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Kevin Hart + Nike + Apple = TeeHee?

Kevin Hart is: “The Man Who Kept Running.”


Literally, as the star of a set of new crossover ads between Apple and Nike, Kevin loves his Nike+ Apple Watch that he just can’t quit running.


There’s 7 ads in all, which can be viewed on Nike’s YouTube Channel here. 


The Apple Watch Nike+ is a Nike-branded (duh) version of the Apple Watch Series 2 with an aluminum casing and a special perforated band. It includes exclusive Nike watch faces and it works with the Nike+ Run Club app, designed to motivate users to run each day.


Watch the 1st three ads here:









…Did they convince you to get one yet?

New year, new Apple Watch

Apple is expected to release the 3rd Gen  in the 3rd quarter of this year, however most of the upgrades will apparently be to the interior workings of the device, such as increasing battery life and speed, rather than physical hardware changes.


Earlier today, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News claimed that this upgrade will be manufactured by Taiwan-based Quanta, which is not all that surprising, considering they were also responsible for the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Watch.


Other rumors swirling around the wearable include further reaching health sensors, adding cellular connectivity, the ability to identify a user by their heart rate, and a super rad teleportation feature.


One of those is probably not true…


If the 3rd Gen does come out in the 3rd quarter,  it would be at around the same time that the (rumored) iPhone 8 – the 10th anniversary iPhone – is expected to come out. Exciting times.


Apple Watch 2 details

apple watch


According to the rumors doing the tech rounds, the Apple Watch 2 will begin an earlier than expected trial production round by the end of January. Qanta, the Chinese based manufacturers responsible for the original Apple Watch, is said to be the main source (if not only source) of production for the 2nd Gen Apple Watch.


Other manufacturers, however, such as Foxconn,  may be sourced to help supply the 2nd generation after Qanta apparently experienced less than stellar profit returns on the original.


So what can we expect?


Expect the 2nd generation Apple Watch to have a thinner case, a FaceTim camera (yay!) and an upgraded Wi-Fi chip, so you can do more without being attached to your iPhone.


Expect health technologies to shine on this device. Although CEO Tim Cook recently said that he didn’t want the Apple Watch itself to go through the whole FDA APPROVAL rigmarole, Apps and other side by side tech would probably be moved in that direction.


Recent additions to Apple seem to cement that idea, with hires like Anne Shelchuk, who has a doctorate in biomedical engineering, system design engineer Nathan Clark, who has a doctorate in biomedical engineering and a patent for a device that separates cells, and Craig Slyfield, a mechanical engineer who’s co-authored several papers related to measuring and visualizing human bones in 3D.


So, we can conclude that the Apple Watch 2 will have a FaceTime camera, x-ray vision capabilities, and a cell separator. Neato.


Deal of the day! Apple Watch Edition! HELLA CHEAP!

currency_dollar green



Remember yesterday when we told you that you can get an Apple Watch from Target and they’ll give you a free $100 gift card to go with it? Today’s deal beats that! Take that Target!


Best Buy has come out swinging, offering any Apple Watch $100 off. Same deal essentially, but they just straight up take that $100 off that sucka!


What are you waiting for? Wednesday is Apple Watch buying day SON!




Deal of the Day!

currency_dollar green


Who wants an Apple Watch for christmas? Yeah? Do you want a good deal on it too? Merry Christmas!


Target is currently offering the Apple Watch starting at $349 PLUS you get a free $100 gift card! That way, you get what you want for christmas, and you get to shop for everyone else’s Christmas present, all for the price of an Apple Watch. Which you want. Win!


The $100 gift card applies to all Apple Watch Sport purchases and you can use your Target Redcard to save an additional 5%. This deal is only available online while stocks last. The gift card will be added to your cart automatically.


Get on it!


Check out the deal here.





IBM giving employees Apple Watches?

exclamation mark


IBM is planning on providing it’s employees with FREE or discounted Apple Watch models! Whaaat. Yup, it seems that IBM are incorporating the Device into it’s ‘Commit to Health’ initiative, which will mean that employees will receive the devices under their health insurance plans.


The employees can either choose to get a subsidy that covers the full cost of the device or they can purchase it at a discounted price, and IBM then hopes that they will take advantage of the health features of the watch. Healthy workers are hard workers! IBM previously had a similar program with Fitbit, however it is currently unclear if the Apple Watch program is replacing this or supplementing it.


Lots of Apple Watch users have raved about the health benefits of the device since it’s release, so it’s possible that IBM is one of many companies who will be encouraging their employees to use the Watch in the future.




Watch OS 2





The Apple Watch! Soon to be updated to SUPER APPLE WATCH! Or, in laymen’s terms, Apple Watch OS 2.


*The most exciting thing about this update in our minds is that with it, the Apple Watch will support native apps (meaning apps that don’t have to go through the iPhone first). Booyah.


*There will also be third-party ‘complications’, which means that you can change and add to the data you see on the clock face, as well as new apps that will have access to the Taptic engine, microphone, accelerometer and heart rate sensor as well as the crown.


*The Watch will naturally be benefited by the device-wide Siri improvements, Apple pay updates as well as the transit directions in Maps.


*The Watch will be able to play videos as well as – very exciting- the ability to make FaceTime Audio calls.


* The Watch will also have a bunch of different Watch faces to choose from, including iconic locations around the world shot over 24 hours and the user’s own photo albums. When you select an album, every time you raise your wrist a different photo form the album will show.


* Users will be able to add more than 12 friends and have the ability to send sketches in multiple colors.


* The Apple Watch will, with OS 2, come with Activation Lock which, as in iPhones, will prevent another user from wiping or activating the Apple Watch if it is lost or stolen.


WatchOS 2  will be available to the public in the fall alongside iOS 9 and will be FREE.







You wanna see some cool numbers? Yeah? Why not on this beautiful Warriors winning Sunday?


In just under 2 weeks you’ll be able to waltz on in with your cool self to any Apple retail store in the US of A and take home some Apple Watch candy!


As of June 26th, if you find yourself lusting after an Apple Watch whilst on holiday in Italy, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland or South Korea, you’ll be able to satisfy that lust in an Apple retail store there too!



The most imminent number to get excited about? Apple’s WWDC Keynote speech starts TOMORROW at 10am PDT! That’s…16 hours and 42 minutes away! Check out what to expect and how to watch it here!


We’ll also be publishing a detailed outline of all the goings on down there at San Francisco’s Moscone Center shortly after the keynote so make sure to get your good self back here if you’re unable to catch the main event!



…Go Warriors.


How many Apple Watches are being ordered daily?





Since orders for the Apple Watch began on April 10th this year, around 2.5 MILLION Apple watch’s have been ordered in the US alone. That’s a lot of wrists.


More than half the orders came on that day, with an estimated average of  30,000 orders being processed every day since then. Thirty thousand. Jeebus. The order numbers saw a rise around April 24th, when a lot of people started receiving their Apple Watches and splashing their shiny devices around town, and in recent days have seen a small decline in orders.


What does this mean?


These early sales are out pacing early sales of Apple’s most well known previous devices, the iPod, iPad and iPhone, making it a surefire early success in history’s (and investor’s) books. Whether or not that success will continue remains to be seen, however come June when the Apple Watch is said to be sold in physical retail stores, Apple should see a noticeable rise in sales, if only momentarily.




You’ll be able to buy an Apple Watch in-store in June!




Good news Apple Watch watchers! Tim Cook recently confirmed with employees at Apple China headquarters that beginning in June, customers will be able to purchase – and take home- their own shiny new Apple Watch from Apple retail stores in multiple countries around the world (including China).


Apple’s original online only purchasing system, was the first of it’s kind in the company’s history and was designed to smooth out the launch of the new device, however it was only ever going to last through May and is not indicative of how Apple will handle product launches in the future.



From the sauce, Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Sales: “We love our launches we do in stores, have absolutely no fear, this is a unique situation.”


There have been a couple of boutique stores around the world that have had the ability to sell the Apple Watch in their stores from the beginning, such as Maxfield in Los Angeles, California, which is the only retail location in the United States.


Come June, expect to see Apple retail stores roll out the Apple Watch to buy in-store, most likely beginning with the model with the least supply wait currently – the sport.