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iWatch very likely to be unveiled September 9Th!



Exciting Apple rumors have intensified today amongst those who have previously proven to be in the know, as well as others, leading many to believe that the long awaited and highly anticipated iWatch will indeed be unveiled alongside the new iPhone on September 9th.


Say Wahhhhhhat?


That’s right. The guys over at Re/Code and many others are saying that come September 9th, the world will be shown 2 new iPhones and – One more thing – The iWatch.


It is believed that although the iPhone will then be released to the public roughly 10 days later, the iWatch won’t be available until later this year or even early 2015 ( we personally think that it will be available in time for Christmas shopping, but we’ve been wrong before).


Click here to see what to expect from the iWatch, and stay tuned for more rumors as we hear them about the upcoming iPhone 6 models AND the iWatch!




iWatch mock up photo by Brett Jordan Via is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0