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Samsung’s New TV – Watch two things at once ( and no, we don’t mean with split screen)



We gotta say, Samsung have impressed us with this one.


You guys know the feeling, where you’re sitting with your beloved significant other, and love sitting next to them, and being near them, and being able to touch them, but really really hate the crap they have playing on TV cos it’s their turn to pick?


We do.  …Sorry iPhone Antidote’s significant other.


But! Can I hear a hell yes? Cos here’s the fix!


Samsung have now released a new television in the US, one which was announced back in January 2012. This magical and most welcome entry to the television market is a $9000, 55-inch, curved, OLED multi-view T.V.


Hi, KN55S9C! You’re a little expensive!


If you do have the cash, it may just be worth it. The multi-view function is not created using split screen or picture in picture, but is instead enabled by Samsung 3D glasses that come equipped with little headphones. This allows two parties to see two different programs on the same curved screen. This also means that the TV has 3D capabilities, and additionally is a Smart TV, with internet connectivity. Pretty sweet.



The fact that it’s OLED ( Organic Light Emitting Diode ), means that the television is thinner and lighter with the abilty to produce a higher contrast ratio than LCD sets. The curved screen is said to work better with the curves of your eyeballs. huh. Also makes it very, very hard to mount on a wall, according to consumer reports.
You can order one now here, and it comes with free shipping until August 31st!



Image courtesy of Gizmag.

Samsung’s Smartwatch and Galaxy Note III revealed Sept 4th!



It’s all happening!


Samsung has confirmed that come September 4th, they will be holding a special ‘Unpacked Episode 2’ at The IFA in Berlin.


IFA, if you’re wondering, is the excellent sounding Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or, if you’re one of those people who like things to be explained clearly –  one of the biggest industrial and consumer electronic trade shows in the world.


At the IFA last year Samsung unveiled the Note II, and the year before that the Note. It stand to reason that everyone is expecting the unveiling of the Galaxy Note III at this years event. Pretty cool.


At their Unpacked Episode 1 on March 15th this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 handset at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. The event was also streamed live to Times square- a flashy  display it is believed they will replicate at the Unpacked Episode 2 event.


So what can we expect from this event?


As we’ve said- we’re more than likely looking at the unveiling of the the Galaxy Note III,


AND ( this bit’s a little bit exciting),


Samsung new Smartwatch, purportedly called the Galaxy Gear. Fandroids excite!


Samsung are apparently super excited that they get to show the world their Smartwatch before Apple even gets there’s to the gate. The tech world will, of course, be very interested in matching them up against each other when Apple does release their rumored iWatch, and this will very likely happen late this year or early 2014.


Until then, though, on September 4th, we will be able to feast our eyes on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.


According to SamMobile, the Smartwatch is likely to come in four different colors with a fifth being released a week later. The colors will be white, orange, gray, black, and the fifth color will be white gold.


It is also said to have a 2.5-inch touchscreen display with a camera, speakers, and an accelerometer.  The watch will not be a stand alone device, using bluetooth and NFC to draw data from your smartphone.


These are said to be the specs:

  • CPU: Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5GHz
  • GPU: ARM Mali-400 MP4
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Display: 320×320 (3cm×3cm – 1.67-inches) AMOLED
  • Camera: 2 Megapixel
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC


The Samsung Galaxy Gear will more than likely be available in late September, although it could be pushed back a couple of weeks to early October.



Although we are admittedly more excited for the announcement and unveiling of Apple’s stand alone iWatch, this device is exciting too and we are looking forward to seeing it!


We are especially looking forward to seeing how many people buy the watch, indicating whether or not this wearable device thing is, well, going to be a thing. Will people start wearing watches again if they had stopped? Are we going to be going fully wearable now? What other wearable items can they turn tech? When will the line cross from wearable to implantable? Is this the start of, like, skynet? Are we getting ahead of ourselves?



The answer to that last one is yes.







Image courtesy of SamMobile.











The Next iPhone


Let’s talk about The Next iPhone.


We’ve already told you about the September announcement, (YAY- we’re still spinning) so here’s the short and sweet lowdown about what people are expecting to expect for The Next iPhone.


The Next iPhone will almost 100% be called the iPhone 5S, rather than the iPhone 6.


Above is a photo released into the world of an apparent prototype iPhone 5S next to an iPhone 5, said to have been taken by manufacturing sources of Macrumors. If it’s not fake, then we can go ahead and say that there will not be any super giant size or design changes coming up for The Next iPhone.


The phone will more than likely be released a few weeks after the Sept 10th announcement, around the 23rd, also coinciding with the public release of iOS 7.


It will have a higher resolution camera, purportedly 12 megapixel with possible slow motion video capabilities.


It will probably have duel LED flash capabilities on the rear camera, which according to the pictures sourced by, look like they’re separated for Tungsten color balance and Daylight color balance. All round better low-light, basically. This is the picture from their source in one of the manufacturing companies:




The 5S will very likely have bigger battery capacity. Yay!


It is rumored to have an A7 chip, built by either Apple themselves or by Taiwan-based chip foundry TSMC. This lets them move away from previous contract chip manufacturers and rivals, Samsung.


It might have NFC Capabilities.


It will supposedly have an updated convex home button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. The home button will be made of scratch resistant sapphire glass. Sapphire? Fancy!


It will possibly come in a third color- Gold, or champagne.




Champagne, gold, double the flash and sapphires. We can deal with that…


Not long now until we’ll know everything for sure about The Next iPhone! Until then we’ll keep you updated with all the rumors, guesstimates, financial expert statements and stolen pictures taken from manufacturing plants! Like spies! Kinda. Not really.





Images courtesy of Macrumors and Cultofmac




Now Samsung are trademarking names for smart watches!






Samsung has officially trademarked the name ‘Samsung Gear’ last week. Cool, cool, but what has that got to with watches iPhone Antidote?


Included in the  trademark application made by Samsung are mentions of ‘Parts and fittings for watches, wristwatches, electronic clocks and watches, bracelets  watchbands, control clocks and watches that communicate data to personal digital assistants’


Sounds like a smart watch and smart watch accessories to us!


Add this up with a quote in March from Samsung’s executive vice president of mobile business who said that they have been ‘preparing the watch product for so long’ and that ‘We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.’


So much smart watch excitement! Who will release it first? Will that person then sue the other person for ever and ever over stolen ideas? Will anyone wear them or is the time for watches over? Will they make our lives better? Will they solve global warming? Will they have sandwich making capabilites?


Only time will tell!


Image courtesy of Mashable.

Apple vs Samsung Update



For those who have been enjoying the life of those who live under rocks, Apple and Samsung have been very unhappy with each other over the last little while. They have expressed this unhappiness through the law, as you do.


They have both basically been going back and forth calling each other big cheaters and copiers and tattle tales  over their technology patents being infringed upon.


This has been going on for a while, but this time, Apple has lost. The United States International Trade Commission are the people in charge, and they have just overturned a previous judgment from last year, which had ruled in Apple’s favor.


They are now saying that, yes, Apple did infringe on some of Samsung’s patents, specifically to do with their 3G technology, and have henceforth banned some of Apple’s products from being imported into the States.


What does this mean iPhone Antidote?


Well, at the moment it means that the following AT&T products are banned from US imports and sales; iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G, and iPad 2 3G.


This doesn’t mean anything if you have any of those models currently, or are planning on buying a used model. It also doesn’t affect Apple very much to be honest, because those products are specific to AT&T and are all old models.


What it does do is pee Apple off, and worsen the relationship between the two biggest smartphone providers. Yaaaay?


Apple will be appealing, with the defense that Samsung made these patents available for use under FRAND terms. FRAND = Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory. This is used to cover technology that is a standard and is meant to prevent litigation like this, and it seems to have been ignored by the ITC in their ruling.


Hey, guys, why can’t we just get to the part where we’re all friends and making super awesome blow our minds technology? Huh?



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Some Tuesday Afternoon Stats


Comcast, the people who know whatsup in measuring the tech world, recently released a report measuring ( among other things) key trends in the US smartphone industry.


The report, done by comScore MobiLens, ranked the smartphone leaders using statistics garnered from the first 3 months of this year, otherwise known as the first quarter.


Unsurprisingly for us, but perhaps for some, Apple remain strong in their grasp on the leadership of the Smartphone industry, with 39% of the device market share and with continual quarterly gains.


This means that out of the 136.7 million people in the US that own smartphones, 39% own Apple iPhones, with Samsung coming into second place with 21.7% market share, HTC were third with 9%, Motorola with 8.5% and LG had 6.8%.


Google Android might be taking over the smartphone world not according to Apple though, with 52% of the platform market share.


So… this means that two companies, Apple and Google, control 91% of the total smartphone market. A little scary. Let’s just try and keep those two apart shall we? With rulers. Really, really big rulers.


p.s Go Apple!



Photo courtesy of ZDnet