Happy Birthday Apple Watch!

Happy Birthday Apple Watch! After a reveal in September 2014,  the original Apple Watch launched in nine countries on April 24, 2015!


Four years later, we’re on to the Apple Watch Series 4 – complete with a better and bigger display, water resistance, important health and fitness features, and more bands than we can poke a stick at.


The Apple Watch has also impressively grown to become the global smartwatch leader, holding 51 percent of the global smartwatch marketshare last year, albeit down from 67 percent in 2017.


And, as per usual for Apple, they’re not done. The Apple Watch Series 5 will most likely launch in September of this year, and it and further iterations of the device could have features such as blood glucose monitoring, a microLED screen, a sleep tracking app, better battery, and many more.


Go on, Apple Watch, have that cake. You deserve it.