iPhone Tip Of The Day! How to lock your screen orientation!

Sometimes, we wanna look at the world like this:





Horizontally! ( Cos it’s like the horizon, see?)


Sometimes, we wanna look at the world like this:





Vertically! (Coz, it’s, like, vertical)


Your iDevice does both! Magic! Your device should switch from vertical to horizontal orientation depending on at what angle you’re holding the device, and it should choose the view based on what is best for you at that point in time.




It does get it wrong, sometimes. Sometimes you’re lying in bed and reading and it decides that BAM NOW YOU SEE THINGS THE OTHER WAY.



Except sometimes looking at life from a different perspective is just realllllly annoying, stupid orientation moving the wrong way.


So here’s what you do! In iOS 7- simply drag the control centre from the bottom of the screen. Three quarters along to the right you’ll see a lock symbol. Like this:




Angle your iDevice so it’s vertical/horizontal- however you want it to be for task you’re doing (playing mushroom wars does SO count as a task). Press the lock and it will say Orientation Lock on. Press it again and it will say Orientation off.


In iOS 6, press the home button twice. This will bring up the dash, which, if you swipe to the right you’ll see the same lock as pictured above. Press it on and off to turn the orientation on and off.




mmmm cake…







Images courtesy of  Gizmodo.com.au, imore, findyourmiddleground.com, osxdaily.com & Solofoods.com

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