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Guess what? It’s the holidays! That means Christmas Parties, cheap booze gift packs, eggnog, aaaand hangovers.


Yeah, sorry bout that, but unless you’re a teetotaler, there’s a good chance you will experience at least one hangover this Holiday Season.  So here’s what we’ve got for you today: BrainWave Hangover Relief


Developed by Banzai Labs, this app aims to relieve symptoms of your hangover (Headache, nausea, general discomfort) by synchronizing your brainwaves to low frequency alpha and theta waves.  Fancy.


Hangover relief is a kind of Holy Grail at this point (the only for sure certain way to avoid them is to stop drinking, d’oh), however the search for a cure is still a worthwhile journey to undertake!



If this app doesn’t work for you, we also suggest eating a banana, taking a shot, and dancing. If you can’t quite handle that, we’ve found that even attempting to dance helps. Also: watching other people dance.



The App has to be used with headphones and it’s $0.99 from the App store.



Cheers & Happy Weekend!



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