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iPhone 5S news





So, a dude over at Fox News, Clayton Morris, is saying that he knows some other dudes that know that the 5S will have a tracking sensor within the camera that will support gesture control. Gesture control- when you flip and flap your fingers over the device to control it, like from the Future.




This is actually a feature that is under Apple patent, but there is quite a lot of hesitation around this rumor, and if this feature will be appearing on this iPhone release, but we’ll just have to wait and see!


What is more likely is that the 5S will have an A7 chip- capable of giving the phone 31% more power. Always good! According to 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman, Apple has been testing 64 bit A7 chips for the possible inclusion in the 5S. This would mean much higher quality animation and graphics.


Sonny Dickson, the guy that posted a lot of leaked photos of the 5S and 5C has done it again, and this time with a fourth option for color for the 5S – graphite.



Another website- repair company Mendmyi- also posted photos of apparent leaked 5S parts that feature the graphite color.




TMONews has reported that T-Mobile has implemented blackout staff vacation dates between the 20th September and 22nd September – making the release date for the iPhone 5S very likely to land on September 20.


Aaaand that’s a wrap. For the next couple of hours, anyway.



Soooo freaking exciting!







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The iPhone 5c? Wha?

So here’s the juice, kids. Apparently, according to super secret sources, Apple will be introducing a cheap version of the iPhone named the iPhone 5C, with the C standing for color.




Although the idea of Apple releasing a cheaper version of the iPhone has been kicked around and  rumored for a reallllly long time, these rumors have ramped up recently suggesting that perhaps there may be a grain or more of truth to them!


Here’s what’s been making the rounds:


* Sonny Dickson, an Australian dude in the know leaked these photos of the alleged phone:





*This supports the rumor and earlier leaks that the iPhone 5C will come in a variety of colors, green, yellow, red and blue for starters, much like the iPod mini. Sonny Dickson also leaked this photo of the supposed volume buttons:



*The shell will be polycarbonate, slightly thicker, and will have rear curved edges.



*There is believed to be a single flash camera.


*Although there seems to be quite a lot of information leaked about the aesthetics and hardware of the iPhone 5C ( trustworthy or not is up to you to decide!), there has been in comparison hardly any information leaked about the software capabilities, except that the 5C will most likely not have Siri.


*The iPhone 5C is believed to be released either on September 10th with the iPhone 5S, or, if separately, by the end of the year. The price is believed to be in the $400 range before carrier subsidy.


*Gene Munster, an analyst from Piper Jaffray predicts that Apple will discontinue all iPhone device’s except for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.


That’s all we have for now, but we have a feeling we won’t have to wait for too long to discover the truth…. cos it’s out there. X-Files taught us that.




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What’s next for Apple?


2013 should bring some interesting moves from Apple, and these are already being rigorously debated by those who are in the position to do so, and those who aren’t.


As per usual with Apple, everything is a guessing game, and we are only at the mercy of the limited amount of information analysts pour through patent documents to discover or that which is leaked – purposefully or not.


Over the next couple of days we’ll be looking at and making predictions for everything coming up in the Apple world in 2013 – their release schedule, the possibility of new products, new updates to existing products, and how this will affect you, as a customer, and the industry as a whole.


There are people who say that after the very public lawsuit with Samsung, Apple (as well as other industry players) will be reticent to create anything unless it is completely new and revolutionary. In other words, we won’t see anything new released that might be seen to have been built on the technology of other products as that would only welcome more lawsuits, which is bad for not only the company but for the whole industry.


There are others that are adamant that this year, after an arguably lackluster year in 2012, Apple must impress the tech world and it’s fans with new products or surprising updates to current products if they want to stay relevant.


Who’s right?


We’re going to pick through all of the  predictions and rumors, educated guesses and outright optimistic hopes for Apple in 2013, and give you the best of all of it.  Stay tuned!!



Hands on with Leaked iPhone 5 Parts (Video)

iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

We got it!  A hands on Video of the iPhone 5 Frame!  The parts have been leaked and we are fairly confident that this is the actual iPhone 5 that will be released.  While This video does not contain the LCD screen, it is fairly easy to image how it would look.  Almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4/4S but with a slightly taller screen.  We have also heard word that the Front-facing camera will now be centered above the earpiece on the phone.


So to round up the details that are gone over in the video, it looks like we have a new, smaller dock connector, the headphone plugin has been moved to the bottom of the iPhone, the sim card tray is smaller, the iPhone is about half an inch taller, and it is made as one solid piece now (as opposed to the iPhone 4/4s which had two pieces for the midframe and back).


Pretty cool stuff we got here.  It is definitely going to be a clean looking phone, with a new, albeit slightly, form factor.


Check out the video below!



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Why the next iPhone won’t be an iPhone 5

The Next iPhone Won't be Called an iPhone 5


The new iPhone that is having an anticipated release of either this summer or early fall won’t be called the iPhone 5.  Here’s why:


The iPhone has had some rather peculiar names in its past when you really think about it.  The very first iPhone was simply called an iPhone.  This makes sense as it was the first of its kind.  But here is where the confusion comes in.  The next year, Apple released the new iPhone, which included the 3G network.  Rightfully so, they labeled this iPhone, the iPhone 3G.


From that point on, the iPhone naming scheme got a bit more complicated.  For some reason, the first iPhone can be referred to as both a 1G and 2G iPhone.  One referring to the network before 3G (and calling it 2G) and the other referring to the 1st Generation of iPhone (1G).


Then to make matters more confusing, for Apple’s next release (their third iPhone), they simply added an S to the name, to make it an iPhone 3GS.  At this point, the naming scheme started to make sense again.  Their 3rd iPhone actually had a 3 in the name (albeit so did the previous 2nd generation iPhone, the 3G).


Then Apple came out with the iPhone 4 in June of 2010.  Their 4th iPhone, released with the quite simple name iPhone 4.  It seemed like the naming/numbering scheme with iPhones would all fall back into place with this generation, and it would be simple to refer to iPhone’s by their generational number.  The 4th iPhone could be referred to as the 4G, and so on.


Everyone assumed that the 5th generation of iPhone would be called the iPhone 5.  But…  It wasn’t.  It was called the iPhone 4S.  So the 5th generation iPhone is called 4S.  Seems a bit confusing, but thats the way it is.


This next iPhone, however, won’t be called the iPhone 5.  It would be a mistake on Apple’s marketing to do such a failure of a name.  Why would you name the 6th iPhone, iPhone 5?!  Especially when they had the lead-up setup from the 2nd iPhone to skip a generation (since the iPhone 3G was actually the 2nd generation).


I predict that the new iPhone will be called something new.  There is potential that it will be called the iPhone 6, but given that there was no distinct “iPhone 5” released, I anticipate they will choose a new name, something likely without reliance on the numbering system.  A new name for the iPhone could come with something like iPhone X, although it is unlikely that Apple would choose that name given that Droid has already used it for their hardware.  iPhone Z?  Maybe they will go back to the basics, and call it something simple “The iPhone” or “The New iPhone”.  iPhone Air?   iPhone Mini?  iPhoneHD?  iPhone Chrome?


I guess well just have to wait and find out!

How to Restore Your iPhone From a Backup

There are  a few cases in which being able to restore your iPhone can be a valuable thing to know. Take for example, if your iPhone was stolen, or you accidentally deleted a funny video off of your iPhone, or maybe you even accidentally erased the whole iPhone!  Either way,  it is pretty easy to restore your iPhone to its previous state provided that you made a backup (to learn how to create a backup see here).

Restore Your iPhone from a Backup


The First thing you’ll need to do is to plug your iPhone into the computer with your backup on it and turn on iTunes.


Secondly, in iTunes, under devices, find your iPhone.


Right click on this iPhone and click “Restore from Backup”.


Select the proper backup from the selection of previous backups and click ok.


iTunes will go through and restore your iPhone so that it is the exact state of your old iPhone.




Erase Your iPhone and Restore to Factory Settings

There are a few different reasons why you may want to restore your iPhone to its factory settings.  One of the main reasons would be if you were selling the iPhone.  If you are selling your iPhone it is a good idea to erase all of your data to ensure data security.  When you sell your iPhone to the iPhone Antidote (see here), we securely erase all of the data, but some other companies or other methods of selling your iPhone may not be as secure.


Erase Your iPhone to Factory Settings


Follow the directions below to erase all of the data on your iPhone and restore it back to it’s factory settings.



First, turn your iPhone on and go to settings.


Next, go to General.


At the bottom of the General screen you should see an option for reset, click this.


Now click “Erase All Content and Settings


This will erase everything on your iPhone and restore it back to it’s factory settings.




Thanks for reading!

The iPhone Antidote – Now We Buy All Types of iPhones

Sell Your Old iPhone to the iPhone Antidote!


Up until recently, here at the iPhone Antidote we only purchased the iPhone 4.  Now we are excited to announce that we purchase all types of iPhones in ANY condition!  That means that no matter what kind of iPhone you have, we are willing to buy it!  It does not matter if it is used, broken, or even water damaged.  Heck, your iPhone 4 could be sitting in water right now and we would still be willing to pay $150 for it!


We have discussed earlier why it makes sense to upgrade your phone as soon as possible here (sometimes you can actually make money)!  So why not do it today?


Come give our site a look, and check out our newly updated quote section under the “Let’s Start” heading at the top of the page.


1)      Simply select the model of your iPhone and an instant quote will show up!

2)      Click “Let’s Do It!” located just under the quote, and fill in your shipping information.

3)      Click submit and a prepaid USPS Priority Mail PDF Label will download.

4)      Send your iPhone in using this label.  The label will work for any type of packaging, and works from anywhere in the United States.  Don’t worry about sending in the box or accessories, you can keep those if you would like.

5)      In just a couple of days you will be paid via check or paypal (your preference)!


With payouts up to $400, sell your old iPhone today!








Why it Makes Sense (Dollars) to Upgrade to the iPhone 4S

Upgrade to the iPhone 4S for free!


When people buy a new iPhone they usually sign a contract with one of the major carriers for 2 years. This means that they agree to continue to use their phone service for the next two years in exchange for receiving a discount on their phone. While most people hate contracts, chances are they will be using the same cell phone service for the next two years anyway, so in all honestly, it makes sense to sign the contract and get a good deal on a new phone (for the most part, you will have to sign a contract when you first sign up for cell service anyway).


After the original two years are up on the contract, or whenever they allow for a new upgrade, it makes sense to upgrade your phone.


To illustrate this point, let’s use some numbers. An iPhone 4S 16gb without a contract would cost $600 to buy, but most people would buy it with a two year contract instead and thus pay $200. This equals a $400 savings for using the two year contract, or $16.66 a month savings ($400/24) to stay on a contract with your carrier. So really, by staying on contract you are eligible for a $400 savings every two years.


When you think about it, you should always take advantage of this phone subsidy, as you will likely be staying with the same carrier anyway. Otherwise you are effectively losing $16.66 a month just to have the option to switch phone carriers. Sounds a little expensive!


Even if you did not have any interest in the new iPhone 4S, and you were happy using your old iPhone 4, it would still make sense to upgrade to the 4S and then sell it for the current market price of $600 and make $400, effectively converting your $16.66 a month savings to cash for staying on a contract with your carrier.


Additionally, if you wanted to upgrade to the 4S but you don’t really have the money to pay for the $200 to buy the new one, you could sell your old iPhone 4 to help pay for it. Used iPhones are usually worth a decent amount of money, and often even more than a new one on a contract would cost. For example, if you purchased the 16gb iPhone 4 in June 2010 you paid $200 for it and at the time of this writing, (November 2011, some 16 months later) a used iPhone 4 is still worth about $200. This means that you could sell your old iPhone 4 and have enough money to buy a new iPhone 4S! If you upgraded to the iPhone 4 in June 2010 you would already be eligible for an upgrade now, and that means that you could get the new iPhone 4S FOR FREE!