Top 20 Games for iOS by revenue & country!


Wanna know which iOS game app rules?


Yeah? Wanna know which iOS game app rules in which countries?


We got you!


… Or actually, a company called Newzoo has got you.


The following is their international top global app list for September 2013 ranked by revenue.


1. USA – Candy Crush Saga
2. Japan – Puzzle & Dragons
3. China – 我叫MT Online
4. United Kingdom – 神魔之塔
5. Australia – Candy Crush Saga
6. Canada – Candy Crush Saga
7. Germany – Clash Of Clans
8. France – Candy Crush Saga
9. Korea – 몬스터 길들이기 for Kakao
10. Taiwan – 神魔之塔
11. Russia – Clash Of Clans
12. Italy – Candy Crush Saga
13. Switzerland – Clash Of Clans
14. Hong Kong – 神魔之塔
15. Brazil – Candy Crush Saga
16. Singapore – Clash Of Clans
17. Sweden – Candy Crush Saga
18.Thailand – Candy Crush Saga
19. Spain – Candy Crush Saga
20. Netherlands – Candy Crush Saga


So, Candy Crush Saga, Huh? Definitely time to invest on whatever it is they’ve got going on over there! (The evil addictive awesome candy).





OR OR OR! Time to invent the next hottest game! Yeah!










Images courtesy of, Pinterest & Dailymail.

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