iPhone 7 Rumors catching fire!

iPhone 7 is coming!


So what can we expect? With what feels like the most ferocious and threatening iPhone competitors rearing their heads this year, the iPhone 7 better have game!


Some have suggested that this year’s iPhone release will, in fact, be very similar to the iPhone 6 & 6s, and that next year is when all the fancy magic happens. Either way, here’s what we know. (As always, here is your grain of salt —> . )


The device may be made entirely of glass, instead of aluminum. The display will be OLED (yay) .


It’ll have a 3,100mAh battery, which is 12.5 per cent bigger than the iPhone 6S Plus.


The iPhone 7 will have a gold color option.


It’ll have a better taptic engine – meaning that 3D touch will be better and that there’ll be an improvement to the taptic feedback in the phone.


We may finally get wireless charging, and there may be no physical home button.


Water resistance, a better duel lens camera, and better battery life have all been thrown around, but they always are at this stage.


There will apparently be no 16GB option on the new device, with the phone instead being offered at a base 32GB.This also creates space for a 256GB option, because we all know how much we LOVE MORE SPACE!


We’re pretty sure that the device will have no headphone jack, and there may be the intorudction of a smart connecter, which, like on the iPad Pro, will provide a port for power and data transfer.


So there we go!! That’s what we know. Lots of folk out there are pretty convinced that Apple are moving to what they call a ‘tick tick tock’ cycle instead of a ‘tick tock’ cycle, which purely means that they won’t have major iPhone upgrades every year, and we’ll have to wait until 2017 to see some magic.


What do you think?





Tim Cook’s appearance at Startup Fest

Tim Cook recently appeared and spoke at Startup Fest Europe, where he offered both general business advice and some insight into Apple’s future.


He spoke about how he believes healthcare specifically related to the AppStore has massive potential for growth and is incredibly important because of the ability to make people’s lives better through tech:


“The things that interest us the most are things where we can bring our ability to integrate hardware, software, and services into something that’s magical and enriches people in some way. If you look at some of the things we’re doing that do not drive revenue but they have massive interest in them from our teams – health is very much one of those…


The net of that is we believe that health is something that is a huge problem in the world, a huge issue, and we think it is ripe for simplicity and sort of a new view and we’d like to contribute to that. So that’s an area where we’re very focused.”


He spoke about how the Apple Watch will become vital in people’s lives, also in direct relation to healthcare:


“For those of you that own a car. You get in your car, you crank it up, you drive for a while. If it gets a little too hot a light comes on and says you know pull over or check out. If you need an oil change, it comes on and says check the oil. It has all of these things in it that alert you that you need to do something. What is the equivalent for the body?


Well, it’s our minds, but our minds unfortunately convince all of us all too often not to seek help. And many times, we don’t even know. There’s no symptom. So if you could have a device that knew so much about you, it would be pretty incredible and would extend life and extend quality. I’m not saying one device will do all of that, but when you solve such a big problem it takes several contributions. That’s the way I feel here.”


His main business advice?


“Don’t get full of yourself. Don’t smoke your own exhaust. Don’t worry about cannibalizing yourself…I think being hungry — not being driven by money, but being driven by some higher purpose and building great products — is really key. Never do something strictly for money. Do it for love, do it for passion.”


Thanks for our Friday wisdom, Mr Cook!


Apple also working on Amazon Echo Competitor.

Siri’s going to be living with us! In our house as well as in our pockets!


Following the announcement of Google Home, reports are that Apple is developing a Siri based device that will be in direct competition with both Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Here’s the exciting bit – apparently Apple will be opening up the device to outside developers! Siri’ll be able to do all kinds of ish!


There’s a strong possibility that opening up Siri to developers could happen as soon as WWDC (June 13-17) which also means that third party apps could be incorporated into iOS 10 AND OS X 10.12, the latter being rumored to have Siri capabilities.


It’s not clear when Siri’s home device will be released or even announced, but it’s reported that they’ve been working on it since before the Amazon Echo was released.


Would you want Siri living in your house?



Uber & Toyota teaming up?

The Ride-hailing industry leaders are getting it on with the big boy car manufacturers!


Up first, we have the announcement that Toyota has made an investment in Uber, which will also involve a strategic partnership with new leasing options for Uber drivers.


From the Sauce, Emil Michael, Chief Business Officer of Uber:


“Toyota vehicles are among the most popular cars on the Uber platform worldwide and we look forward to collaborating with Toyota in multiple ways going forward, starting with the expansion of our vehicle financing efforts,”


Next up is ride-hailing competitor Gett who announced a similar partnership with Volkswagen, who has invested $300 million in the company.


These announcements were made Tuesday within hours of each other, but the one who kicked off all this wheeling and dealing (get it?) was Lyft, who at the beginning of the year received a $500 million clam investment from General Motors along with the promise to develop a fleet of self-driving cars together.


Also appearing in the news recently is Apple’s $1 Billion investment in Didi Chuxing, Uber’s main rival in China.


Seems like self driving cars and ride hailing is the way of the future!


Interesting fact: The first time iPhone Antidote saw a self driving car on a highway (Google’s, in San Mateo) we also saw a woman driving whilst eating a WHOLE PUMPKIN PIE from her lap. The pie lady got more attention.




Tech of the week – Lazy edition!



Everyone knows that when your Wi-Fi stops working, 99.9 times out of 100 resetting your router will fix it. It just does. It’s part of the rule – if something tech related isn’t working, turn it off and on again, dummy.


Here’s the thing, and it’s not a great thing, really, more of a sign of how freakin’ lazy we are thing, but getting up and actually resetting your router like, with your hands, is kinda boring.


Welcome to the thanks-for-not-making-me-do-that club, ResetPlug. It’s a $60 piece of tech that will reset your router for you.


The plug constantly tests your wi-fi connection to ensure it’s working, and if it isn’t, it will automatically turn your router (and/or modem) on and off until the connection is restored.


Yay tech!  Get it here. 


Dare to see your Google search History? NSFW?

Ok, so here’s the deal. There’s a way you can see your Google search history, and it’s super easy. The NSFW part means that we don’t know what you’ve been looking up, dudes, but it’s probably Not Safe For Work.


Nothing against you dudes, but Googling happens. Crazy unintentional Googling. Or crazy intentional googling, who are we to judge? Anyways, Google has a record of it, isn’t that nice of them?


You (and, supposedly, only you) can check it out here.


You can also check out your YouTube search history here. 


Happy looking through the past!

Google to unveil Amazon Echo competitior

Tomorrow at I/O, Google will unveil ‘Google Home’, a voice activated home device that will will compete with the Amazon Echo, and in the same sphere as Siri herself.


There’s no word as to what shape the device might take, although it seems as though the rumors are centering on a speaker similar to the Echo. Also like the Echo and Siri, it will be able to answer questions and take commands.


Google Home will be unveiled and demonstrated tomorrow but, apparently, won’t ship until the Fall. Just enough time for you to build up nough anticipation to get excited and buy it, right? Oh, Tech guys and your marketing.  This also, however, means that developers could get their hands on it before the official release, building apps and all the fun things developers do.


Keep an eye and an ear out for Google Home! It may just be your future.



Twitter changes in the air!

Hoorah!!!! Everyone celebrate! Why?


Twitter has decided (as per a report from Bloomberg) that it will stop counting links and photos towards it’s 140 character limit!




So much more room for activities!


The change isn’t public yet (officially, that is), although sources are predicting that it will come into full effect within the next 2 weeks. Currently, links take up 23 characters.


But hold on to your chair there, guys, because apparently, Twitter was considering raising the character limit to 10,000.


Holy Twittoly!


Well, even if it’s not thousands more characters, we’re still happy with the extra moving space, so thanks, Twitter!.




New Website of the Week: Political Edition

There’s a new website out in the interwebs that promises one thing, and that one thing is pretty funny/scary.


Maple Match promises to match Americans who plan to leave the country based on a Trump presidency with sympathetic Canadians.





A Trump presidency is looking more and more possible, and Maple Match is capitalizing on how terrifying that is for many Americans. Don’t want to live in a Trump led America? How about a Justin Trudeau led Canada with a fellow Trump disliking mate? MAPLE MATCH, SON.


From the Sauce, CEO Joe Goldman, who hopes that his site will provide: “opportunities for like-minded Canadians and Americans to build meaningful relationships and escape the unfathomable horror of [a] Trump presidency.”


Funny, viral, and potentially realistic? Get on the waitlist now! Also: remember to vote, kids. It’s cool.



Check out Maple Match here. 



Apple iTunes rumor refuted

According to a wildfire rumor that caught yesterday, Apple had plans to stop selling music downloads through iTunes in the next couple of years.


The rumor began on Digital Music news but was refuted but Apple Spokesperson Tom Neumayr later in the day.


From the Sauce: “This is not true.”


Of course, tech changes products and services all the time, so the chance of this occurring is not off the table – what is, apparently, is any evidence of Apple currently planning to stop Apple iTunes music downloads.


With WWTD in just over a month, expect the Apple rumors to start flying. Keep tuned as next week we’ll delve into the iPhone 7 rumors.