Who Tim Cook looks to for advice

NOTE TO SELF: Whomever Tim Cook looks to for advice in life and or business is someone we should also be interested in for life and or business advice. Even if it’s because of their specific knowledge of his life and circumstances. Still want that advice!



In The Washington Post’s extensive interview with Apple CEO Cook, we found out who his top five are.  Would you believe his number 1 is Kanye West? No? It’d be pretty funny though…


ONE. Warren Buffet.


“When I was going through what should we do on returning cash to shareholders, I thought who could really give us great advice here, who wouldn’t have a bias? So I called up Warren Buffett. I thought he’s the natural person, and so I try to go through that process on everyone.” Cook said. “That doesn’t mean I always do what they say,” he added.




TWO. Anderson Cooper.

Cook said he spoke with him before the super important op-ed he wrote in 2014 declaring “I’m proud to be gay.”

“I talked to Anderson Cooper at length — multiple times,” Cook said. “Because I thought that the way that he handled his announcement was really classy. I was getting advice from people who I thought were really great people who had really deeply thought about it.”



THREE. Bill Clinton

In 2013, Cook was facing his first Congressional testimony (about Apple’s tax practices).

“He knows a lot about the politics,” Cook said of Clinton. “I’d not met him through a political connection. I’d met him through the foundation.”



FOUR. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein
It was the same hearing that prompted Cook to reach out to another prominent business figure — Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

“I looked back to say who’s done this before? I knew Lloyd and thought he’d be honest with me,” Cook said.



FIVE. Laurene Powell Jobs
Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, also counseled Cook prior to his Congressional testimony, noting that she has a unique understanding of the company and Cook himself.

“Laurene has the lens of knowing me and deeply understanding Apple.”



So there you go. Who would be in your top five, if you had a magical email address book? Also: Anyone have Mr Buffet’s personal email? Anyone? That’s some advice we’d really like.