Awesome Sneak Peaks of iPhone 5 (3D Images)

iPhone 5 in White

Today, we’ve got some really excellent models of the iPhone 5 that have been drawn up.  This is exactly how we imagine the iPhone 5 will look and given that several parts have been leaked, it seems like they match this quite well and it is highly likely the iPhone will be almost exactly the same as these models.

Looks pretty sharp in our opinion.  As you can see, the screen is just a tad longer, bringing the display to about 4″ with a full 16×9 view for movies.  Additionally, there is the new smaller dock port on the bottom, next to the headphone port which has been relocated from the top of the iPhone to the bottom.  Other than that it looks pretty similar to the last model of iPhone with the exception of the metal back as opposed to the previous glass backing (which tended to crack).

Overall, we’re pretty excited!

iPhone 5 in White
iPhone 5 in White
iPhone 5 in Black
iPhone 5 in Black
iPhone 5 in Black
Via 9to5Mac

Hands on with Leaked iPhone 5 Parts (Video)

iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

We got it!  A hands on Video of the iPhone 5 Frame!  The parts have been leaked and we are fairly confident that this is the actual iPhone 5 that will be released.  While This video does not contain the LCD screen, it is fairly easy to image how it would look.  Almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4/4S but with a slightly taller screen.  We have also heard word that the Front-facing camera will now be centered above the earpiece on the phone.


So to round up the details that are gone over in the video, it looks like we have a new, smaller dock connector, the headphone plugin has been moved to the bottom of the iPhone, the sim card tray is smaller, the iPhone is about half an inch taller, and it is made as one solid piece now (as opposed to the iPhone 4/4s which had two pieces for the midframe and back).


Pretty cool stuff we got here.  It is definitely going to be a clean looking phone, with a new, albeit slightly, form factor.


Check out the video below!



(Via ETrade Supple)


Not All iPhone Cases Are Created Equal

A Projector Case for an iPhone?!

The best way to cover up your precious iPhone, useful, protective, beautiful.

1.Pico Genie A100

All the tech heads I know are far more excited about projector technology over TV technology. Please step forward, the Pico Genie. This is an iPhone case, yes, but it also has a built in pico projector, extended battery and external speakers for your iPhone. Project your favorite movies, photos, anything on your iPhone onto an available wall and have yourself your own little cinema experience. Amazing. Seemingly only available for sale in the UK for the moment, you can order it online for around $392


2.Opena Case

The worlds first iPhone case with a slide out bottle opener. Get in. As their slogan says, ‘How about a beer with your iPhone?’ Uh, yes please? Free standard shipping, available in black or white. $39.95


3. Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty

This is if you are not only the ultimate clutz, but everyone around you is too. This case passed military endurance testing ( tested to meet or exceed US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810 and UK Department of Defense Def-Stan 00-35 through an independent testing procedure). This is some secure stuff. Drop your iPhone, throw it against a wall, leave it in the rain, sandstorm, duststorm, stamp on it in frustration- this case will protect it. $49.9



Rihanna has one. Enough? No? This is an iPhone case that has a knuckleduster attached. To keep it attached to your fingers, mind. And look badass. Silver and shiny and pretty in a totally awesome way. $99.00


5. Proporta Amphibian iPhone Case

Lucky enough to be scuba diving? Snorkeling, in a pool? This is for you. Go on, make us all jealous. You can make and receive calls and take photos underwater, and it’s not some weird baggy thing, it’s a case. The Proporta Amphibian makes your iPhone 100% guaranteed waterproof to 3 metres (9 feet) underwater. $33.00


Honourable Mentions: There are two honourable mentions, for both being amazing technology, but also for not being available quite yet. The Nissan Scratch Shield and Magnifi. One is very useful and very cool, the other is very, very cool, but perhaps only useful to so many iPhone users.


The Nissan Scratch shield is a protective, self-healing iphone case. Nissan says that a small graze can heal within an hour while deeper cuts could take up to a week to fix. What?? The case is not on the market yet- but will be on sale in North America very soon.


Magnifi is another kickstarter project and is the world’s first universal photoadapter case for the iPhone. It connects the camera on your iPhone to your favorite optical instrument, allowing you to take pictures and video through the eyepiece. This includes binoculars, microscopes, telescopes and almost anything else with an eyepiece. Available soon.

App of the day – Rat Builder ( Game ) Free.

App of the Day - Rat Builder


Careful kids, as innocent as this looks, this game app is very, very addictive. Prepare for one worded conversations and impatience with the world around you for distracting you and making you stuff up that one vital box landing.


An incredibly simple idea. A box swings on the end of a rope and you must tell it when to drop so that it will stack perfectly onto the box waiting below. Then comes another differently sized box. And another. The speed of the swinging rope increases as you move up the levels, gaining points. There are a few tricks ( seen as dropping icons that you must touch, making sure you catch them otherwise you will let a box go when you’re not ready- catastrophe!). Four bad landings and you’re out, and so sad. So you try again. And again, and again, and again