How much is your iPhone really worth?
What's my iPhone worth?
Have you ever wanted to know what your iPhone is worth? We created this tool to find an estimation of your iPhone's true worth. Now, just because your iPhone is "worth" this much doesn't necessarily mean you can sell it for this much. This tool is designed to find the value of your iPhone, with its box and accessories. This tool also does not factor in costs of selling your iPhone, like eBay Fees, PayPal Fees, Shipping & Insurance, Returns, the value of your box and accessories or the value of your time. We generally figure that those different fees add up to be about 20-30%.

If, on the other end, you wanted to know how much you should be paying to buy an iPhone in good condition, this is a pretty good tool (since usually all of the fees are on the seller's side).

About the Calculator
We here at iPhone Antidote designed this tool to help our customers and the general public out, and give a realistic, and current estimation of your iPhone's true worth. If this tool were KBB (Kelley's Blue Book for cars), the price listed would be the "Dealer Price". Take 20-30% off for the "Private Party" price. And an additionally 10-20% off for the "Dealer Trade-in Price" (Or Apple Trade-in Price).

We gather this data daily, and it is always updated at least once a day. Keep your eye on the figures to see how much the value of your iPhone changes over time.

At iPhone Antidote, we run a service which specializes in buying used and broken iPhones. While we generally do not pay as much as eBay or Craigslist, we take all of the guesswork out of the situation, and make it easy and convenient for you to sell your iPhone online without the hassle. All you need to do is tell us the type of iPhone you have, and then ship it to us and we pay you. It is that simple.

Our buyback service is especially nice if you have any heavy scratches, a cracked screen, or your iPhone does not even turn on. We buy iPhones in any condition, and we never require you to include the box or accessories. You never need to worry about paying postage, or getting a return. You don't need an eBay account and you don't need to meet up with someone in person. And you never need to worry about fraud. We have designed our service to be easy and safe, while still ensuring you get paid the big bucks!

But for those who are interested in selling their iPhone on eBay or Craigslist, this tool can be a helpful tool to show you how much they are really worth. Keep in mind, this number is a summation of the prices people PAID for iPhones. This means that, while people did pay this much to buy certain iPhones, there are still many fees to take out of this number.

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iPhone Antidote provides a fast an easy way to sell your iPhone online. Founded in 2011 by Ryan Wallace, iPhone Antidote has become the leading place to sell all types of iPhones. Prior to 2011, there were few ways to sell water damaged iPhones, or even to sell broken iPhones. With iPhone Antidote, you can find out what your iPhone is worth, and get paid in just a few minutes!

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What's Your iPhone Worth?

Sell my iPhone online?

What's my iPhone worth? Should I sell my iPhone 5 online? Avoid the pain and trouble of dealing with classified ads, or eBay. Sell your iPhone online to a company that has a reputable Better Business Bureau rating, and one that has verified reviews through a website like Reseller Ratings or Yelp. Whether you want to sell your iPhone 5, or you just need to sell a broken iPhone, iPhone Antidote is the trusted iPhone buyback.