How to Replace Your Cracked iPhone 4 Back Glass

So you broke the back on your iPhone 4?  That is a bummer.  But don’t fret, it is not really as bad as it may seem.


With a couple of steps you can make your iPhone 4 or 4S look just like new again.


1) Go to and search iPhone 4 (or 4S) Back Glass.  You should be able to find them for around $15-20.  Make sure it includes screwdrivers.

2) Once you receive your new iPhone 4 Back Glass, go ahead and take the old glass off of your phone and swap to the new glass as shown below.

3) Now your iPhone looks just like new!



Repair Steps


a) Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone using the screwdriver that was included with your iPhone Back Glass (as shown below)

Fix Your iPhone Back Glass

b) Slide the back of the iPhone glass up towards the top of the iPhone, which will release the back off of the iPhone.

c) Place your new iPhone glass against the back of the iPhone where the old glass was located and slide it back down to lock it in place.

d) Using the screws you previously unscrewed, screw the new back glass back into place




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