You can pre-order Powerbeats Pro headphones in other colors now!

As of this morning, Apple is accepting pre-orders on it’s online store for its Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones in Ivory, Moss, and Navy.The black Powerbeats Pro have been available since May.


If you’re in need/desire of these babies, you’re looking at 5-7 business days to get either the Ivory or the Navy headphones, whereas the Moss color will be a bit longer at 1-2 weeks.


All of the colors are planned to be available in retail stores from August 30.


You can also pre-order them on the Beats By Dre website.


Like AirPods, Powerbeats Pro fare wireless, feature a dedicated charging case that offers 24 hours of battery life and an H1 chip for fast connectivity to your devices, device switching, and Hey Siri support.


Cash wise, you’re looking at  at $249.95. But you’ll look so good  with that moss green on your face, dude. So good.





More upcoming iPhone rumors!


Just weeks away from the (suspected, of course) announcement of the new models of iPhone, we have some more rumors for you!


1- We’ll see a smaller Apple Pencil that will work with the new models.


2 – The new iPhones will have USB-C chargers


3 – But will also support wireless charging.


4 – Triple lens rear cameras are almost a certainty


5 – As is the fact that there will be 3 new models in the line up


6 – Substantially longer battery life has been suggested


7 – We could see all three new phones have an OLED screen, rather than the previous OLED/LCD mix


8 – Line of sight teleportation has been suggested by at least one media outlet.*


So do you think we’ll see anything crazy this year? What feature are you looking forward t most? The rear camera setup could be used really well for AR, so that’s pretty sweet in our opinion!


* It was us. We’re the only ones predicting this. If wishes were horses, right?




The new iPhones are coming soon!

Like, mere weeks away kind of soon!


We’re looking at the launch of 3 new iPhone models from Apple, and we could see a rainbow of updates. Namely, lavender, green and dark green shades in at least one of the new models.


All three will reportedly have frosted glass casing, and – perhaps- no ‘iPhone’ branding on the rear casing. The word ‘Pro’ could also be added to the iPhone name.


The displays will be slightly thinner if 3D touch is no longer a feature, and they will all likely have triple-lens rear cameras, and will still be available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage capacities.


It’s expected that Apple will announce the 2019 iPhones on the morning of Tuesday Sept. 10th with the devices available for preorder Sept. 13th and going on sale Sept. 20th.



New Trailer for ‘Morning Show’ from Apple

Here’s a new, short teaser trailer for Apple’s upcoming drama “The Morning Show” starring heavy hitters Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell.




We can look forward to possibly seeing the characters faces in the Fall on Apple TV+, which will be available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and select smart TVs from brands like Samsung.




Apple expanding Student ID program

Students at 12 more universities can add their student IDs to the Wallet app in the coming school year, allowing them to get around campus and make purchases using their iPhone or Apple Watch.


These universities are (drumroll please): Clemson University, Georgetown University, University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, University of San Francisco, University of Vermont, Arkansas State University, South Dakota State University, Norfolk State University, Louisburg College, University of North Alabama, and Chowan University.


Universities that already allow for contactless student ID’s are: Duke University, University of Oklahoma, University of Alabama, Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Marshall University, and Mercer University.


Students also have the additional building entry option of express mode which lets them bypass the need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.



Best back to School deals on all the tech goodies you may need!

Back to School time!!


Sorry kids, but the silver lining? You might get some new tech out of all that learning!


Back to School sales are on! Here’s some deals we spotted for you guys!!


To start with, Apple has its 2019 Back to School deal – they’ll give students a free pair of Beats headphones (Beats Studio 3, Beats Solo 3, or BeatsX) when they buy an eligible Apple device.


If buying an iPad Pro or iPad, students can choose from either free BeatsX, free Beats Solo 3 Wireless, or a $199 credit against the purchase of Beats Studio 3.


To qualify for free Beats Studio 3 headphones, education customers can purchase any any iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.


This deal sits alongside the usual education discounts, whereby students can buy Apple hardware at 5-10% below the normal retail prices.


You can get your hands on the deal if you’re a K-12 employee, higher-education faculty, or students attending higher education institutions.


What else?



At Best buy: Students save up to $300 on select laptops, including MacBook Air. 


AND, you can save on chromeBooks at Amazon, as well as Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model) for $144.99 down from $15, and while you’re there, get a shiny new Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB) – Space Gray (Latest Model) for $249 ($80 off list price) or go large with a Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Space Gray (Latest Model) for $329 ( down $100).



Let’s get to shopping, ammirite?



Will we see a foldable Apple device?

There are pretty consistent rumors that Apple will launch a foldable device within the next two years, and the most recent come from analysts at investment bank UBS predict.


In a research note obtained by CNBC, the analysts said the device is more likely to be an iPad than an iPhone, and they also believe it is more likely to launch in 2021 than 2020.


The most recent ( and only) foldable device is of course Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which had some serious issues that led the device to be postponed for several months.


Apple is notorious for making things are pretty close to perfect before launching, so perhaps 2021 is a relatively safe bet – if that’s what Apple is interested in bringing to a product. Which they might be – they have filed several patents for a folding iPhone.


Only time can tell!



Apple creates ASMR video series

You guys have heard of ASMR videos, right? Well if you haven’t, Apple’s giving you that opportunity right now!!


As part of their “Shot on iPhone” series, Apple has created 4 6-10 minute long ASMR videos for your listening pleasure!


Here’s the gist – ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response. Got it? No?


Well, here’s what wiki has to say – ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”. It is most commonly triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attention control.


The first video is called “Whispers from Ghost Forest,” and features a woman whispering about the legend of Ghost Forest.



The second video focuses on wood shop sounds:



The third video features a man walking on a trail and crunching leaves and brush underfoot:



The fourth video, “A calm rain at camp,” features the sound of rain pounding on various items at a campsite in the woods.






Each one lovingly created using an iPhone, and Apple recommends using headphones whilst you watch. Enjoy!



Two changes iOS 13 will bring to the table

The upcoming iOS 13 will have a bunch of super sweet features, and here’s a couple of interesting ones.


Namely, a “Silence Unknown Callers” feature, which silences incoming phone calls from numbers that are not in your contacts list. Oh hey you spammy spammerson, how bout you do a little bit of shush?



So what does ‘Silenced’ specifically mean? These calls will be sent straight to voicemail without the phone ringing at all, and without the caller knowing. They will simply hear the standard number of rings before voicemail picks up, and they’re given a chance to leave a message.



Does this interest you? When you get IOS 13, go to the Settings app, select the Phone section, scroll down to “Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts” and toggle the Silence Unknown Callers option to the on position.


Another new feature to know about is a change in the iOS that will limit data collection practices.


Apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp allow users to make calls over the internet, and to listen for those calls, the apps run in the background of an iPhone or iPad so that calls can connect quickly. Whilst doing so, the apps are also able to collect data.


But in iOS 13, background access for apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will be restricted solely to internet calls going forward, with no background data collection available.


iOS 13 will be available for free in the Fall.





Deal of the Day!

Amazon has a special right now on Prynt, an Instant Photo Printer case, for $60 rather than the normal price of $100. The case will fit an iPhone 6, 6S and 7, as the other sizes are currently unavailable.


The case lets you turn your phone into an instant camera so you can print photos from your phone in seconds directly onto ZINK (zero ink) Sticker Paper.


Get it!