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$585 for a brand new MacBook Air? Here’s how.

Right now you can get a brand spanking new MacBook Air for as little as $585. We know, it’s the best deal we’ve ever seen, AND it’s from a triple stacked discount, which is all kinds of extra fun.


So here’s how you get it:


Best Buy currently has a $100 discount on all of the newest 2014 MacBook Air


This is awesome, but it only gets better once you combine that deal with the second deal that Best Buy is offering – if you have a valid .edu email address, you get an extra $150 off. 


This is what this means, broken down:


– 11.6″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 128GB SSD: $899. With the $100 Discount –  $799. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $649


– 11.6″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 256GB SSD: $1099. With the $100 Discount – $999. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $849


– 13.3″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 128GB SSD: $999. With the $100 Discount – $899. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $749.


– 13.3″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 256GB SSD: $1199. With the $100 Discount – $1099. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $949.




Would you like an extra 10% off that already heavily discounted price? Yeah?


Ok, here’s what you do. Go to your local post office. You’re looking for the Movers Coupon book. They’ll usually have them lying around, but if they don’t, you can ask them for one. They’re free, and inside you’ll find a coupon for 10% off any single purchase at Best Buy.


And yes, this further discount can be combined with the two discounts above. The only caveat is that in order to use the Movers Coupon you need to go in-store to make your purchase.


If you choose to take up the first two deals without the 10% Movers Coupon, you can make your purchase from the online Best Buy Store and shipping is free. The combined Best Buy deals will last until June 21, 2014. The $150 off deal for students lasts until July 12, 2014.



You’re welcome.




Want $10? Tell Your Friends about iPhone Antidote

Make Money Referring People to iPhone Antidote


Need a little bit of extra cash?  Start telling your friends about iPhone Antidote.  Here at if you send a friend to our website and they place an order, we will give YOU $10!


We buy any type of iPhone, in any condition, so as long as you have a friend that once owned an iPhone, you have a friend that could use our services.  We pay much more than the competition (sometimes two times as much!) and we are VeriSign and Better Business Bureau Accredited.  What’s even better is that our quotes are guaranteed!  So you don’t need to worry about sending your iPhone in, and then having us say that it’s really not worth as much as we previously quoted you.  We will pay you what we quoted, every time!


When your friend sends in their iPhone, just make sure they include your name and address, or even just your PayPal email address.  That’s it!  If your friend only includes your name, that is okay too!  We will just issue a check to your name, sent to his address (provided they did not include your address).  And when we receive the iPhone, we will pay you $10 for the referral and your friend his quote for his iPhone!  With payouts up to $500, iPhone Antidote is the obvious choice!


Now, how might you find some of your friends with old iPhone’s?  It’s simple!


1) Share our website on FaceBook (Don’t forget to tell them to include your name!)

2)Share our website on Twitter

3)Let your friends know in person when you see them

4)Ask your friends if they know anyone with an old or broken iPhone

5)Break people’s iPhone’s, and then ask them if they’d like to sell it

6)Wait at party’s to see if anyone has a broken iPhone (people at partys tend to.. uh.. drink a little bit… and tend to.. uh.. break their phones).

7)Create your own website that sends referrals to ours

8 )Walk down the street yelling “Sell Your iPhone with iPhone Antidote! I’ll give you $5 extra!” (and split the profits of $10)

9)Look for sad people, and ask them if they have a broken iPhone (and then make their day by telling them our ridiculously high payouts!)

10) Hang out at Best Buy or the AT&T store and wait for people that look like they are going to upgrade their iPhone’s


And we’re sure there are a ton of other ways to earn that $10 too!  The great thing is, we will keep on paying you no matter how many people you refer!  The possibilities are endless.  Get 10 people and we’ll pay you $100!  Why stop there?!  Get 100 people and we’ll pay you $1000!!


A Prepaid iPhone Coming Soon?

A Prepaid iPhone to be Released?

First came God, then Steve Jobs, then came the iPhone. We all know that the iPhone is an amazing and beautiful thing.



Whilst every little rumor heard about the next upgrade or new iPhone release is leapt on with glee, there is one part of the market that Apple needs to, and indeed may be looking into entering.


A huge percentage of the world, and an estimated 70 million Americans use pre-paid phone plans, (otherwise known as pay-as-you go), rather than what is the main billing/buying method here in the states, and Apple’s only official method -post-paid, or simply put- chain yourselves to a carrier for a few years, then, good consumer, you get an iphone.


The advantage of the post pay contract is that, yeah, you get a ‘free’ iPhone.  But it’s not really free is it? No matter how much you use your phone, you pay the same rate every month, it involves credit checks,  early termination fees are applicable, there is no discourse if you happen to lose your job or can’t pay the monthly fee anymore. Prepaid, is easy, you pay for what you use, and if you can’t afford it one month, well, you find out where the closest payphone is.


There were rumors last year, and continuing this year that Apple is looking at releasing a very basic iPhone specifically for the pre-paid market, but until then- there are still options.


But… surely you can’t expect us to pay for an iPhone outright? Right?


Yeah, you’re right. Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to drop a few hunnids to do this, there is a huge phone market on eBay. You can buy cheap second hand/as new iPhones everyday, or if you’re really smart, wait until just after the new release- everyone wants to get rid of their stinky old iPhone so they can get the new one.

Stinky old iPhone? It’s fine! eBay is a buyers market, and if you don’t get what you paid for you’ll be looked after. But most of the time, you get a great, recycled, as-new iPhone. It’s even environmentally friendly! Kind of.


Now to the tricky part. Most iPhone’s on eBay are going to be locked.  This means that you may not be able to use your previous carrier.


Insurmountable Problems? Nah.


Yes, most of the iPhones from the US on eBay are locked, but you always have the option of looking further afield-  find an international seller as they tend to have unlocked ones- think Hong-Kong, Australia, Greece.


Walmart now sells pre-paid Sim cards by StraightTalk. $45 a month unlimited voice and Data and No contract. If you have  picked up a locked iPhone, they also apparently even show you how to unlock it.

Verizon, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile also offer pre-paid sim packages for unlocked phones.


Another option is H2O Wireless’ iPhone unlimited plan. H2o offers 3 different plans ( $40/ month unlimited talk and text, $50/month unlimited talk, text and 250mb data or $60/month unlimited talk, text and 3G/4G.) and you don’t need to unlock your iPhone.


The great thing about this is that the technology becomes available to more people, and until Apple makes an iPhone that is cheap enough to become part of the pre-paid market- be smart, look at your options, and you can still have an iPhone, just on your own terms.

Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract With No Fee!

Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract without an Early Termination Fee

If you act soon you should be able to cancel your T-Mobile contract with no early termination fee (ETF).


As it turns out, T-Mobile recently introduced a limit on the amount of domestic off-network data (roaming data) whereas previously there was no limit.


What this means is that if you call into T-Mobile and cancel your service you should be able to actually cancel your service without paying an early termination fee.  Make sure you act fast however, as the service change happened at the end of February and there is only a limited time to call and cancel regarding the change in data plans.


Hope this helps out


Here is a link to a more in depth post on a forum

What to Do if You Drop Your iPhone in Water

The worst has happened.  Your iPhone has gotten wet, and as with all electronics and water, you fear the worst; your iPhone is broken.

Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

This horror story has happened too many times, but if your quick and on the ball, you can possibly prevent your iPhone from damage.  Follow the instructions below to help fix your water damaged iPhone before it is too late.

  • First, take your iPhone out of the water!


  • Turn your iPhone off immediately!  Water and electricity do not mix well, and if there is anything you can do to help preserve your iPhone it is to make sure it is off immediately.


  • If your iPhone fell in any type of salt water, beer, soft drinks or anything else, put your iPhone in fresh water to clean off any of the previous liquid.  A quick rinse should be fine, do not go overboardwith useless water damage.


  • Get a ziploc bag and put uncooked rice or silica gel in it (the packets that come in shoeboxes and beef jerky packets to keep them free of moisture) and place the iPhone and the rice/silica gel inside the plastic bag.


  • Keep your iPhone in this bag for 48 hours, or AT LEAST 24 hours.


  • Take your iPhone out and turn it back on.  Hopefully if you were fast enough your iPhone will work perfectly again!
Warning –  Do not test your iPhone immediately after the water damage has happened, you could damage your iPhone.


If you are electronics-savy you can unscrew some more of your iPhone.  Follow this guide here to take the back off your iPhone.  Unscrew as much as you are comfortable with and then put it in the bag with the rice/silica in step 4.


Good Luck, and remember, if you are not able to fix your water damaged iPhone you could always sell it to us at the iPhone Antidote here!

How to Replace Your Cracked iPhone 4 Back Glass

So you broke the back on your iPhone 4?  That is a bummer.  But don’t fret, it is not really as bad as it may seem.


With a couple of steps you can make your iPhone 4 or 4S look just like new again.


1) Go to and search iPhone 4 (or 4S) Back Glass.  You should be able to find them for around $15-20.  Make sure it includes screwdrivers.

2) Once you receive your new iPhone 4 Back Glass, go ahead and take the old glass off of your phone and swap to the new glass as shown below.

3) Now your iPhone looks just like new!



Repair Steps


a) Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone using the screwdriver that was included with your iPhone Back Glass (as shown below)

Fix Your iPhone Back Glass

b) Slide the back of the iPhone glass up towards the top of the iPhone, which will release the back off of the iPhone.

c) Place your new iPhone glass against the back of the iPhone where the old glass was located and slide it back down to lock it in place.

d) Using the screws you previously unscrewed, screw the new back glass back into place




How to Get Out of Your Sprint Contract without Paying an Early Termination Fee

Cancel Your Sprint Contract without an Early Termination Fee


Have you been itching to leave Sprint, but you are still on contract?  As it turns out, their terms and conditions have changed recently, and this may mean that you can get out of your Sprint cell phone contract without paying the dreaded early termination fee (or ETF).


This is applicable for people on family plans and have a discount applied on their account.  Basically what Sprint has done is that they have decided that only the first line of your family plan will be able to have a discount (not the additional plans), whereas previously, they did give this discount.  Since this discount will raise most people’s plans prices each month, there are opportunities to get out of your contract without paying the ETF.


Call the Sprint Consumerist Hotline (703-433-4401) and tell them that you would like to cancel your service because of the increase on your bill regarding your discount on your family plan lines.  Make sure to mention that since this is an increase of your bill on your contract, that you do not need to pay the early termination fee.  They should know about this, and if they do not, ask to speak to a manager.  This will be valid as long as they are made aware within 45 days of the change.  Make sure you have a new carrier to port your number to after you cancel your Sprint service.


Enjoy your savings and don’t worry about paying any of the dreaded ETF!


The iPhone Antidote – Now We Buy All Types of iPhones

Sell Your Old iPhone to the iPhone Antidote!


Up until recently, here at the iPhone Antidote we only purchased the iPhone 4.  Now we are excited to announce that we purchase all types of iPhones in ANY condition!  That means that no matter what kind of iPhone you have, we are willing to buy it!  It does not matter if it is used, broken, or even water damaged.  Heck, your iPhone 4 could be sitting in water right now and we would still be willing to pay $150 for it!


We have discussed earlier why it makes sense to upgrade your phone as soon as possible here (sometimes you can actually make money)!  So why not do it today?


Come give our site a look, and check out our newly updated quote section under the “Let’s Start” heading at the top of the page.


1)      Simply select the model of your iPhone and an instant quote will show up!

2)      Click “Let’s Do It!” located just under the quote, and fill in your shipping information.

3)      Click submit and a prepaid USPS Priority Mail PDF Label will download.

4)      Send your iPhone in using this label.  The label will work for any type of packaging, and works from anywhere in the United States.  Don’t worry about sending in the box or accessories, you can keep those if you would like.

5)      In just a couple of days you will be paid via check or paypal (your preference)!


With payouts up to $400, sell your old iPhone today!








Check Data and Cell Phone Usage for Overage

Don't Make it so You Have to Sell Your iPhone for Cash to Pay Your Bill!


Have you ever thought you might be a little over budget on your text or data usage for the month? It is easy to check and find out. And if you are actually over your plan for the month, don’t worry, just predate your bill with AT&T here. This can also be quite nice if you are worried about international or roaming usage, as this will show your limits as well as your actual usage.


In order to find out, simply take your phone and dial *3282# and click send. This triggers AT&T to send you a text message which will state the information regarding your plan. It specifies:


a) Your Next Billing Cycle Date
b) Data Usage
c) Text Message Usage
d) International/Roaming Data Usage
e) International Text Message Usage
f) Other Plan-Specific Information Regarding Your Phone Plan


That is it!  Enjoy!



How to Pre-Date your Phone Bill and Avoid Overages

Never Be Stressed About Cell Phone Overages Again!

Uh oh.  It happened.  You sent too many texts, used too much data, or called too many people.  Don’t worry, as long as you haven’t actually been billed for the usage, you can actually predate your bill with AT&T.


This can come in particularly handy if you are trying to “get by” with the smallest cell phone service package, if you are traveling and didn’t upgrade to an international or roaming package, or if you just happened to use your phone a little bit more than normal this month.


The process is surprisingly easy, but many people still don’t know that it is an option, and end up paying hundreds, even thousands, in overage fees (international data is billed at a staggering $20,000/GB as opposed to the normal $12.5/GB for domestic data).


First go to and login to your wireless account.  Then click “My AT&T” and then continue to “Wireless”.  At this point, if you are on a family plan, make sure that you are on the phone number that you want to change the rate plan for.  Click “Manage Features”.


Now you are able to select the features that you want to have on your account (or wished you had at the beginning of this billing period).  Choose the features which you want, and click continue at the bottom.


This brings you to a new page where you are asked to “Select an Effective/Expiration date”.  Now you have the option of three choices:


1) Backdate to the beginning of your billing period

            This is really great in case you are already over your limit for your bill.  This is the primary situation where you can save a considerable amount of money. Say goodbye to cell phone overages!


2) Make effective today

            If you know you are about to start using your phone more, or going traveling starting today, this is the option for you.


3) Future date to the next billing period

            This option is great for those who are well prepared, and don’t want to worry about going over in the future.  Unfortunately, you cannot choose a specific date for the features to be enacted, so you either need to future date it to the next billing period or wait until you actually need the features and choose “Make effective today”

Click confirm on the bottom of the page and that’s it!  Now you will never need to worry about pricey cell phone overages again!