Hey Siri- Give us a hint!

Siri is one mysterious voice assistant! The recent media invitations to Apple’s upcoming Special Media Event include the tag line – “Hey Siri, give us a hint”.


Obviously, the next step in every journalists mind was to do just that – ask Siri for a hint.


We can give you one right now- she’s not giving much away. See below for the interesting array of answers Siri’s been giving.


We’d be lying if we said we haven’t spent the last 20 minutes asking our phone to give us a hint in the vain hope of being the only one to get an actual hint. Now we feel quite silly. Thanks a lot, Apple.

























Apple Special Media event is coming – September 9th!




Invitations have been sent out inviting the media to Apple’s next Special Media Event which will occur on September 9th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.  The invitations feature the above artwork and tagline – “Hey Siri, give us a hint”.


The event is said to introduce the world to the new iPhone updates – purportedly the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus ( with the smaller possibility of an additional model – the iPhone 6C).


The new iPhone models are predicted to showcase a stronger body made from 7000 series aluminum, a force touch feature, an A9 chip, and a better camera.


There is also a chance that the event will unveil a significant update to Apple TV with a new design and new software including Siri support and a full App store.


The event should also include release information on iOS 9 and WatchOS 2, and possibly one or two extra surprises? (Still holding out for the AppleDelorean Mr Cook.)


We’re looking at a 10:00 Am Pacific Time kick off for the Special Media Event, and as per usual, you can watch the event live streaming from the Apple page here, as well as through a dedicated channel on Apple TV.


Apple Youtube videos

Bored at work? Procrastinating? Check out some recent Apple videos. Because Tuesday?


Pride –




‘Loved’ –  iPhone




Hardware and Software synchronicity-






App of the Week -Brigade



This year, the best day of the year- the 4th of July- bought about the 1 millionth opinion on the app Brigade. And it was good.


Brigade is the heart-child of Sean Parker (remember him from Napster? Perhaps the Facebook movie?) and it is a social network where those who care about the political side of life come to share their opinions.


The idea is simple and great- you scroll and find issues that matter to you, and you vote on which side of the fence you sit on. It’s a space for debate, meaningful and successful (hopfully) debate concerning issues that matter to the people.


The app is currently invitation only, on both iOS and Android.


Ideas floating around when we checked it out were:
“Congress should reform our electoral system to end gerrymandering and eliminate obstacles to voting,”


“Women should be given more paid maternity leave,”


People can vote for what they believe in by simply clicking a button and can add to their vote by commenting, as well as having the ability to see the percentage breakdown of how others responded, and read others comments.



tay Tay surprised even her management with her Apple Music letter



Remember when Apple Music was about to launch and taylor Swift was  like “uh uh biat*h, no you don’t with your non-payment of artists during the 3 month free trial”?


And then Apple was like, “oh, wait, no we’re totally gonna pay everyone during that 3 month free trial period, Sorry Taylor Swift”?


Yeah. That was pretty cool. New information leads us to believe it’s even cooler. Her main-man record label exec, Scott Borchetta, who signed her when she was just 14, recently spoke of the incident. He was apparently in the middle of talks with Apple concerning the payment/non-payment issue and wasn’t really making the progress that he would have liked.


Taylor herself hadn’t been a part of the negotiations, until she was. And Scott himself wasn’t aware of Taylor’s open letter until after it was published. She didn’t clear it with any one at the record label – but instead sent Scott a text saying ” Don’t be mad!’


And the rest is Apple Music history. Way to be a baller, Swifty.



Siri, meet Ms MoneyPenny



Siri, Google Now, Echo, Cortana,  now… Moneypenny? Who knew that one of the most competitive markets in the 20teens ould be virtual personal assistants! We do seem to like our Robot friends that aren’t quite terminator scary physical thinking robots, as long as they’re safe in our device’s and doing our bidding it’s all cool, right? Right, HAL?


But seriously, these virtual friends are the best! And now we have a new one to tell us the score from the game or how to say hello in German. Welcome to the Robot fraternity Moneypenny!


Not quite yet, though. Money will be Facebook’s version and will be present on the page and on it’s Facebook messenger app. It seems that Moneypenny however will be less a personal assistant and more like a Concierge, providing a unique( kinda) service, allowing Facebook users to ask real people for help to research and purchase products and services.


There are hints that Moneypenny could fulfill other requests, but that possibility and the launch date are unknown at this time.


Sadly, it also appears as though Moneypenny is at this stage just a codename.



tinder for dogs wot



Tinder’s pretty cool, right? Although relatively old in the App-dating game, we’re betting it still finds its place on you or at least a few of your friend’s phones, and definitely in stories over endless mimosa brunch. Mmmm. Mimosa’s.




So you know what else is cool? Tinder for dogs. Yuppers.


Say hello to your little friend’s little friend Tindog.  Find and swipe other dogs (and their owners) around you.


It’s pretty perfect. Because puppies.


Try it now! 





Ocean’s street view



HOW COOL IS STREET VIEW!! You can look at all the old places you’ve lived, see where all the people you know/kinda know/love from a distance live, look at all the cool parts of the world you haven’t seen yet…


Put this in a box labeled Can You Believe It? Street view has gotten even cooler.


A little while back for World Ocean’s Day, Google was just the coolest and released Street View Oceans! It lets you see and explore 40 deep-sea locations around the world. 40 of the most awesome ones, obvs, including the Great Barrier reef, The Bahamas, and Bali.


It’s beautiful.


Ch-ch-ch-eck it out!! 



iPhone king of the Smartphone world

exclamation mark


Good news for Apple shareholders! According to the Wall Street Journal, one company is king among smartphone companies. That would be, surprise surprise, Apple.


Keep in mind, we’re not talking anything except profit here. Apple and the iPhone accounted for 92% of the total smartphone industry’s operating income in quarter one of 2015, which is up a pretty staggering 65% from last year.


This is not only indicative of huge success, but is an interesting number in combination with the fact that Apple only sells around 20% of the worlds smartphones.


Samsung was the only other company to make money in the smartphone sector.


So, two things spring to mind: 1. Nokia was in relatively the same position as Apple 8 years ago until the iPhone came along. What’s next? It’s exciting! and 2, What is Apple going to do with all that money!!?  Build us all cool robots?  Yeah. That’s probably it.



Tech tip of the week



Summertime! A time of all kinds of awesome things, including travel! For those lucky enough to be flying away sometime soon, we have an awesome tip for you!*


You know what people like? Something that is possible if you have an iOS 8 on your iPhone? Time-lapse! It’s DA BEST.


Bring some tape on board your next flight (Gaffer recommended), put your iPhone camera on Time-Lapse,  tape your phone to the plane window, and voila! Awesome time-lapse pic!


* Please note, make sure your iPhone is on Airplane mode. Even then some flight attendants/people sitting next to you will not appreciate this. In that case, take it down. You can time-lapse your Taxi-ride when you land instead. Or the sun going down over New York/Budapest/Sydney/wherever you’re going you lucky sun of a gun.