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2 Apple ads score Emmy nominations

The Emmy nominations were just announced and two of Apple’s ads are in the running to receive the 2019 Outstanding Commercial Emmy, which is pretty damn cool.


Both of the ads were created by Apple’s longtime advertising partner, TBWA/Media Arts Lab.


See below the two ads that are in the running:


 “Make Something Wonderful” 




 “Don’t Mess With Mother,” from Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign. 







Apple Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission leaving earth for the moon, and this coming Saturday will commemorate that mission landing on the Moon.



To celebrate, Apple has shared a video with clips from its upcoming Apple TV+ show “For All Mankind” along with commentary from people who have worked on the series. The show is about an alternate history that explores what might have happened had the global space race never ended and had the USSR landed the first humans on the moon.


See below:







“For All Mankind” will be included in Apple’s upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service, set to launch this fall.




Jony Ive is leaving Apple!

Design genius Jony Ive announced today that he is leaving Apple after decades at the company!


Limelight-shy Ive is credited with developing the iPhone, iMac, and iPod, and will leave Apple at the end of this year.  So what’s next?


Well, he’s not going too far, actually. Ive is starting his own design firm called LoveFrom – and Apple will be his very first customer. Apple designer Marc Newsom will also be joining him there.


From Tim Cook:



“Jony is a singular figure in the design world and his role in Apple’s revival cannot be overstated, from 1998’s groundbreaking iMac to the iPhone and the unprecedented ambition of Apple Park, where recently he has been putting so much of his energy and care,”



From the man himself:


“There are some areas that are personal natural passions for me,” he said to the FT. “The work that we’ve been doing with wearable technology — with technology becoming more personal, there is an inevitability that it becomes worn.”



Google won’t release any more tablets

Google apparently won’t release any more tablet devices, preferring to concentrate on their laptop sector.


The company confirmed to ComputerWorld that they have actually canceled two models that were in development, and have reassigned those working on them to other areas.


The last tablet Google released was the Pixel Slate last year, and it’s suggested that they may have found it a little difficult to compete with Apple (responsible for most worldwide tablet shipments) and Samsung, as opposed to the laptop arena where they can compete more comfortably.



Google will continue offering support and updates for the Pixel Slate until June 2024. They are also supposedly planning to release a laptop-oriented Pixelbook product towards the end of the year, as well as still releasing new models of its Pixel line of phones.



Register the kids for Apple Summer Camp!

Apple Camp registration is now open!


As of yesterday, kids from the US, Mexico and Canada can register for the company’s annual summer camp that will run between July 7 and August 3.


Kids aged 8-12 can explore music, coding, moviemaking, or art and design by taking part in a bunch of free 90-minute hands-on sessions at local Apple Stores. ( N.B: all kids must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of their visits.)

In the past, kids who have attended Apple Camp have received a free t-shirt.


Space is limited so get on your internet bike and sign up -> here! 



New Macbooks?

News today that Apple has registered seven as-of-yet unreleased ‘portable’ Mac models in the Eurasian Economic Commission database –   A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, and A2251.These filings are legally required for any encrypted devices sold in Russia and some other countries, and have previously been a good indicator of new device models coming our way.


People are surmising that we can shortly expect a new 12-inch MacBook and perhaps an updated MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook pro.


We can possibly expect some announcements regarding this come October.



Deals of The day Wednesday!

Feeling like today’s the day you need to get some?



Don’t worry, we got you! Here’s some lovely hump day deals to break up your week. Get some shiny new electronics in your hands, guys!



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Get an Apple iPad (Latest Model) 32GB Wi-Fi – Space Gray for $249, down from $329, from Walmart



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Get a Google Home Hub 7″ Smart Display (Chalk or Charcoal) on sale for $79.99, for $67.99 with coupon code ALT12 with free shipping. Must be logged into your Rakuten account to use coupon code. Get it here.


Get a Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model) for $139.99, down from $159.99 from Amazon



Go on, get it!



Memorial Day Apple Watch? Yasss!

Today, you can get a Watch Series 3 GPS – 38mm – Sport Band – Aluminum Case – for $199, down fro $279! Get yours!

Apple’s plans to blow us away

Apple plans to blow us away with plans for future products. What plans? Well, this is Apple, so we don’t have very much of an idea. But here’s some tiny shreds of ideas we do have.


In the annual investor’s meeting this morning,  CEO Tim Cook said he was “rolling the dice” on some future products that will “blow you away.”


So there’s the blow you away part.
Then he said that one of Apple’s goals is to reduce the price of the 2018 Retina MacBook Air, (currently at $1,200) and that  there’s a “long, great roadmap” of “fantastic” products on the horizon.


We’re thinking Airpods 2, possibly in new colors and with wireless charging and Siri functionality, and something WAY more exciting is the prospect of augmented reality smart glasses based on some recent patent filings. Some are still hopeful of a full self driving vehicle, but we’re not so sure about that now, after Apple recently laid off a bunch of folk in that department.


We can also likely expect a new entertainment streaming service and news service being unveiled in the next couple of months.


On another note, during the call, Tim Cook also advised that Apple is well on its way towards meeting the goal it set in 2016, which was to double its $25 billion revenue by 2020.


That’s a whole ‘lotta apples.


Apple’s new YouTube series

Apple has recently produced a new series for iPhone called, fittingly, ‘How to shoot for iPhone’.


It features a super broad list of 38 videos in the series, covering topics such as ‘How to shoot during Golden Hour’, ‘How to shoot a Selfie with the timer’, ‘How to shoot a close-up’ and much more.


If you’re like many people and just use the camera on your iPhone to point and shoot in the way that looks best, sitting down and watching a few of these could be worthwhile.


We’ve featured the first Two videos below; ‘How to shoot with depth control on iPhone’ and ‘How to Shoot with Stage Light Mono on iPhone’. Also see Apple’s new Ad featuring people being funny about using Depth Control.





Enjoy Learning! It’s the best!