Are there old iPads or iPhones taking up space in your office? We have the solution.




QUESTIONS: Are you an IT Asset Manager? Do you have surplus iPads or iPhones in your office?  Maybe they’re broken, water damaged, cracked or just super old?


Are you looking to upgrade your staff devices soon?


SOLUTION: iPhone Antidote will take care of you! We’ll buy your old/cracked/broken devices for significant returns to your business.


We have been buying used and broken devices from members of the public for five years and we have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the market to help businesses transition between upgrades and receive profitable compensation for broken and old devices.


We offer very competitive bulk trade-in rates, and our process is easy, quick and painless. Get rid of those stinky old devices, and get paid! Your boss will love you.*


If this is of interest to you, please email our President, Ryan Wallace at and he will contact you personally to discuss the terms and provide a custom quote.








* Painless process guaranteed, Boss Love not 100% guaranteed. Bosses can be tough sometimes, man.

Kickstarter of the Week

Do you have an Apple Watch? Is it rad or what? 


We’re guessing you probably think it’s pretty rad. Wanna make it seem even cooler? You should probably check out The Lift.


It’s a super magic Apple Watch ( And Pebble Smartwatch) charger. So why is it so cool?


Not only does it charge wirelessly, yup, but it uses magnetic levitation.


Yessir, you read that right. Your Apple (or Pebble) Watch will charge, whilst hovering over the base. Check it out.






The Lift is a Kickstarter – check it out here. You can get one for yourself for  $149 during the campaign, or $199 when it’s available to the general public.