Hands on with Leaked iPhone 5 Parts (Video)

iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

We got it!  A hands on Video of the iPhone 5 Frame!  The parts have been leaked and we are fairly confident that this is the actual iPhone 5 that will be released.  While This video does not contain the LCD screen, it is fairly easy to image how it would look.  Almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4/4S but with a slightly taller screen.  We have also heard word that the Front-facing camera will now be centered above the earpiece on the phone.


So to round up the details that are gone over in the video, it looks like we have a new, smaller dock connector, the headphone plugin has been moved to the bottom of the iPhone, the sim card tray is smaller, the iPhone is about half an inch taller, and it is made as one solid piece now (as opposed to the iPhone 4/4s which had two pieces for the midframe and back).


Pretty cool stuff we got here.  It is definitely going to be a clean looking phone, with a new, albeit slightly, form factor.


Check out the video below!



(Via ETrade Supple)