Walmart expanding Scan & Go iPhone shopping technology


Walmart are expanding their Scan & Go self checkout to a further 200 stores from the 70 they have currently. This means 12 more cities  (See below) will be getting the new technology that allows you to scan your items with your iPhone and pay for them at self-checkout counters.


This expansion to 200 stores is a sure sign of positive customer feedback, especially as the program has only been up and running since late 2012, starting in its home office in Bentonville, Arkansas.


If the payment option continues to give customers a positive shopping experience, the roll out to more markets will continue, confirmed Gibu Thomas, senior vice president of mobile and digital at Walmart Global eCommerce.


The new cities that will now use the Scan & Go technology are:

Denver, Phoenix, Omaha, Dallas and Austin, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Wyoming, Bozeman, Seattle, San Jose and Portland.


Happy shopping!

The Great Smart Watch Battle of 2013


With reports from the Financial times that Google is making a smart watch, and Bloomberg reports that Samsung has confirmed that they are making a smart watch, it looks like there will be a battle ahead between the three giants, Samsung, Google and Apple.


Although all three are believed to be set for release later this year, no real particulars have been given yet by any of the three companies regarding price, features or a specific release date.


Sources have said that one hundred product designers are working on the Apple version of the smart watch, which will reportedly have curved glass, mapping functionality and will run a full version of iOS.


On the other hand, Google’s smartphone will reportedly be an extension of a smartphone using the android system.


This will actually be Samsung’s third attempt at a smart watch, with the first two being devices being stand alone, which begs the question, what about this third attempt?


Although there are already some companies such as Sony and Pebble selling smart watches, we are especially eagerly anticipating the release of a version from Samsung, Google and Apple.


And our bet is on Apple to win the great smart watch battle of 2013! ( D’uh)



iPhone 5s Rumors


There are rumors abounding the Internet right now reinforcing what has been previously said about the new iPhone being released in Late June or July of this year.


According to sources, the components for the new iPhone will be shipped at the end of May, just in time, we’re figuring, for a release after it’s official announcement by Apple at the World Wide Developers Conference.


These sources also say that following on from what they have seen and heard, they predict that the new phone will not be an iPhone 6 or hugely enhanced in any kind of surprising way, rather an iPhone 5S with a higher end processer, better camera and the possibility of a fingerprint sensor.


We’ll keep you up to date with all the rumors and predictions from tech analysts and secret sources as soon as we hear of them- the momentum is building!