Apple Celebrates International Women’s Day

Apple has announced the “She Creates” initiative at Apple Stores, which will see Apple host more than 5,000 ‘Today at Apple’ sessions highlighting inspiring female creators using photography, design, technology, business, and film. This is timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, which falls on this Sunday, March 8th.


Apple wants to celebrate International Women’s Day all the way from March 1st through 31st by encouraging us to learn from inspiring female creators, share ideas with others, and explore new perspectives in hands-on sessions using iPad, iPhone, and Mac.


From Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People:


“Celebrating the work, spirit and contributions of women is so important to Apple, we’re thrilled to recognize International Women’s Day through the ‘She Creates’ programming series and bring these experiences to our stores so everyone can be inspired by some of the world’s most passionate and innovative creators.”


As well as ‘She Creates’,  every day in March Apple will highlight apps and games created by female developers, designers, and entrepreneurs through the App of the Day and Game of the Day features, and there’s a new International Women’s Day collection on Apple TV highlighting women who are “changing the narrative through storytelling across the movie and TV landscape.”


Additionally, on March 8th, Apple will release a curated collection on Apple Podcasts called “Changing the Narrative,” which features podcasts celebrating women podcasters, shows, and stories and lastly,  Apple Watch owners can earn an International Women’s Day ‌Apple Watch‌ award and stickers by completing a walk, run, or wheelchair workout of 20 minutes or more.


You can find out more here! 



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