Apple has hired a new dude!


Apple has hired a new dude to be Vice President of Technologies.


Kevin Lynch, previously Chief Technology Officer of Adobe, has created quite a buzz in his new position- primarily because, in his role at Adobe, he clashed quite publically with Apple and specifically Steve Jobs over his product, Adobe Flash, with Jobs writing a whole essay about it in 2010 criticizing almost every part of its performance.


Kevin Lynch fought back, defending flash, even going as far as to accuse Apple of having a philosophy counter to the web.


And then, well, Flash didn’t do so well, in particular in comparison to Apple’s iOS. And now, only three years later, Apple has lured Lynch away in a move that has left many puzzled.


It was, of course, part of his job to defend his product, especially publically, and he does have a tech history that is somewhat intertwined with Apple, and proves that he has a good, solid employment history and work ethic.


So, time will only tell if Apple has chosen well in this latest hire- and despite the criticisms out there, we here at iPhone Antidote only wish the best for the match

New Apple Patent published!


Interesting news!
Apple has lodged a new patent with the US Patent and Technology office, which was published by them on March 21, 2013. This new patent reveals a range of new protective mechanisms they have invented in order to prevent any of their iDevices cracking or breaking when dropped.


The range of unprecedented measures include a protective mechanism that uses a sensor to detect when the device is in free fall and changes the device’s position in the air by changing the center of mass- so that a less vital part of the phone will hit the ground first.


Also included is an automatic battery ejection to change the angle of the device mid-fall to minimize damage and gripping members that expand during free-fall to hold on to headphones or power cords, and even slow down the fall.


These are only a few of the many mechanisms patented by Apple to protect their device’s and it is still early stages but it is news that will be welcomed by many a poor Apple user whose heart has been broken by a cracked or broken iDevice!


Until that comes around, if you are one of the heartbroken, send it in to us! We’ll pay you some cold hard cash for that stinky broken iDevice so you can go buy another one and cure that broken heart!

Big news for T-Mobile!


T-Mobile, the fourth biggest mobile phone carrier, will soon be selling Apple products and as part of it’s new ‘Uncarrier’ model, will soon be the only carrier in the US to not offer contracts.


This means that T-mobile will be scrapping the device subsidy 2 year contract deal that all the other carriers offer and as an existing customer you can come off your contract as it expires, or even apparently end your contract without being subjected to early termination fees.


As a new customer you have the option to buy your chosen device ( iPhone of course ) out right or use an installment plan, essentially separating the cost of the device from the cost of a plan.


Whilst we here at iPhone Antidote believe this is excellent news, and a great way for T-Mobile to distinguish itself from the other carriers, we are also thinking about the possible effect this move might have on the future of phone Carriers in the US.


Other countries have both on and off contract plans available and it has often times driven the competition within the phone industry to previously unseen levels. It also gives customers more freedom of choice and of what exactly they are paying for.


Will T-mobiles unprecedented move into no contracts be the beginning of a new chapter within the US phone carrier market? Time will tell, and until then, yay for another carrier selling Apple!

Progress on the campaign against the ban on unlocking phones


Some good news today-


The ‘We the People’ protest campaign against the banning of unlocking phones has been somewhat successful, in that it has garnered the amount of signatures required in order to receive an official response from the Whitehouse. The response, as with all official responses to ‘We The People’ campaigns will come in a ‘timely fashion’, so until then, we wait.


Or do we? Even better than the recognition  and hope that comes with an official response – the campaign has caught the attention of the Chairman of the FCC- the Federal Communications Commission.


Although the Chairman, Julius Genachowski, is not wholly aware of what authority he has in the matter, he is very concerned that the ban ‘ raises competition concerns, raises innovation concerns’ and will be looking into reversing the ban if possible.


This is an ongoing issue that we will keep you up to date on!!