Please take a look at the back of your iPhone 4S. In small text near the bottom is a model number. On the iPhone 4S, this model number is A1387, if it says a different model number, then you have an iPhone 4.

Please make sure to select the correct model, otherwise it will delay your payment as we will need to contact you.

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iPhone Antidote provides a fast an easy way to sell your iPhone online. Founded in 2011 by Ryan Wallace, iPhone Antidote has become the leading place to sell all types of iPhones. Prior to 2011, there were few ways to sell water damaged iPhones, or even to sell broken iPhones. With iPhone Antidote, you can find out what your iPhone is worth, and get paid in just a few minutes!

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What's my iPhone worth? Should I sell my iPhone online? Avoid the pain and trouble of dealing with classified ads, or eBay. Sell your iPhone online to a company that has a reputable Better Business Bureau rating, and one that has verified reviews through a website like Reseller Ratings or Yelp. Whether you want to sell your iPhone, or you just need to sell a broken iPhone, iPhone Antidote is the trusted iPhone buyback.