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Apple replacing sleep/wake buttons on some iPhone 5 models!



Has the sleep/wake button on your iPhone 5 stopped working? Thought it was a lost cause? There might be some hope yet!


Apple has released a statement to The Loop regarding a recall of some iPhone 5 models because of broken sleep/wake buttons, which means if you are one of the device owners affected- you could get it replaced for free.


Here’s the lowdown-


You’ll need to enter your iPhone’s serial number here to see if your device is one of those affected by the recall.


If your phone is affected and you want to get it fixed for free ( duh) you can bring it to any Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service provider. Your device will have to be sent away to an Apple repair centre to be fixed, however it is believed that for the interim some Apple stores are lending customers iPhone 5 16Gb models. You can also mail your device directly to the repair centre if you’d like.


According to Apple your device will take 4-6 days from the time it is received until it is returned to you, and all customers should back up all their data and erase all content and setting before sending it in to get fixed. All devices that receive a new sleep/wake button will be updated to iOS 7.


If you’ve got an iPhone 5 that is affected by this recall and you’ve already paid for an out-of-warranty replacement, you should contact an Apple customer service rep to ask for a refund.


This recall and placement program will be effective for 2 years after the initial retail purchase of your device.


According to some reports there are stores that are offering customers affected by the recall  a $350 upgrade credit for a new device, but you must specifically ask for it, your phone must be in perfect condition other than the sleep/wake button, and it’s of course not guaranteed.


By the way, why doesn’t Apple have a cooler name for that button? Writing sleep/wake button over and over has cemented the fact that it’s a pretty stupid name. It should be called, like, the enforcer button or something. Just saying, Apple.


Good luck Guys! Let us know how you go if this recall applies to you!




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Who Breaks iPhones the Most? (Broken iPhone Infographic)

Well, the results are in.  Since we are an iPhone buyback company (in case you were interested in getting an offer for your iPhone click here), we have decided to compile our latest purchases to make a map of where the majority of broken iPhone trade-ins come from.


We tallied up all of our transactions, and created a heat map that shows where the majority of our customers have had broken iPhones.  The red areas on the map show a high amount of broken iPhone trade-ins for the area, while the green areas show a high amount of used iPhone trade-ins (meaning they did not break their iPhones).


Heat Map of Broken iPhone Sales


Hopefully your city wasn’t one of the bright red ones (sorry LA and New York).  The data tends to show that our customers that are in larger cities (San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc.) tend to break their iPhones more often.


So if you really care about your iPhone, well, move out of the city.  Or maybe just get a good case.  Or heck, just go ahead and break it, but make sure to sell it to an iPhone buyback company like ours if you do!






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When will we get an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C sent in?



Last year we had a cracked screen iPhone 5 sent in two weeks after the release…. How long until we see an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5c??


It’s definitely going to be water damaged or cracked, and it’s definitely going to break someone’s little heart. The pain of a favorite shiny new gadget turned old and stinky in one little instant is a first world pain so many of us share.


The only thing we can do is give you some cash to take it off your hands, and some sympathy. Probably a neat little magnet or pen too.


With San Francisco company Square trade releasing smartphone durability testing results yesterday, and the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C coming in at a slightly worse score than the iPhone 5, we’re going to place our bets, hope it isn’t you, and predict 8 days until we pay someone CASHMONEY for a sad little iPhone 5S or 5C.


These durability tests also placed Samsung’s Galaxy S4 in right bam blam last place of the 5 smart phones that were tested, with the phone not even functioning by the end of the testing, with it’s screen half falling off.


So, be happy you ain’t an android kid, try not to drop your shiny new iPhone, and try not to be the first person to send us in a broken iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. Unless you want some kind of publicity. Like Kim Kardashian and her sex tape. Kind of. In that case – Here is where to start! 


And, we just decided. We’ll give an extra $10 payment to the person who sends in the first iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. Deal?




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