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Why haven’t they made it so you can select all and un-capitalize things yet? Is it just us who starts typing without looKING AT WHAT THEY’RE DOING AND REALIZE HALFWAY THROUGH THAT THEY HAVE TO DELETE SOOOOOOO many words that are capitalized but should’t be? And you’re really not trying to yell in the middle of your work email/Facebook post/essay?


Well, look what we found:


That’s right. Just select the offending words, copy (Command+C), and then paste them into the input section. Click the uncapslock button and HEY PRESTO (I meant that) your words are un-capslocked! Just remember to re-capitalize the bit that are supposed to capitalized.


You’re welcome.







How to do a reverse google image search!



Ok, so say you’re trying to keep up with the MLB, (Major League Baseball, maybe you should know that much) and you know who you’re rooting for, obviously the San Francisco Giants, Duh, but then you want to know who they’re going to have to beat to get the the World Series. And you’re talking to someone about it and looking at a chart on the internet but then you realize you have no idea what team this guy represents:





But depending on who the person is, you might not want to look stupid and ask just who that guy is with his fancy looking beak and orange flair. SO WHAT DO YOU DO?


If you’re on a Mac, a double fingered click (or control+click) on the image in question will open a small separate menu. From here you can do a bunch of things such as save the image to your Mac, open it in a new tab/window, OR do a reverse Google image search, by clicking ‘Search Google for this image’. It will then open up a new page listing search results from that image.






* Go Giants.







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iPhone Tip Of The Day

This one’s for the walkers out there, you good honest souls you! When using maps in iOS 7, you have the option to choose walking directions as a dafault in settings, and to have Siri read you the directions turn- by- turn. Snazzy.


To set walking directions as your default, go to Settings>Maps. Scroll down to the Preferred Directions section and choose between walking and driving.


To ask Siri to give you prompted map directions whilst walking, tap the Directions button in the top left hand corner, select the walking icon at the top of the screen, enter your destination and then tap Route.


Interesting, (and some might say challenging), fact for you – Given that the world is about 25,000 miles in circumference and that the average walking rate is 3 miles per hour, it would take a person walking nonstop approximately 347 days to walk around the world.


Go to it!





iPhone Tip Of The Day! Camera Edition

If you’re like us, you use your iPhone camera a lot. Which is super handy and awesome, right, but sometimes there’s that little issue of lighting that can overexpose, underexpose, or just crappily expose your photos.


Here’s a handy tip for getting better lighting by using the Exposure and Focus Lock feature:



*Point the Camera at the lighting you want to use.

*Tap and hold to lock the exposure to those light conditions.

*Turn the phone to the object of your photographic attraction, taking the locked exposure with you.

*Shoot your photo as normal.



This feature is also be used to lock focus, so you can overcome weird depth issues as well by doing  exactly the same as above. And now, you, like us, can become just that little bit closer to shooting photos like a pro!


Sweet Bro!




How to take an extra 10% off any single purchase at Best Buy

Just in case you guys didn’t see it- yesterday we outlined how to get the best deal on a brand new MacBook Air that we’ve ever seen. 


One important part of getting that deal is something that we want to make sure everyone is aware of, because it can help you in so many more purchases in the future!


It’s the Best Buy 10% off any single item purchase coupon from the Movers Guide Coupon Book. This book is free, convenient, and anyone can get one. Just go to your local Post Office, if it’s not lying around, you can ask any one of the lovely USPS employees for one and they’ll get one for you, no problems.


Again, 10% off any single item purchase at Best Buy! We’ll bring you all the great deals on tech stuff that Best buy have in the future so you can combine and stack those discounts too!






iPhone Tip Of The Day!

Here at iPhone Antidote, our techies are often asked the question: What the hell is landscape mode good for apart from playing rad games?


In the Calendar app, the landscape mode gives you a much more detailed view of your schedule of events for the week. When you enter the app in portrait mode and see the monthly view, tilt your phone into landscape mode ( making sure the portrait orientation lock is off in the control center) and you will see a detailed display of your weekly schedule.







In the calculator app,  turning your phone onto landscape mode will allow you to use the scientific mode, you genius you. 







If you have an iPhone 4S or above, you can use the panorama feature in the Camera app in landscape mode to do a vertical panoramic photo- good for a beautiful starry night, views of/from tall places and dipping your toe into some abstract photography!


So there’s a few good reasons to start not totally ignoring the existence of landscape mode other than when you play games! And remember, if you guys have any questions about functionality on the iPhone, let us know and we’ll be SUPER EXCITED to help.





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iPhone Tip Of The Day!


Ever see a rockin’ photo on your iDevice whilst browsing that wonderful world wide web? Something like this?






Or this?





In Safari or Chrome, simply place your magic finger on the image, hold down for a moment, and you’ll be given an option to save the image to your iPhoto library. BAM! Now it’s yours to do anything with (that’s not commercial or against copyright or, you know, mean. Don’t be mean, guys.)


Now you can use it as your wallpaper, email it, print it out and hang it on your wall, or just look back at it fondly and wistfilly every now and then.


Like we do with this one:






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iPhone Tip Of The Day



You know that little suggested spelling box that comes up sometimes when you’re typing on your iPhone or iPad? And about 60% of the time you’re like, ‘oh hey little box, that’s cool, you’re totally right on how to spell that word, my bad, thanks for your assistance!’


But the other 40% of the time you’re like ‘agggh i know what i want to say little box and you’re totally wrong this time and my finger is too fat to touch that little stupid x of yours to make you go away!’


Well, actually, that 40% of the time? You can tap anywhere on the screen- except for the box- and it’ll go away.







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iPhone Tip Of The Day!





A nice easy tip for you guys on this lovely Saturday afternoon!  Taking a screenshot of anything on your iPhone or iPad screen can come in handy in a strangely large amount of situations – and can be used for good and evil! ( Our favorite type of tool!)


Simply press the home button at the same time as the sleep/wake button and you can take a picture of whatever is on your screen. The picture will then be saved in the photos app and can be uploaded to social media or sent over email or text!


Just promise you won’t use this information for tooo much evil!




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Broken wake/sleep button or home button? Here’s what to do!


Do you have an iPhone that has a broken wake/sleep or home button and it’s not covered under warranty?



We got you!


You have 2 options.


1. If you’re not ready to sell your beloved iPhone, or get it repaired for a silly amount of money, there’s a software solution for your broken buttons!


Go to Settings>Accessibility>Assisted Touch>Switch to On.


Now you’ll see a floating button on your iPhone screen that can act as both the wake/sleep button, volume buttons, and the home button. It can peform functions such as waking the device up, making it go to sleep, taking photos, screenshots, etc. It looks like this:




The other option?


2. Go to to sell your stupid broken iPhone with it’s stupid broken buttons to us for CASHMONEY in the easiest and fastest way ( in the known galaxy at least) and use that CASHMONEY to get a shiny new phone!


We like that option.





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