$50 off Apple Watch with iPhone purchase? Yes!

Do you live in Cali or Massachusetts? Looking at buying a new iPhone soon? Maybe an Apple Watch as well? Maybe even getting in on some early Christmas shopping (go you good thing)? Well we have some good news for you!


Beginning today, October 30th, running through to November 15th, Apple is running a promotion giving customers $50 off an Apple Watch when they buy any new iPhone. This promotion is only valid in-store, and doesn’t include the Apple Watch Edition or Apple Watch Hermes models.


The promotion is available only at participating stores, which include Burlingame, Chestnut Street, Corte Madera, Hillsdale, San Francisco and Stonestown in the Bay Area, and Boylston Street, Burlington, CambridgeSide and Chestnut Hill in the Boston metro area.



Merry Christmas!! /Halloween.


Oh and, guys? If you like the sound of this promotion and can think of some lucky peeps in your life deserving of some lush Apple goods but need some extra cash to make the transaction, we can help you out!


Send in any old, stinky, water/beer damaged, broken or used iPhone and we’ll send you some cash! What can we say, we like helping.





iPad Pro available soon!

How soon is soon? November 11th you guys!  SO soon!


That slick big screened basta*d, the iPad Pro will go on sale both online and in-store beginning Wednesday November 11th. There is a possibility that there will be pre-ordering available, however this has not been confirmed by Apple.


You will also be able to pick up those sexy accessories come the 11th, the Apple Pencil and the Apple Smart Keyboard.


Al in all, you’re looking at $799 for the 32GB WI-Fi only iPad Pro, all the way up to $1079 for the 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model, as well as $99 for the Pencil, and $169 for the Keyboard.


Will you be purchasing an iPad Pro?






Deals Of The Week Thursday!

currency_dollar green





<Insert ghost wooo noise here>


*First off, and most appropriately, you guys should totally rent ‘It Follows’ (HD Rental) for just $0.99. Because it’s Halloween. And It Follows.



*Not as scary but still a great deal… At Staples.com, get $10 Off Your Purchase of $75 or more when you click on the “Add to Cart” button to automatically add the offer code to your order.

Offer valid online only through October 31, 2015. Limit one coupon per customer.

ALSO! Staples Stores is offering 25% Off one regular-price item when you click on the “Print Coupon” button to print your printable coupon.



*From the good people at Groupon, get yourself a spooky 1-Year Sam’s Club Membership AND a freakin’ FREE rotisserie chicken!




* You know what’s terrifying? The deals at Best Buy! (oh boy) Best Buy.com has Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Uncharted + Destiny The Taken King Console Bundle for $349.99. Shipping is free.

BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE: Amazon.com also has Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Uncharted + Destiny The Taken King Console Bundle for $349.99. Shipping is free.





*Are you a Discovery card holder?  Spent more than $30 at Kohls before? WOOP! You just got an extra $10 to spend on candy son! Simply do the following:

Download the Kohls app & login on your mobile with your Kohls account. Login to Discover card online account from your Desktop/Laptop. Go to Discover Deal & search for Kohls. You will find $10 off $30 purchase, open it and you will find a barcode. Scan it using your Kohls wallet. BOOM! A $10 Kohls cash will be added to your Kohls account.




*eBay Gift Cards are on sale at Target.com! : Buy a $100 Gift Card for just $95, or a $50 Gift Card for $47.50.





*Canon.com is offering 15% Off Refurbished Canon Cameras & Lenses when you apply promotion code JACKOLANTERN during checkout. Overnight Shipping is free with promo code ONEPAL.WOOT.




*Now imagine yourself, come Halloween night, sitting in a corner or your porch/balcony/street corner, watching the children collect their candy, reciting The Raven, and sipping on some scotch whiskey. Sound awesome? If so, get yourself to Costco and get Glenlivet 12 Year Old Scotch for as low as a crazy $19.99.


Prices will vary between stores, as the low price is due to a dollar point manufacturer rebate. So depending on how low the original price was in your local Costco, the sale price will vary on that.




Oh and you guys? Totally watch It Follows. It’s great. And, come Halloween night, if someone comes rapping at your door, remember:


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more.”




*spoiler alert.


Hey Siri… You so silly! Wednesday edition.

Siri is awesome and knows everything, right? Except when verrry sometimes she doesn’t, and it’s either stupidly frustrating or stupidly funny…


Like this, for instance:





Or this:






Oh how we wish we could be there when that person who takes Siri for real literally goes to Slovenia, orders a beer, and then thanks the server by tell her that he was ‘ Just doing my job’.


I feel a reality TV show coming on…



HEY GUYS!!!! Send us examples of Silly Things Siri Says when you see them! We’ll give you love and possibly some kind of magical unicorn flavored incentive….






Apple to start selling Apple TV 4 in store on Friday !





You know it!


So do Apple. Apple began accepting pre-orders for the device this past Monday, but if you aren’t a pre-order type of guy or gal, then you might wanna listen up. This coming Friday October 30, you’ll be able to pick up your very own shiny device at an Apple retail store.





This hasn’t been totally confirmed as of yet however it seems very very likely.


If you are a pre-order type of humanoid, and you like your one day shipping, then you can be getting ready to smile all day at your shiny new device on Friday too!


If you pre-ordered through Best Buy, you can pick up your device in-store come November 4th.


The new Apple TV is available in 32Gb for $149 and 64GB for $199.





Everyone loves Bill Hader

Damn right they do!


That’s why Apple are again using his quality comedic… qualities… this time in their latest iPhone 6s Ad. This one is all about Siri, and the ‘Hey Siri’ feature.


Watch it below! And sign us up for that most excellent looking sandwich while you’re at it.








Are you a Basketball fan? Have a Samsung Gear VR Headset? THIS IS FOR YOU!



We’re talking BASKETBALL! The Warrior’s season opener begins tonight at 7:30PM PST, with last year’s CHAMPIONS Golden State Warriors gearing up to play the Pelicans at Oracle Arena.


If you’re unable to get to the game, but are still super excited to watch, AND you have access to a Samsung Gear VR headset – we have some really exciting news for you. Partnering with Turner Sports and NextVR, the NBA will be live-streaming tonight’s season opener in virtual reality. WHAT.


With camera’s positioned strategically around the arena capturing all the live action in real time, you can pretend you’re right there courtside all while sitting in the comfort of your living room.



To quote Mr. Macklemore – Oooh, it’s too real!



The Sacramento Kings have already been in the VR Basketball game (so to speak), streaming two pre-season games, but this will be the first live professional sports game readily available to fans in VR.



Access to the game in Virtual Reality will be through the NextVR app that you can get through Oculus Home. They’ve developed what they call a “lens-to-lens system” for capturing the VR in broadcast quality. If you already have the app, make sure you update it before the game.



Also, watch out for The Kings on Wednesday who are also scheduled to stream their own season opener live in VR.



If you don’t have the Samsung Gear VR, don’t be too dismayed. The Kings are working with VR technology company Voke to make their stream platform available on any VR platform, not just GearVR. You can get Google Cardboard helllla cheap! 



Here’s to only watching sports courtside or virtually courtside from now on!


New Apple videos!

Happy Tuesday! Guess what? It’s not Monday anymore! Here’s some Apple videos to celebrate AND procrastinate with. We’re so helpful.


iPhone 6S Crush. ‘Hey Siri’- starring everyone’s favorite Foxx… Jamie.






iPhone 6s 3D Touch





iPhone 6s – The Camera.





And our favorite – iPhone 6s – Half Court starring a half-court shot made by Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Aahhhhh!








IBM giving employees Apple Watches?

exclamation mark


IBM is planning on providing it’s employees with FREE or discounted Apple Watch models! Whaaat. Yup, it seems that IBM are incorporating the Device into it’s ‘Commit to Health’ initiative, which will mean that employees will receive the devices under their health insurance plans.


The employees can either choose to get a subsidy that covers the full cost of the device or they can purchase it at a discounted price, and IBM then hopes that they will take advantage of the health features of the watch. Healthy workers are hard workers! IBM previously had a similar program with Fitbit, however it is currently unclear if the Apple Watch program is replacing this or supplementing it.


Lots of Apple Watch users have raved about the health benefits of the device since it’s release, so it’s possible that IBM is one of many companies who will be encouraging their employees to use the Watch in the future.




Steve Jobs the movie



This last weekend was the 1st (and, some in Hollywoodland might say, the most important) full weekend that Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie was in theaters nationally.


So what’s the wotwot?  Well, it’s not great. It’s not bad, either, with the film getting predominantly positive reviews from those supposedly in the know- critics and those folk. BUT the people who pay the monies- that’s you guys – were perhaps not in a very Steve Jobs mood over the weekend, with the disappointing box office being the proof in the pudding.


Early box office results show that the film is estimated to take about $7.3 million from about 2,500 theaters, placing it in 7th place for the weekend.


The expected take was more in the teens, but the movie is doing spectacularly well on the coasts and is also expected to do well over the long haul through awards season.


“We’re going to redouble our efforts to support these markets,” said Universal domestic distribution chief Nic Carpou. “It’s working great in these theaters now, and we want to make sure it continues to do so.”


We were not one of those boosting the box office sales over the weekend, but we will be giving you a review of the movie in the coming days!