How to Scroll Up Fast on an iPhone

Tap the top of your iPhone to scroll up fast


So just a quick little post today.  Just wanted to let everyone know about a cool little feature that helps page usability on the iPhone.


If you are every scrolling down a long list or webpage on the iPhone (or other iDevice) there is a fairly simple way to scroll back up to the top of the page.


All you have to do is tap the top of the page on your iPhone.  Check it out in the image above to see what I mean.  All you need to do is tap where the arrow is pointing, and it will actually scroll the entire way back up to the top of the page.  This can be a real timesaver if your looking at a webpage that is seemingly endless.


Hope it helps some people!

How to Play Music while your iPhone is locked

Play Music on Your iPhone Lock Screen


Simple enough, but an awesome feature if you didn’t already know about it.  There is a relatively easy way to play music on your iPhone if it is on the locked screen.


Simply double click home (circular) button and a quick menu will pop up with the last song you were playing.  Simply press play, next or previous to start playing music!


Apple iPhone 5 to sport Liquidmetal casing: Reports

According to industry insiders’ iPhone 5, set to hit the market later this year will be sporting a ‘Liquidmetal’ casing—giving the next iPhone a sleek and much more robust look.


iPhone 5 going Liquidmetal?

iPhone 5: Apple looking forward to metallic glass

There are reports emerging that the next Apple iPhone is switching over to a casing of ‘metallic glasses’ better known as Liquidmetal, in an effort to cut down the thickness of the handset as also enhanced durability.


Well, this metallic glass developed by California Institute of Technology is no new; the amorphous metal alloy has been in commercial usage since 2003. After its wide application in boiler tubes, petroleum drills and sporting accessories like golf ball cores and tennis rackets it looks like a surety to make inroads into the iPhone casings too.


Apple following Sandisk: Casing to embrace Liquidmetal

You excited Apple’s gonna introduce a unique stuff in gadget world? Hold on guys, that’s not the case.

Sandisk has already been using Liquidmetal in their Cruzer Titanium Flash for a long time. Well, they are strong, sleek and sporting—no doubt about that. But there’s a catch! Owing to a mix of Titanium, zirconium, copper, nickel and niobium, Liquidmetal posses a unique property of holding elastic energy—it exhibits bouncing effect. The implication is simple, it’s hard and durable for sure, but while dropped it may lead to bouncing of the iPhone–multiplying the chances of a shattered display.


But guys, Apple has surely taken note of that too. Perhaps, it not the durability of Liquidmetal that has got Apple engineers interested—rather it’s the high strength-weight ratio that have caught their eyes. Apple Inc. have secured the exclusive license to use Liquidmetal in consumer electronics (Swatch held the same for timepieces)—there’s must have enough reason to make the investment.

What’s your take on Liquidmetal iPhone casing? Feel free to drop in your thoughts.

You thought a passcode on your iPhone 4S was enough?

Siri Could Make Your iPhone Insecure



So as it turns out, the incredible Siri may have some drawbacks you may not have known about.  Currently, there is a bug on the iPhone 4S, which actually allows for people to still use some parts of your iPhone even with a passcode on it!


Essentially how this works is that even though your iPhone is locked with a passcode, you can still access Siri, and thus are still able to use some aspects of the iPhone.  For most people it is probably not that big of a deal, but if you were to lose your iPhone or have it stolen, that might not be the case.


It is simple enough to change your settings to prevent Siri from being accessed while your iPhone is locked, we’ll go through these settings below.

1) Get Your iPhone

2) Go into the Settings App

3) Choose General

4) Choose Passcode

5) Turn Siri to Off.


That’s it!  Your iPhone should be nice and secure now!



Apple posts record numbers for Q2 2012

Apple Posted Amazing Earnings for Q2 2012


Apple announced today their Q2 2012 earnings this year and they most certainly did not disappoint.  They posted a quarterly revenue of $39.2 billion and quarterly net profit of $11.6 billion.  This is nearly double their Q2 2011 earnings of $24.7 billion of revenues and and $6.0 billion of net profit.


During this quarter, which ended March 31st, 2012, Apple sold an impressive 35.1 million iPhones and an incredible 11.8 million iPads.  Even more impressive is that the new iPad was only available for sale for roughly 2 weeks of the quarter.  That’s nearly 350,000 iPhones sold per day!


While their Mac and iPod categories saw less strength, they were more than held up by their iPhone and iPad sales which continue to dominate the market.  If we see more of this in the future, Apple will surely begin to tower over the competition.


The iPhone 5 – Release and Specifications Rumors

Some Possible Specs for the new iPhone 5


Listed above in this graphic we made are some of the most prevalent iPhone 5 rumors that we could find out there.  Some ideas may have seemed pretty obvious like a possible larger screen or a new revised form factor for the iPhone 5.  Additionally, it is quite likely we will see either a June or October release date.  Apple has followed this in the past, and it seems likely that they would do the same for the iPhone 5.


In line with previous iPhone releases, it would make sense to see the iPhone 5 have a new upgraded 128GB model.  This would increase the size from the current maximum of the 64GB model.  With the passed two iPhone releases both having 720P video, it seems like it would be time to upgrade to the highly anticipated 1080P, Full HD, video recording to stay competitive against other smart phones in the industry.


While the iPhone 4S saw an upgrade to the processor, it is still quite possible that we will see an even faster processor in the upcoming iPhone 5 release, although it is more likely we will see some of the other features mentioned first.  Same deal with the camera, while the iPhone 4S saw an improvement in camera quality, the iPhone 5 could add a few megapixels for an even stronger release, likely upgrading to 10MP.


Recently, new rumors regarding an in-cell touchscreen for the iPhone have been anounced, leading to speculation that the new iPhone could be slightly thinner than previous generations, making this the thinnest iPhone yet!  Finally, there have been leaked images of iPhone 5 replacement home buttons, which show that the iPhone 5 will have a different body than previous generations (although the home button will actually appear the same).


That’s it for now, but stay tuned for all the newest updates with regard to the new iPhone 5!

How to go about Selling an iPhone

How to Start Selling an iPhone

Many people nowadays are looking to upgrade iPhones.  If you are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4S, or maybe even upgrade to the iPhone 5 once it is released, you are probably going to want to start thinking about selling an iPhone.


Once you upgrade your iPhone you can worry about how to sell your iPhone 4.  Selling an iPhone can prove to be very valuable, because often times they are worth quite a bit more than you would expect.  Often times, when you sell an old iPhone, you can get nearly the same amount of money as your new iPhone would cost.  Thus resulting in a free iPhone upgrade, or an iPhone trade-in where you sell your old iPhone in return for upgrading your iPhone for free!


There are many different ways you can sell your iPhone.  If you are thinking about selling an iPhone in person, it may be best to check to see if any of your friends are interested in purchasing it.  It could help them (by letting them get an off-contract iPhone) and help you (by getting money, of course!).


If you are looking to sell your iPhone online, it could be a little trickier.  There are websites like Craigslist and eBay, both of which are great websites, but they both have negative aspects as well.  One of the major negative aspects of selling an iPhone on Craigslist is that you have to meet up with a person and exchange a high value item.  This could be dangerous since some people may not be as honest, and even if not, it could just be a somewhat stressful experience.  You could also sell your iPhone on eBay, which is a really great resource, but it too can have some negative aspects.  iPhone sales on eBay tend to have a general amount of fraud associated with them, and unless you have a prominent eBay account, it could be hard to sell the iPhone online.


Now, however, there is another choice if you would like to upgrade your iPhone by selling your iPhone.  The iPhone Antidote is a trustworthy website which will buy your iPhone.  We buy iPhone’s no matter what the condition.  You can sell your iPhone 4 regardless of the condition.  Even if its in the condition “iPhone 4 water damage“, the iPhone Antidote will buy it!


If you want to start by selling an iPhone today go ahead and check out how much you can get paid today!  The iPhone Antidote even has payouts up to $400, check it out here





Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract With No Fee!

Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract without an Early Termination Fee

If you act soon you should be able to cancel your T-Mobile contract with no early termination fee (ETF).


As it turns out, T-Mobile recently introduced a limit on the amount of domestic off-network data (roaming data) whereas previously there was no limit.


What this means is that if you call into T-Mobile and cancel your service you should be able to actually cancel your service without paying an early termination fee.  Make sure you act fast however, as the service change happened at the end of February and there is only a limited time to call and cancel regarding the change in data plans.


Hope this helps out


Here is a link to a more in depth post on a forum

AT&T Will Unlock Your iPhone if You are Off Contract!

Unlock Your iPhone



AT&T will now finally allow you to unlock your iPhone starting today.  This is a really great change for anyone that is currently using AT&T as their service provider and has had their iPhone long enough that they are off contract (essentially eligible for an upgrade).


Having an unlocked iPhone is great for several reasons.  One of the biggest being that the iPhone is actually worth more than a “locked” iPhone.  So if you were to sell your iPhone, you would likely be able to get more money for selling your iPhone.  Additionally, you will have the availability to switch carriers to another GSM carrier such as T-Mobile.  And another final benefit that is great is the availability to use your iPhone in different countries with local carriers (previously you would need to use AT&T as your sole service provider which would be much more expensive).


You can unlock your iPhone at an AT&T store, or even via online chat.  The only information that you need to unlock your iPhone is your IMEI number which is located in Settings -> General -> About  on your iPhone.


Once you have finished the process, Apple actually emails the unlock code for your iPhone to your email address.  Then simply unlock your iPhone using the code!


Should be really valuable for a lot of people!  Hope this helps!