App of the week! Travel dreaming edition



Are you planning a road trip? Or are road trips your weekend life? This app is made for you! Even if you’re just interested in knowing whats going on 5 minutes away, this app is pretty rad.


It bills itself as the ‘only map built for travelers.’ The app will tell you what’s nearby or on your planned route, from music venues, to national parks, restaurants, roadside attractions, hotels and scenic outlooks.


You can plan your trip directly on the app (or on their site), then you can see whats on your route and share with friends, who can then add to the itinerary. Any trips you’ve saved will sync automatically across devices.


if you’re planning a European roadtrip, kudos to you, that sounds amazing, can we come? And … sorry, this app is USA focused only for the time being. It also comes with the warning that because it uses GPS, it can be pretty hard on your device battery life.


Go Roadtrip warriors!


It’s free for iOS from the app store. 




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