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Apple might have leaked a photo of the iPhone 6C!

Photoshop fail? Or accidental leak? You be the judge! There are currently photos on the Apple online store that seemingly show an iPhone that is yet to be released – an updated version of the iPhone 5C with a Touch ID (see below left).


iphon 6c


Apple is expected to announce a new line of updated iPhones, likely at WWDC which starts in San Francisco on June 8th. Within that line up it’s rumored that there will be an updated iPhone 6 (iPhone 6S), iPhone 6 + (iPhone 6S+), and a lower cost 4-inch iPhone, such as an updated iPhone 5C (iPhone 6C).


So is this proof of the existence of the iPhone 6C? Apple are yet to comment, and are not expected to, because, well, their Apple. Looks like we’ll have to wait a moment to find out!


If you’re wondering, that moment will take exactly 17 days, 14 hours, 7 minutes and 3 seconds from….now.




iPhone 5c future?



The iPhone 5C, having been recently pretty heavily discounted and which is now only offered in 8Gb, faces a pretty grim future looking ahead. This might be their last Christmas.




We know. Those colorful little guys are no cute and bouncy ( please n.b.  – not actually bouncy). But, according to Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times, production of the 5C will discontinue mid next year.


This, along with a report from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that the production of both the iPhone 4S AND the iPhone 5C will end in 2015, bodes badly for the little guys.


If you want to grab one before they disappear from the racks at Apple, they’re still available, 8GB option only, from $0 on a 2 year contract on Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, or $450 upfront unlocked. 



iPhone 5C is now only offered in 8GB!




Around the same time that Apple announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, something else happened quietly in the background to one of their recent iPhone models.


The iPhone 5C is now being offered only in one size – 8GB. Dun dUn DUN!


This size was not even offered as an original option for the iPhone 5C, (the options were 16GB and 32GB only) however earlier in the year Apple did release the 8GB model in 5 areas such as the UK and Australia – not the United States.


Now, if you take a look at the Apple store, you’ll find this is the only option available. This is something a lot of people may not be super happy about, considering how small 8GB feels like to some (most?), and especially considering it takes approximately 4.6 GB of free space just to upgrade an iPhone to iOS 8.


So, is this the beginning of the end to the iPhone 5C in the U.S.? It looks like it might be the case. If so, we’ll miss you, you colorful little guy. You were too cool for your own good.


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What’s the top selling Smartphone of the last 3 months?



A dude named T. Michael Walkley, an analyst over at Canaccord Genuity did some counting, as analysts do, and figured out the top selling Smart phone at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile for the months September, October and November of this year.


And the winner is?



The iPhone 5S!




Here’s the figures! (Via Appleinsider.)



Carrier Sales



The figures were following the same trend last year, with the iPhone 5 being the top selling smartphone of the last quarter of 2012, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S III, and then the iPhone 4 and 4S.


Yay iPhone 5S!




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Walmart & Best Buy Holiday sales feature price drops on iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S!

So, this Friday is Friday the 13th.



But don’t worry! Why not? Well, because the only things  you need to worry about Friday the 13th is avoiding ladders, black cats and ridiculous superstitions.


AND checking out Walmart’s Holiday Sale!


Included in their holiday sale is the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S! Whaaaa? Super awesome good luck! Take that unlucky Friday the 13th!


You can look forward to deals such as zeez:



The iPhone 5c will be offered at just $27 instead of the $99 price offered at Apple!

The iPhone 5S will be offered at $127 on a two year contract instead of the $199 price offered at Apple!

Also offered is a $50 gift card with the purchase of a $299 16 GB original iPad mini.



It all starts at 8AM on Friday, and runs through to December 24th!




Best Buy is now offering the iPhone 5S starting at $124.99 with 2 year activation! You can also get a $50 Best Buy gift card with the purchase of an iPad 2.


Did somebody say DEAL?








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Christmas Gift guide Part 3 – Tips & Tricks for buying tech this Christmas!





We told you we loved Christmas right? We also really like deals. Deals, tips, tricks, writlefifers, all of it. This is why we now proudly present the Christmas Gift Guide Part 3 – Tips & Tricks for buying Tech this Christmas!


( See our other Christmas Guides, Part 1 -Comprehensive Holiday Tech Gift Guide and Part 2 – The Really Really Expensive Gift Guide.)



According to Macrumors, Apple now has an official policy on price matching, which allows specialists to price match iPhones, iPads, and Macs, giving up to 10 percent off on products without authorization. Specialists are also allowed to give business customers up to 20% off a non-Apple accessory when purchased with an Apple product via special order.

Apple also has free shipping now through December 22nd.


If you’re thinking of buying that special someone a Smartphone this holiday season, you should get yourself along to Whistleblower – a fantastic tool that you can use to compare cell phone plans online, and see which one is best for your needs and your budget!


If you use Amazon ( and you should)  you should be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, they will price match on cell phones and televisions within 14 days of shipment of the product.  Click here to see the details. 


Amazon also offers 3-months of Amazon Prime Membership for free for parents & caregivers. This includes Free 2-day shipping on qualifying items, 30% off Select Diapers & Wipes which qualify for subscribe & save (15% discount + 15% S&S discount, an additional month of Amazon Prime for each $25 you spend on a single order (up to 1 year total of free prime) and exclusive e-mail discounts and offers.

Click here to check it out.



If you’re a college student you can also get free Prime membership for 6 months and only $39/year after that as well as a $5 credit for each friend you refer.  Click here to sign up.



College students should also click here to apply for Best Buy’s student discounts, all you need is your student email address ( must end in .edu). With this, you’ll save $50 on MacBooks and receive similar discounts in your email.



College students also save up to $200 off a MacBook with Apple’s education pricing.


You guys should definitely check out the refurbished products on the Apple special deals page here. You can find deals like the iPad Mini Wifi 64 Gb with a 1 year warranty for $419, 13 inch MacBook air for $849, or Apple TV for $75.


Target’s markdown day is usually Monday for electronics. Markdowns usually take place every two weeks and items will continue to be marked down every two weeks until sold or the discount reaches 75 percent. Markdown schedule’s might vary from store to store, so it won’t hurt to check.


You can get a bunch of sweet Mac applications all in one go from MacUpdate in corroboration with Macrumors. For only $39.99, the bundle includes 10 applications such as iStopMotion 3, Anonymiser, and Backblaze. All up it’s worth a cool $360 clams.  Click here to check out the deal.



And here’s a couple of specific deals you should check out:


iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display Smart Cover by Apple – 19.99 for blue, 14.99 for all others including Red. Free Shipping. Click here to see the deal. 


Pioneer A4 WiFi Speaker w/ AirPlay Streaming $80 + Free Shipping save $120! Check it out here.


Get a Apple 15.4″ MacBook Pro for $1549.99 with a discount and rebate at MacMall.



Happy dealing and Writlefifing and Merry Christmas!





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Virgin offering shiny new iPhones at shiny new prices!



Virgin Mobile USA, a subsiduary of Sprint Mobile, has begun selling the shiny new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C!



And here’s the extra good bit- the pre-paid brand are offering a$100 discount from the normal (unsubsidized) pricing!










The 16Gb phones will be available both online and in retail stores whilst the 32 GB and 64 GB iPhone 5s and 32GB iPhone 5c are only available at Virgin Mobile’s website.



As is to be expected, stock is somewhat limited, especially on the gold iPhone 5s and the yellow 16Gb iPhone 5C models.



Another Sprint subsidiary, Boost, is expected to be offering a similar deal in the weeks to come.



Yay for Virgin!



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Wait, how many new iPhones have been sold?!




Do you guys know how many polar bears there are in the world? C’mon we’re going somewhere with this, we promise.



It’s around 25 thousand. What about Penguins? You guys know much about penguins?



Well we got a few more of those cute bastards running around. Around 2 million.  Annnnd… how many pet birds in the United States?



That’s sitting at about 6 Million-ish.



Put all of that together, and now you have the number of iPhones Apple sold in the first three days of their release.









That’s right, Kanye. NINE MILLION Sheesh.



That’s like almost half of all Australians bought an iPhone. OR like, everyone in Slovenia bought 4 and  a bit. Last year in the same 3 day period, the iPhone 5 only ( ha, ‘only’) sold 5 million units.


iOS 7 has also been updated by 200 million users- doubling the rate that iOS 7 was adopted.


Here we have Tim Cook:


“This is our best iPhone launch yet — more than 9 million new iPhones sold — a new record for first weekend sales. The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible. And while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5S’s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone.”



He later went back on Twitter to say:  “Thanks to all our amazing customers for the fantastic weekend!”



Not surprisingly, Apple stock has jumped back up around $490.



Although Apple has not broken down the sales between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, the general consensus is that the iPhone 5S has far outsold the iPhone 5C worldwide – but that the cheaper model will start to catch up in time.



SO, Yay apple! You guys did good.






p.s. it was depressingly hard to find enough cool animals to compare to the sale of the new iPhones in 3 days. Sorry to sad out on you guys, but like, give a lion a dollar or something next time you see one.







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Guys! iOS 7 makes your phone waterproof!




But some people said it did, because some people are big jerks. Like the guys behind this fake out video.





It is possible to waterproof your iPhone, but not by updating the software. Apparently, some people believed the big jerks. If anyone knows these kids, pass them our number yeah? iPhone Antidote.










When will we get an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C sent in?



Last year we had a cracked screen iPhone 5 sent in two weeks after the release…. How long until we see an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5c??


It’s definitely going to be water damaged or cracked, and it’s definitely going to break someone’s little heart. The pain of a favorite shiny new gadget turned old and stinky in one little instant is a first world pain so many of us share.


The only thing we can do is give you some cash to take it off your hands, and some sympathy. Probably a neat little magnet or pen too.


With San Francisco company Square trade releasing smartphone durability testing results yesterday, and the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C coming in at a slightly worse score than the iPhone 5, we’re going to place our bets, hope it isn’t you, and predict 8 days until we pay someone CASHMONEY for a sad little iPhone 5S or 5C.


These durability tests also placed Samsung’s Galaxy S4 in right bam blam last place of the 5 smart phones that were tested, with the phone not even functioning by the end of the testing, with it’s screen half falling off.


So, be happy you ain’t an android kid, try not to drop your shiny new iPhone, and try not to be the first person to send us in a broken iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. Unless you want some kind of publicity. Like Kim Kardashian and her sex tape. Kind of. In that case – Here is where to start! 


And, we just decided. We’ll give an extra $10 payment to the person who sends in the first iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. Deal?




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