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How to Restore Your iPhone From a Backup

There are  a few cases in which being able to restore your iPhone can be a valuable thing to know. Take for example, if your iPhone was stolen, or you accidentally deleted a funny video off of your iPhone, or maybe you even accidentally erased the whole iPhone!  Either way,  it is pretty easy to restore your iPhone to its previous state provided that you made a backup (to learn how to create a backup see here).

Restore Your iPhone from a Backup


The First thing you’ll need to do is to plug your iPhone into the computer with your backup on it and turn on iTunes.


Secondly, in iTunes, under devices, find your iPhone.


Right click on this iPhone and click “Restore from Backup”.


Select the proper backup from the selection of previous backups and click ok.


iTunes will go through and restore your iPhone so that it is the exact state of your old iPhone.




How to Create a Backup of your iPhone

Save your iPhone Data - Backup Your iPhone


Although it is fairly easy to do, there are still a lot of people that would not entirely know how to create a backup of their iPhone.  Here is a quick guide in case you find yourself unsure of how to create a backup.

  •  Plug your iPhone or iPod into your computer
  • Load iTunes
  • Find your iPhone or iPod on the left side under the Devices section of iTunes
  • Right Click on your Device
  • Click Backup


This will create a manual backup of your iPhone or iPod which you can later use to restore your device.  This guide will work for iPhone’s, iPod’s and even iPad’s!



How to Put a Passcode on your iPhone

Put a Passcode on Your iPhone


Are people always messing with your iPhone? Or do you just want to make sure your data is safe in case you iPhone gets lost or stolen?  Either way, there are several different situation that making having a passcode on your iPhone a good idea.


With the iPhone, you are able to create a 4 digit passcode to prevent people from getting into your phone’s data.  To do this is simple, and there are also several options you may not have known about including:


  • The ability to have a complex multicharacter passcode
  • The ability to erase all data after 10 failed passcode attempts
  • The ability to require a passcode only after leaving the phone idle for a certain number of minutes.



Here is how you do it:


1)      In your iPhone, go to the “Settings” application

2)      Select “Passcode Lock”, it should be near the bottom of the screen.

3)      Select “Turn Passcode On”, it should be near the top of the screen.

4)      Enter in a 4 digit passcode, and then reenter it once more to confirm.

5)      Now you have a passcode on your iPhone!



In addition, you can add several options:



If you would like a complex password, combining both numbers and letters:


1)      Slide the “Simple Passcode” slider to say off.

2)      Enter in your old passcode

3)      Now you can enter any string of characters as your password.



If you would like your iPhone to only require a passcode after leaving it idle for a certain number of minutes:


1)      Select “Require Passcode: Immediately”

2)      Change to your preference of when you would like the passcode to be required, ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours.



And finally, if you would like your iPhone to erase all of its data in the case of 10 failed passcode attempts:


1)      Slide the “Erase Data” slider to say on.

2)      Confirm on the next page by clicking “Enable”


Be careful as in the case you were to forget your passcode and try 10 times, all of the data on your iPhone will be erased!  However, this can be particularly handy in case you were to get your iPhone lost or stolen and it had sensitive data on it.



And that’s how you put a passcode on your iPhone!