New Apple TV+ show!

You’ll never guess what it is!


Well, you might have guessed in the end, but you don’t have to, because here’s the answer: Apple has picked up the rights to  “A Christmas Carol,”: a live action musical!


So many good things in that sentence, could we fit anymore in? Yup! It’s going to star all round good guys Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, who will also produce.


Apparently , and for good reason, the show was the subject of a harsh bidding war, but Apple won out with, well, money. According to reports, they’re paying above $60 million just for talent.


“A Christmas Carol” will be added to Apple’s Apple TV+ streaming service, which premieres on November 1st. It’s not known specifically when “A Christmas Carol” will be available, presumably near… Christmas?



Apple may end up bundling new services together

According to a report from the Financial Times, Apple is talking with record labels about the proposition of bundling Apple Music and Apple TV+ as part of one big bundle for one flat monthly rate.


This isn’t to say that it’s going to happen though – with some record labels apparently concerned about losing revenue modeling it this way.


If Apple wanted to bundle all of its subscription services together – Apple News+, Apple Arcade, AppleCare+, and iCloud storage – it would be great for the end user especially if it was a family subscription, as long as it was priced correctly.


The total cost currently for each individual subscription of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade rounds up to $30 per month, so any future mega bundle would need to be under that cost.