is April Fools day tomorrow, today Google has enabled a most excellent feature in Google Maps!


Say bye bye to Tuesday work, say hello to playing Pac-Man in the streets where you live! Don’t believe us?


Go to Google maps now son! Make sure the location you’re set to has a lot of roads, or change it to one that does, and on the bottom left of the screen, next to street view, you’ll see your old friend Pac-Man.


good google maps



Click and play, man. Click and play. Sorry Tuesday work, well played Google.






Elon Musk to announce new product line April 30!

You guys heard of Tesla? How about Solarcity or SpaceX? Paypal? Yeah? Well, these are all (in part or wholly) the brainchildren of superhuman Elon Musk. And they’re all awesome companies, building products and producing services that have changed or are changing the world.


And guess what? On April 30th, his company Tesla will be bringing forth a new baby into the world! Tesla is a company that currently makes electric cars, but – wait for it – this new product?


Not a car.





There has been no other hints today as to what this new product could be, however some in the industry are predicting that is will be a stationary battery pack that will be designed to power the home which was mentioned by Musk at an earnings conference call in February. Exciting stuff to be sure, but is that actually what the new product will be?


Only time (and Elon musk) will tell!





How will April 10th work?



Looking to buy an Apple watch? Or simply to go have a gander at them? Starting April 10th, you can do just that (although you won’t be able to take one home until the 24th, only pre-ordering starts on the 10th).


So how will it work? Well, it’ll be really, really busy. Think your average Apple store experience, with about 100 more people. That’s totally  a guesstimate, and we’re also guesstimating that the numbers will go up in the days following the 10th with people who are trying to miss out on the starter crowds. Sneakers!


So: busy. If you want to try on an Apple Watch, you’re looking at making and holding a personal 15 minute appointment with an Apple store employee, where they’ll presumably go through a bunch of questions about what style watch and band you want. Supposedly, they’re being trained to look at your style, what you do for a living, your lifestyle, etc and use that information to recommend the perfect Apple watch for you.


If you’re looking at buying the super fancy Gold Apple Watch Edition, you’re looking at a whole 15 minutes more than the rest of us plebs. That’s right, you get half an hour! And you’ll also get attended to by a specially trained employee. So that’s pretty special.


Apple Watch Edition will however only be available in select stores. The other Apple Watch options will be available to try on  in all Apple retail stores from the beginning of store hours on April 10th. The stores will be transformed overnight to and the watches themselves will be placed in glass display tables surrounded by try-on tables.


There will also be pop-up stores for the fancy Edition Apple Watches, although we haven’t heard of any in the states yet. So far we’ve heard mentioned The Wonder Room in Selfridges, the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and the Isetan Department Store in Tokyo.


Will you be going to try on an Apple Watch on April 10th?



Wanna be a movie star?

exclamation mark


And by movie star, we mean, do you want to be an extra in the new Steve Jobs Biopic?


Because you can!


Filming on the project has been taking place throughout the Bay Area for a while now, and Universal Pictures have just put out a casting call for extras for this weekend. Filming will take place in downtown San Francisco on this Sunday March 29th from 7am to 3pm.


As well as the chance to grab your moment in the limelight, you’ll also get free parking (woo!), food and drinks and 2 passes to see the film later this year when it will debut on October 9th, AND you’ll also be entered to win a bunch of stuff, like an iPad, a TV, Gift cards, tickets to Universal studios or to the Premiere.


Sign up to be an extra here!



New Channels on Apple TV!



Three channels have been added to the Apple TV lineup in the States today, and they’re pretty good ones too. Now you can enjoy the intellectual stimulation of TED Talks, lunch on the food and travel channel Tastemade, and get your gossip on with the channel Young Hollywood.


These are the first new additions to Apple TV in over three months, and the first since the Apple TV has been discounted from $99 to $69. The new channels also come amid rumors of an updated set top box with Siri, an App store, an A8 chip and massively higher storage, being announced in June at WWDC alongside a new streaming service.


We know at least one more channel will be added before that, which is HBO Now, announced at the Spring Forward Apple media event, which is set to become available in April for $14.99 a month.


These new channels should be available today, so go check them out! Can we suggest watching How To Live Before You Die? Steve Jobs gave this talk as his commencement speech to Stanford University in 2005. Well worth a watch. Careful though, Ted Talks can be very bingey!





Apple’s plans for television

apple tv


Amid recent speculation on Apple’s foray into a streaming television service, more rumors are now building on a large update to Apple TV, which hasn’t been updated since 2012, but has recently had a huge price slash from $99 down to $69.


Folks believe that both a streaming service and an updated set top box will be revealed at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco June 8-12. Apple has long been interested in entering the Television market, seeing it currently as an antiquated way to look at our main form of in-home entertainment. For a long time they’ve been looking at bringing our lounge rooms into the modern digital world.


Think voice activated and responsive Siri, think controlling your appliances, security and lighting from one place with HomeKit-enabled home automation. Think integrated everything. Think the easiest and fastest way to watch what you want, when you want. Or at least, that’s what they’ve been hinting at wanting to do since about 2009.


The new set top box will most likely have the new Samsung A8 chip, as well as a lot more storage, an updated design (whilst still keeping the slimline aesthetic) and an App Store with an SDK available for developers to create apps.


Their streaming service will be backed by networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and FX. For the web-based TV service for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV etc, you’re looking at about  $30 to $40 per month.


So, April 10th we can try on the Apple Watch. April 24th, we can own the Apple Watch, June 8th, we might hear about Apple’s plans to revolutionize our lounge rooms. If only Apple products were free, huh.



Read Tim Cook’s Fast Company interview!





Looking for some Friday procrastination material? Interested in Apple? In the build up to the release of the Apple Watch, and the pre-sale on April 10th, various Apple Big shots are doing the interview rounds. Tim Cook chose Fast Company to do his exclusive interview with, and it makes for an interesting read.



The interview is with Rick Tetzeli, who is also the co-author of the upcoming bio ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ (released March 24). The interview covers topics such as Apple throughout the years, his relationship with Jobs (“The best teacher I ever had by far.” ), and, of course, their new product, the Apple Watch.



From the sauce:


“People didn’t realize they had to have an iPod, and they really didn’t realize they had to have the iPhone. And the iPad was totally panned. Critics asked, “Why do you need this?” Honestly, I don’t think anything revolutionary that we have done was predicted to be a hit when released. It was only in retrospect that people could see its value. Maybe this will be received the same way.”


Check out the interview in full here! Happy Friday !





Deals Of The Week Thursday !

currency_dollar green


No funny business, let’s get straight into some DEALS!


* Get a Pebble smart watch for just $80 from Best Buy! Combine that with the movers coupon (from your local post office) for another 10% off. Helllla good deal. Free shipping!






*Get $175 Gamestop credit towards a New Playstation 4 when you trade in your PS3 120GB or Higher/ XBOX 360 250GB or Higher. If you have the Gamestop App you will also be able to get 1 Year Free of Playstation Plus when you buy a PS4. Valid until 04/05/15




* Get a Samsung – 78″ Class (78″ Diag.) LED Curved  2160p  Smart  3D  4K Ultra HD TV for just $5999.98, from Best Buy and save $3000!






Starting March 22nd, T-Mobile will pay off devices from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon! This includes accounts of up to $650 per line. They are also guaranteeing that as long as you sign up during the time a promo is offered, you will get to keep that promo. AND Unlimited data is guaranteed not to change price for the next 2 years. Well played, T-Mobile. Check it out here!




* Grab this 55″ LG 1080p Smart 3D Curved OLED HDTV for only $1999.99 WITH free shipping from eBay. Current price of this product from Amazon is $3000!






* Get a good deal on a 7-Day Programmable Thermostat with Backlit Display from HoneyWell. Only $20 with Free Shipping!



*Finally, get out there and goPro with this deal on the GoPro HD HERO4 Black Edition 4K Action Camcorder,  for only $399.99 with free shipping from Groupon. Deal ends March 24.



Yay Deals!


Send money to your friends over Facebook messenger


Note: This is maybe not for you if you have problems with drunken Facebook messaging.


From today, and rolling out to customers throughout the US over the coming months, you will be able to send  money to any of your Facebook contacts through  the Facebook messenger app. You can also receive it. Which makes sense.


The money transfer service is free to use, which is excellent, seemingly super simple, and according to Facebook, super protected. We like all of those things.


To use, Tap the ‘$’ icon on the top of the keyboard, enter the amount you wish to send, tap ‘pay’ at the top right corner and add a debit, Visa or Mastercard. Cinchy.


If you’re on the receiving end of the money transfer, you lucky devil you, you simply open the conversation from the friend who’s sending you money and add the debit card onto which you would like to receive the funds.


Receiving money can be done by opening the conversation from the friend who sent the money and adding a debit card to accept the money. Funds are transferred immediately when sent through the app, but it can take one to three business days for the money to be made available.


Check it out below:



Wanna play Mario on your iPhone? (D’uh)



This is most excellent news! Today Nintendo announced that, alongside Japanese mobile game maker DeNA,  they will now (finally) be creating games for smartphones, tablets and PC’s.


Mama Mia!


They’ll be creating new games based on their amazing franchises such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda, which you’ll be able to play on you iPhone or iPad in the not too distant future. Next Fall, to be more precise.
Nintendo is purchasing a 10% stake in DeNA for $182 million, and their plan is to create a “multi-device membership service for the global market,” available next fall for PCs, smartphones, tablets and also Nintendo gaming consoles.