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Facebook’s new app Notify is here.




The new Notify App from Facebook has begun rolling out, so what it is exactly and should you get it?


The Notify App is designed to deliver news from publications and websites you care about, specific to you. For example, if you like to know local weather, plus any new Thrillist articles that are specific to your city, as well as news/scores from your football team, then this app has you covered.


Some examples of notifications, straight from the sauce:


-The Final Scores station from FOX Sports provides end-of-game summaries for your favorite teams.
-The Daily AM Forecast station from The Weather Channel sends a local weather forecast at the start of your day.
-Hot New Trailers from Fandango gets you the newest trailers for the hottest movies as they drop.
-Breaking News from CNN and Top Stories from Fox News deliver the day’s news headlines.
-The 10 Best Dressed station from Vogue is your weekly digest of the best-dressed celebs.
-Daily Meditation from Headspace brings bite-sized guided meditation exercises into your day.
-The Flashback station from Getty Images delivers iconic imagery from this day in history.



‘Stations’ are the sources of the notifications, and they are distributed into interests such as entertainment, news, games, weather, etc.


The updates will appear as notifications on your lock screen, so if you’re interested in reading more or getting more detail, you swipe and through to open the link in the app’s browser. If you’re busy at, we don’t know, work or something when all this news is happening, then you can save for reading later. The list of notifications will also be collated in a 24-hour in app feed.


You can also share whatever news it is that you’re interested in through social media, email, and all the usual sharing suspects.


Notify from Facebook is available today for iPhone.



Check it out below! Or check it out here. And download it right here if want to be notified! (See what we did there?)