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iPhone Tip Of The Day!

Forgotten how to use the search function on your iPhone? Trying to find that weird app you kind of remember downloading but can’t quite lift the fog on where it is among your vast collection of ( all necessary btw) apps?


It happens to the best of us!


For owners of an iDevice that has iOS 7 and above, you can access  the Spotlight search function by dragging your finger downwards anywhere on any home screen page.



Spotlight search will now appear and you can search for apps, texts, or any other content that is ( or that you think is) on your device.


For owners of a device that hasn’t yet been updated to iOS 7, swipe left from the first home screen to access Spotlight.


For owners of a device that has iOS 8, please call us, cos we would love to know how that whole thing is going…




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FaceTime not working? This might be why.




If you’re running iOS 6 on your iPad or iPhone, you may have noticed that you’re currently unable to FaceTime. According to a report on Macrumors, multiple people running iOS 6 have encountered the problem and Apple has updated it’s troubleshooting page specifically to advise upgrading to the latest iOS as the number 1 step.



Users who have complained directly to Apple have also been advised to update their iOS as the first troubleshooting step, however it is acknowledged among the tech community that the problem should be a temporary one.



If you don’t want to update your device to the latest iOS, you shouldn’t have to, unless you NEED to do FaceTime shots/ show babies to someone IMMEDIATELY.  Or REALLY SOON.



We totally understand that need, by the way and we plan to be doing one of those today, so we’ll use an ioS 6 device and keep you guys updated as to if and when the issue appears to get fixed!







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iPhone Tip Of The Day! How to lock your screen orientation!

Sometimes, we wanna look at the world like this:





Horizontally! ( Cos it’s like the horizon, see?)


Sometimes, we wanna look at the world like this:





Vertically! (Coz, it’s, like, vertical)


Your iDevice does both! Magic! Your device should switch from vertical to horizontal orientation depending on at what angle you’re holding the device, and it should choose the view based on what is best for you at that point in time.




It does get it wrong, sometimes. Sometimes you’re lying in bed and reading and it decides that BAM NOW YOU SEE THINGS THE OTHER WAY.



Except sometimes looking at life from a different perspective is just realllllly annoying, stupid orientation moving the wrong way.


So here’s what you do! In iOS 7- simply drag the control centre from the bottom of the screen. Three quarters along to the right you’ll see a lock symbol. Like this:




Angle your iDevice so it’s vertical/horizontal- however you want it to be for task you’re doing (playing mushroom wars does SO count as a task). Press the lock and it will say Orientation Lock on. Press it again and it will say Orientation off.


In iOS 6, press the home button twice. This will bring up the dash, which, if you swipe to the right you’ll see the same lock as pictured above. Press it on and off to turn the orientation on and off.




mmmm cake…







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