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More Free TV!



Along with other providers, because of the current situation a lot of us we find ourselves in, Apple has made a whole bunch of its original Apple TV+ series and movies FREE for us all! You know, for a limited time.


You can now watch these titles for free:


*For All Mankind
*Snoopy in Space
*The Elephant Queen


You can go get streaming online via or through the ‌Apple TV‌ app on iPhone, iPad, ‌Apple TV‌, iPod touch, Mac, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, and Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices.


You just need to sign in with an Apple ID.


The free part of their service is still rolling out, so everyone should be able to connect with it soon! Just in time for stupid boring Wednesday, right? I mean.. wait, what day is it?



New Apple show casting news

Now that the first run of Apple TV+ shows have seen some success and been renewed (The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, and Dickinson),  Apple has begun working on their upcoming shows.  Adam Scott has been cast as the lead in a project called “Severance”, described as a workplace thriller set at a company “looking to take work-life balance to a new level.”



The show will have a 10 episode first season ( launch date unknown as of yet), was created by Dan Erickson and will be produced by Ben Stiller.


You can get free 7-day trial for ‌Apple TV‌+, which costs $4.99/ month or $49.99/ year. Apple is also offering all customers who purchased an ‌Apple TV‌, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch after September 10 one free year of access to ‌Apple TV‌+.



New Apple TV+ show!

You’ll never guess what it is!


Well, you might have guessed in the end, but you don’t have to, because here’s the answer: Apple has picked up the rights to  “A Christmas Carol,”: a live action musical!


So many good things in that sentence, could we fit anymore in? Yup! It’s going to star all round good guys Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, who will also produce.


Apparently , and for good reason, the show was the subject of a harsh bidding war, but Apple won out with, well, money. According to reports, they’re paying above $60 million just for talent.


“A Christmas Carol” will be added to Apple’s Apple TV+ streaming service, which premieres on November 1st. It’s not known specifically when “A Christmas Carol” will be available, presumably near… Christmas?



The Future of Television

Want to know what the future of television is? Boy, we sure do. We hope it’s something to do with virtual reality and kittens. And puppies.


Here’s what Apple thinks it is, via their Ad, aptly named ‘The Future of Television’. We think they’re thinking much more short term, much more focused around the new Apple TV, and far less about small, young, animals.










Apple to start selling Apple TV 4 in store on Friday !





You know it!


So do Apple. Apple began accepting pre-orders for the device this past Monday, but if you aren’t a pre-order type of guy or gal, then you might wanna listen up. This coming Friday October 30, you’ll be able to pick up your very own shiny device at an Apple retail store.





This hasn’t been totally confirmed as of yet however it seems very very likely.


If you are a pre-order type of humanoid, and you like your one day shipping, then you can be getting ready to smile all day at your shiny new device on Friday too!


If you pre-ordered through Best Buy, you can pick up your device in-store come November 4th.


The new Apple TV is available in 32Gb for $149 and 64GB for $199.





Did you order a new Apple TV?




You can now place  online orders for the new-look Apple TV set-top box! Wahay! Those who have already ordered are looking to receive their shiny new devices shortly after they ship at the end of this week. The earliest of these deliveries will ship on October 30th.


So what will you be getting? Let’s take a little look-see:


The new Apple TV comes equipped with a full App store (including support for 3rd party apps), Siri, a waaaaaay better search feature, an A8 chip with 2GB RAM, allowing for up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second and and a touch-based remote that supports Siri’s good self AND an accelerometer and a gyroscope that allow it to serve a game controller,


The 32 GB Apple TV comes in at $149, or the 64 GB device comes in at a neat $199. Extra Siri remotes sell at $79 and Remote Loop wrist straps are $12.99. 2 year AppleCare coverage is $29.


Did you guys order one? Want to? Get your booty over here then silly!





Apple TV now comes with these new stations

As of this morning Apple TV now includes a bunch more content !Hooray! Fox Now and CNBC now feature as part of the Apple TV line up, and FX now (including the Simpsons catalog) will be coming soon to an Apple TV near you!


To access Fox Now and CNBC you will need a cable subscription to unlock the content, however some videos and episodes will be available without this.


CNBC will show live broadcasts as well as previously aired content. With Fox Now, you will be able to access such wonderful shows as American Idol and Glee. Wait. We mean such wonderful shows as Family Guy. Yeah. That sounds better.  


So… Have you guys heard about the bird? The bird is the word. ( If you don’t get the reference – quick! To your Apple TV! Family Guy! )




Missed Gaga on SNL? Don’t be a misserouterer anymore! Apple TV now includes…




Now you can access all Yahoo has to offer direct on Apple TV. Similar to their recently launched iOS app, this means you can access all the content that Yahoo hosts as well. That means AWESOME!  Hello SNL, Hello The Colbert Report, Hello The Daily Show!


The shows aren’t live but you can get them shortly after they’ve aired. You have to sign in using Google Plus, Facebook or or using the app’s registration.


This latest addition to Apple TV comes after they’ve already, just this year, added Time Warner’s HBO Go, WatchESPN, Sky News, Vevo, Disney, Weather Channel, and Smithsonian.


We see what you’re doing here Apple. Slowly building up an excellent service, then BLAMMO! June 2014, hello Apple iTV!


Hello  already  killer service, hello agreements already set in place with the top TV making peoples, hello awesome design aesthetic AND HELLO major league new tech.





Image courtesy of Amazon.

iTunes Festival is over, boo. But here’s a highlight reel, yay!


Remember when we told you guys about the 2013 iTunes Festival in London? Yeah? Well, it’s almost over. Boo.


Hopefully you guys caught some of the awesome acts that shone during the 30 day festival – Kings Of Leon, The Lumineers, Queens of the stone age et al, and if you didn’t – well, here’s a highlight reel from Apple of what you missed.





Apple is also expected to have an E.P of the performances available in the Apple Store by the end of the year.



Yay Music!