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iPhone Tip Of The Day!


Ever see a rockin’ photo on your iDevice whilst browsing that wonderful world wide web? Something like this?






Or this?





In Safari or Chrome, simply place your magic finger on the image, hold down for a moment, and you’ll be given an option to save the image to your iPhoto library. BAM! Now it’s yours to do anything with (that’s not commercial or against copyright or, you know, mean. Don’t be mean, guys.)


Now you can use it as your wallpaper, email it, print it out and hang it on your wall, or just look back at it fondly and wistfilly every now and then.


Like we do with this one:






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Apple replacing sleep/wake buttons on some iPhone 5 models!



Has the sleep/wake button on your iPhone 5 stopped working? Thought it was a lost cause? There might be some hope yet!


Apple has released a statement to The Loop regarding a recall of some iPhone 5 models because of broken sleep/wake buttons, which means if you are one of the device owners affected- you could get it replaced for free.


Here’s the lowdown-


You’ll need to enter your iPhone’s serial number here to see if your device is one of those affected by the recall.


If your phone is affected and you want to get it fixed for free ( duh) you can bring it to any Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service provider. Your device will have to be sent away to an Apple repair centre to be fixed, however it is believed that for the interim some Apple stores are lending customers iPhone 5 16Gb models. You can also mail your device directly to the repair centre if you’d like.


According to Apple your device will take 4-6 days from the time it is received until it is returned to you, and all customers should back up all their data and erase all content and setting before sending it in to get fixed. All devices that receive a new sleep/wake button will be updated to iOS 7.


If you’ve got an iPhone 5 that is affected by this recall and you’ve already paid for an out-of-warranty replacement, you should contact an Apple customer service rep to ask for a refund.


This recall and placement program will be effective for 2 years after the initial retail purchase of your device.


According to some reports there are stores that are offering customers affected by the recall  a $350 upgrade credit for a new device, but you must specifically ask for it, your phone must be in perfect condition other than the sleep/wake button, and it’s of course not guaranteed.


By the way, why doesn’t Apple have a cooler name for that button? Writing sleep/wake button over and over has cemented the fact that it’s a pretty stupid name. It should be called, like, the enforcer button or something. Just saying, Apple.


Good luck Guys! Let us know how you go if this recall applies to you!




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WWDC dates announced! Details here!



Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference dates have been announced!


This year the conference will run from June 2nd through to June 4th, and developers have had the opportunity to apply for random ticket selection up until today- a different approach to other years.


Here is the run down from Apple themselves:







So, what can we expect?


You should definitely expect to hear Tim Cook making announcements regarding the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 and outlining their release dates and specs. Apple TV will most likely be getting an upgrade, however an actual Apple TV will most likely not be making an appearance.


There is a chance an iWatch will be announced, although analysts and basically everyone in the tech world go back and forth on this one. We think there is a 72.5% chance, but we’re not betting the farm.


We’ll also get pretty video’s played at 9:42 am, inspirational speeches, and special appearances by Craig Federighi and Jony Ive!


Are you excited?? Cos WE ARE!




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iPhone Tip Of The Day!


Want to know where you hang out most often cos you forgot? OR want to keep your battery charge up and how much Apple knows about you down?


We got you!


iOS 7 (On 4S and above) keeps a tab on where you hang out, cos it’s like your closest, stalkiest friend!


Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services> System Services to see a list of where you’ve been most.




Turn off the feature  in the same place if you find it less fun, more stalky.






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How to turn off ‘Find My iPhone & Anti-theft Activation Lock’ from the phone you’re selling!



If you’re thinking of selling or giving away a stinky old iPhone, you need to understand how to turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’ function. ESPECIALLY if the device has been upgraded to iOS 7, whereby it will also be loaded with Apple’s Anti-theft Activation lock.





That’s not it. The Anti-theft Activation Lock introduced with iOS 7 is however super awesome for preventing theft by rendering the phone basically useless and worth roughly one eighth of its proper resale price. However, it also does this if you forget to turn it off before you sell it or give it away.


For instance, here at iPhone Antidote, we cannot give you the total quoted amount for your iPhone unless the Anti-theft Activation lock is turned off.



So, you guys need to know how to turn it off! And luckily for everyone involved, whilst not being the funnest 3 minutes you ever spend (we hope) it IS super easy! High Five!





There is a couple of different methods depending on the condition and location of your iPhone. If your iPhone works and is with you, you should-


Remove your iPhone from Find My iPhone by turning  it off on the iPhone.


Simple! On your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn off ‘Find My device.’ It will ask for your Apple ID password ( The one you use in the App Store), then BAM, both Find my iPhone and the Anti-theft activation lock is turned off.




If your iPhone is not with you, already sold or given away OR broken or water damaged so that it won’t turn on, it’s also, really, really easy. HIGH FIVE!




If you can’t use your iPhone because it’s too damaged, or you’ve already sold it or given it away, you can remotely remove it from Find My iPhone and remotely remove the Anti-theft Activation Lock.


Your iPhone must be powered off. Easy to do if it’s broken! Also easy enough to do if you’ve sold it to a company such as ourselves or you can get in contact with the friend that you gave it to.




Sign in to with your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud & the App Store).


Click ‘All Devices’ at the top of the page. Wait for the website to locate your iPhone, then select it from the drop down menu. It should appear as offline and grey.

A menu of options will appear on the right hand side of the screen. IGNORE THESE ( Unless you want to remotely erase your iPhone)


Click back on the ‘All Devices’ button at the top of the page. There should now be an X next to your iPhone.  Click it. Click it good.


Click “remove” on the next screen to confirm.


Aaaaaand you’re done! Now someone else can now activate the device, making it worth a whole lotta more clams from us/high fives from the friend you gave it to!




If you guys have any problems removing the anti theft activation lock from your iPhone – please contact us and let us know! We’d LOVE to help you out! And we give hugs too!







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Top 8 apps we wish existed





We wish we may we wish we might, have the wish we wish tonight.


Tonight, we’re wishing on Apps ( cos we’re super fun and cool like that).  Apps have been around for so few years (5.5 to be exact) and yet we just don’t know how we would live our technocratic lives without a lot of them!


BUT. There’s some blank spots. Here’s our wish-list for Apps of the future.



1. An App that tells you when you’re being stupid.





2. An App that buys the perfect gift for people, and wraps it.





3. An App that tells you exactly how many calories is in a meal or specific food item by scanning it.





4. An App that helps you pick which charity is most in need





5. A Space-Time jumping App, obviously.





6. An app that learns your priorities and then organizes your to-do list accordingly.





7. An App that tells you exactly when you would really be missing out on the best time ever by choosing to stay home and watch Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.





8. An App so you can communicate with animals.





What Apps do you wish existed? Telekinesis would be nice, actually, now we think about it…


Copyright iPhone Antidote. Serious.





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iPhone Tip Of The Day!


iOS 7 Users!


Want to block that pesky ex girlfriend/boyfriend/odd person who you used to say hello to in gym class and now calls you just to say ‘uh, so whatsup best friend forever?’


Yes siree you do!


Here’s what you do.


Settings > Phone > Blocked. Add their phone number to the list.


No more of this!  ( On the phone at least).




Your welcome.




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The fastest growing iOS game in History?





We don’t really know about this guys. We want to tell you about this game, but then we think about the consequences.


There will be lots of work not being done. Everywhere. Everywhere, everyone will be playing this game and not doing work. Society might break down.



But then we think of the positive’s, which are 1. It’s fun. 2. It’s not a solo player game and therefore can be enjoyed socially,  3. It can make you learn and 4. It’s CHRISTMAS! So we encourage playing!!


But here is your warning: It’s super, super addictive.


The game is called QuizUp. 


Despite only being a smidge over 3 weeks old, the game is the fastest growing mobile game. Ever. It’s made by some crazy Icelandic magicians and it already has 3.5 million registered users (and growing). The average player plays for 40 minutes a day. The average player. 40 minutes. It’s worth repeating that particular stat.


You can register using Facebook ( with the usual game access to basic information and friend list) or using your email address.


If you sign up using FaceBook, you’ll have your profile picture showing to your opponents, but just in case you don’t want your profile picture associated with the fact that you don’t know which movies Bollywood comedian Johnny Lever has NOT acted in, then you can change it to a cute logo of an octopus, or a sad panda.



Not really like that, but awwww.


The Gameplay itself is fast and clean. It’s your basic quizzy, general knowledge game, with a format that will be intuitive to you if you’ve ever watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or played Trivial Pursuit. Once you start playing you are given categories to choose from.


The categories are what you would expect and way, way more. They’re fluid with user submitted questions being added daily ( without the app needing to be updated!), and they are specialized, with categories ranging from Geography to European Countries to Fruits and Vegetables, to Biology. We could go on. So far there’s over 200,000 trivia questions.


If you sign in using Facebook, categories will be suggested to you using the basic information on your Facebook profile. For example, the category ‘The 49ers’ was suggested for iPhone Antidote. Because the 49ers rock, obviously.


Once you choose a category, you are set against another player and given multiple choice questions. You get points for answering correctly, and you get more points for answering correctly quickly. You have to beat the other person’s amount of points by the final question ( you get double points for getting the last question correct), and then you win.



Yay. And then you play again because you feel smart. And again because then you got too cocky and lost and you want to feel smart again.And so on. And on.


The more you play, the more XP you gain and you can then move up a leader board against both your Facebook friends and on global, local, country-by-country, and state-by-state lists.


For every category there is also a message board which so that those particularly passionate about the Herbs & Spices category can talk about it after a game if they feel the urge.


The game is free, but don’t worry, you won’t be annoyed by ads or be feeling the need to buy more lives or make any other in-app purchases. Plain Vanilla has partnered with brands who then create sponsored games, so you might end up playing a category sponsored by the Twilight Brand. And then you can show off everything that you know about Twilight. Like how Edward the Vampire is actually..something something.



Right now, QuizUp is only available for iOS. (An Android version is coming in January.) Get it in the App store!


Play away kids, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about the addiction!!


Oh, and try and find us on there, we’re a sad octopus and we’re really good at European countries.






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We might be able to do what on planes now?



There are three types of travelers in the world-


1, Those who turn their mobile devices off before they’re told to and place them neatly in their carry on bag with a smile.


2, Those who wait until the last minute to turn their devices off or (with a sneaky, guilty look) place them on airplane mode before ever so anxiously and reluctantly sliding them into their pocket.




3, Those who smile as the flight attendant walks by, then checks their email whilst waiting to see when exactly during take off their phone will stop getting service, smiling calmly at anyone who looks in abject horror in their direction.



This, boys and girls, is because for, like, forever, everyone has had to turn off their phones and other devices capable of transmitting data during take-off and landing.


This is so that your device doesn’t interfere with the plane’s communication and navigation equipment.  These rules are, by all accounts, predominantly precautionary.


With the rise of portable devices and smartphone capabilities, there has been a similar rise in complaints from really busy business dudes and general everyday people that not being allowed to have their devices on is stupid and bad. Sometimes they even put it more eloquently.


Now some of the high up important people might have paid attention!


Smile! Because we might soon become one big happy flying family, friends! Except for the people who grab the top of your head from behind when they’re getting up or walking by. Or the people who steal your Apple juice AND blanket ( totally happened). God, those people. We’ll never be family.





By the end of next week, the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) will hear back from a panel of industry folk regarding the possible relaxation of the in-flight device rules. Um… AWESOME!



According to the FAA:


“The FAA recognizes consumers are intensely interested in the use of personal electronics aboard aircraft, that is why we tasked a government-industry group to examine the safety issues and the feasibility of changing the current restrictions. . . . We will wait for the group to finish its work before we determine next steps.”


( Statement was made to USA Today)



Well, independent panel of dudes from the flight industry, we eagerly await your results and suggestions!!



By the way, how awesome is this photo on a scale from 1-100?







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The iWatch


Good news for those of us waiting for a brand spanking ( ooh) new Apple product!


Yesterday, Apple’s application to trademark the term ‘iWatch’ in Japan was made public.


iWatch is, of course, the rumored name for the first wearable Apple device and the potentially out of this world Smart Watch. The trademark was applied for on June 3rd this year and is actually the second time that Apple has applied to trademark the name, the first being in Russia in February.


Momentum (and the rumor mill) for this product is building rapidly. Yesterday’s reports come after Bloomberg posted in March this year that according to their sources there were 100 engineers working on the planned smart watch, and after Tim Cook said in May that the wearable device market is one just waiting for innovation. And who better to do it than Apple?


Unlike other Smart Watches currently available (see the wonderful Pebble Watch), the much speculated iWatch will most likely be a stand alone device, with biometric potential that could turn the way we use technology on it’s head.
Suckily, experts agree that we probably won’t see the iWatch until the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2014.


C’mon Tim Cook! We want wearable device innovation, and we want it now! Or soon! Please?


Image courtesy of  Forbes.