Indiegogo project of the week! Standing desks for everyone!



Our future tech of the week is the Ombee Standing desk.  It’s an Indiegogo fundraiser project that claims to be the the perfect standing desk. As of writing it’s raised 128% of it’s goal so far, so you know it’s gotta be good!


It’s portable, modular, quick to set-up and comfortable. AND according to Ombee, it’s the only stand up desk that turns into a case and provides lower body movement while standing.


Stand up desks are all the rage at the moment – promoting a lifestyle that keeps you healthy even while you work and at $199 plus shipping, it’s an excellent deal.


Some reviews, off their website-


“The OMBEE desk keeps the brain more active during work.” – Dr. Geoffrey Pfeifer, PH. D. Neurophysiology


“Some studies have show that frequent exercises throughout the day, even small ones, can improve blood circulation, which will lower blood pressure, promote weight loss, and even improve blood sugar control. The OMBEE desk system allows the users to move their legs and with minimal impact on their work.” – Grace Huang, D.O. Interventional Cardiologist


Plus, we hear it’s all the rage in Hollywood. Healthy and hip? You gotta get one.


There’s still 9 days left on their Indiegogo project, check it out here! 





Kickstarter of the week








If the above speaks to you, of your past, of unicorns and weird hilarity, then this might just be the best Saturday morning news you weren’t expecting.


Seemingly ancient (2003) viral Internet hit Charlie the Unicorn now has a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is to fund the finale of Charlie the Unicorn’s story and has been fully funded.


Doubly funded, actually.


You have the opportunity to buy such amazing mystical prizes as T-shirts, Signed books, plush toys, signed artwork, and having a character designed after you (Whaaat!).


Check it out here! 






Deal of the Day! $300 off Macbooks at Best Buy!




Get thee to a Best Buy! Right now they have 2015 Apple MacBooks at $300 off list price!


Open box items also scaled to discount!!!!


Before you get thee there, go to your local post office and get the Movers discount pack (free) and inside you’ll fine a 10% off coupon for Best Buy. Use that.


If you’re a student with a .edu email address, you can get an additional $50 off.


Holy Mackeral that’s some cheap Macbooks.


Cheeeeek it out! 






Tech tip of the day – dinosaur edition!

You guys use Google Chrome? If you do – keep on reading.


You know when for whatever reason Chrome can’t connect to the internet and you get this page?






Usually this means a pain in someone’s a**. But did you know what else it means? Would you believe.. game time? Because that’s totally what it means. Test it out! Turn WiFi off, try to go to a webpage, and -wait for it – press space bar. Your little Dino friend will start to hop along and you have to make him jump over stuff!





See? Pretty Dinotastic if you ask us.



New iPad Pro!

The next big thing in iPads is apparently not so big… reports are that Apple will be revealing a new member of the iPad Pro family at the Special Media Event on March 15th – albeit a baby one.


The smaller iPad Pro will be a 9.7 inch device (the current iPad Pro is a 12.9 inch model) however will have the same awesome features as it’s bigger brother.



Apple is rumored to be slimming down their iPad  line-up and focusing only on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and 7.9-inch iPad mini 4 as its main devices, with the iPad Air 2 possibly available as an entry-level model at the middle size.


Did the size of the iPad Pro previously put you off despite it’s many attributes? Would you be more likely to buy a smaller iPad Pro?



Siri coming to the Mac?

HEY SIRI! Will you always be stuck inside my iPhone?


Well, guy, maybe not, as the case may be. Now, no jumping too far ahead of yourself there, we’re not saying that she’s going to be a physical entity anytime soon (although don’t count it out?), rumor has it that Siri will be coming to a Mac computer near you, and soon.


How soon? Why, later this year, we’re so glad you asked! Apparently Siri will be a feature in OS X 10.12 which debut’s later this year. It’s had over 3 years of testing and will accessed through an icon in the menu bar as well as via a keyboard shortcut and by the “Hey Siri” command when the computer is connected to power.



OS X 10.12 will probably be announced at WWDC in June ahead of a fall release.





See Tim Cook Discuss Apple’s dispute with the FBI

Airing tonight on World News Tonight at 6:30 ET is Tim Cook’s discussion with anchor David Muir regarding Apple’s ongoing dispute with the FBI.


Find out why Apple is objecting to the court order, which requires the company to create a ‘backdoor’ into the iPhone owned by Syed Farook, one of the shooters in the December attack in San Bernardino, California.


Find out why other Tech companies are joining Tim Cook in calling it a ‘dangerous precedent’ and why data encryption is so important.


If you can’t catch the show, it will be available straight afterwards on




Facebook’s new Reaction emoji’s are live!

Are you sick of just going around liking stuff all the time?  Don’t you feel like you need to stretch your cyber emotions just a little?? 


Good News friend! You can now! On Facebook, that is. Now, when you click ‘Like; you have the options of Like, Heart, Really happy laughing Face, Shocked face, sad face, and angry face!


On the mobile App, click like and the emoji will appear for you to choose from. On the desktop version, simply roll your mouse over the ‘Like’ button and the emoji will appear for you to choose from.


Now you can emote all over FaceBook! Go! Emote! It’s fun, see?





We were feeling a little meta today.





Read Tim Cook’s interview with Fortune!



Apple CEO Tim Cook recently talked with Fortune Magazine about everything Apple – from their new Campus, to the importance of offering customers services as well as products, to the mysterious Apple Ca,r to the “peak iPhone’ statements that have been floating around.


The interview features in the March issue of Fortune Magazine, but you can read it online here.








Future Tech of the week Ski edition






Do you like to Ski? If the answer is yes, 1, Can we come ride with you sometime? and 2, You should check out this new tech that is designed to help make you a better skier.


Carv is a wearble that gives you real time feedback, data anaylsis, and actes as your digital Ski coach. How cool is that? (insert ice cold joke here).


It’s an extremely thin smart insert that measures your motion and pressure distribution and relays feedback through your earphones- in real-time. Whaaat. You can pick drills, keep track of your achievements and personal bests for each ski run, challenge yourself or a friend to a technical drill and find out who is the most versatile skier.


It also connects wirelessly to your smartphone with detailed metrics and analysis. Whether you’re advanced, pro, or casual, Carv will help you ski.


For every turn you make Carv analyses when, where and how much pressure you apply. Carv then speaks to you to correct your form in real-time on the slopes and later provides in-depth run analysis in the app.


Carv is on Kickstarter, currently sitting pretty with 545 backers that have pledged $114,520 of $50,000 goal with 40 days to go. Pledge $169 and you can get in on the Carv action!




Check out the kickstarter here.