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Deals Of The Week Wednesday





* Get a 60″ Sony KDL60R510a 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV for just $798 PLUS Free Shipping at Walmart. If you have brand allegiance, Best Buy has the same T.V. for $799.99, also with free shipping.


*Get the Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer for just $8.99 from Amazon (with free shipping on orders over $35)






*Next week we’ll be telling you all about Amazon’s new release –  ‘Echo’ – a Siri-like-robot-helper-person-hands-free-speaker. Right now Amazon Prime members can get the Echo for just $99 (down from $199), however you also must request an invitation. Because it’s fancy, we think? You can request an invite here. 




* Get a Max Speed Speedometer Car Watch for just $17.99 from Groupon. 






* Get a 47″ LG 47LB5900 LED HDTV PLUS a $200 eGift Card for only $479 PLUS Free Shipping from Dell.




*Get a 2500mAh Credit Card Sized USB Power Bank for $8.97 PLUS Free Shipping from iTechDeals.  Use coupon code TAKE2OFF.




* It’s getting cold out, and no-one likes cold handsies, so might be time to get some new Winter touchscreen gloves. Get these ones from Groupon for $7.99.



Stay tuned next week for our bumper Black Friday Deals Of The Week edition!





Deals Of The Week Wednesday!

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Let’s start off nice and easy with:


*Get 20% off your order at Cowboom when you enter promo code TREAT at checkout. This coupon excludes any Deal of the Day, Auctions & Items Fulfilled by Best Buy. Go check out some of the deals!



*Get thee to Amazon and grab a Polaroid 72″ Photo/Video Tripod with carry case for $24.99 with coupon code “AKXSFKUU” and free shipping.





*Can’t wait for the Apple Watch? Get a Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch for $129.99 from Groupon.


* TigerDirect is offering $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. Just go to this link and sign up to receive their ‘exclusive deals’ – you’re also signing up for 6 deal text messages per month, but you can stop unsubscribe at any time.



*Get this cool little guy! iBasics USB Fan w/ Speakers and Microphone for $24.99 from Groupon.



*Watch TV in style with this awesome deal:  Get a 55″ Samsung UN55H6350 1080p Smart LED HDTV PLUS get a $200 Dell eGift Card, all for just $897.99 with free shipping from Dell.



* Grab yourself a 1-yr Sam’s Club Plus Membership AND GET A $20 Gift Card AND $22 in Food Vouchers for only $45  from Living Social. (New Members Only)



*And, we’ll finish off with some fun-  Xbox One Bundles and Consoles will be available starting at $349 from November 2. Available at most major national retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Stores, Target, Toys ‘R Us and Walmart.



Happy The-Giants-Are-Going-To-Win-The-World-Series-Day!





Deals Of The Week Wednesday!

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Welcome back kids!


Ready for some deals? Yup? Here they are comin’ ‘atcha:



*T-Mobile are offering 4 lines for $100 a month with up to 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data per line until 2016 if you switch your family to T‑Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan. It’s a pretty stellar deal –  take a look to see if it’s right for your family here.



* Also at T-Mobile, but if you’re not currently on a plan, get a T-Mobile Prepaid Phone SIM Card Activation Kits for just $1 + Free Shipping. Go here and enter code SIMDEAL99 at checkout.



* Save 20% AT BEST BUY on one regular-priced small appliance and enter coupon code  SAVE20SMALLS at checkout to receive your savings. Expires: 10-12-14



*Get a Bunta Frosted Macbook Hard-Case Shell with a Silicone Keyboard Cover for $19.99 from Groupon. Because they funky AND protecty. Gotta love that.






* Best Buy have Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones on sale for $199.99 down from $249.99 plus free shipping. Get an extra $100 off with an .Edu email student discount. 





*Get a Foscam FI8910W Wireless Camera with Optional 9dBi Antenna for $54.99 from Groupon. Unsure what you would use it for? We use ours to spy on our Guinea pig. So you could do that. (Not on our Guinea Pig, you weirdo)






*Get $10 Off $80, $12 Off $99 or $15 Off $120 Coupon for Brookstone online with coupon code AFF625. Expires: 11-30-14



*12-Month Xbox Live Gold Card for $49.99 From Groupon.





* Get $15 Off $75 at HP online with coupon code 15HPSAVE. Expires: 11-05-14



* Got an old car? We’re so cool with that, because old cars are gangsta, duh. But sometimes they need gadgets to bring them up to date. Get an A.M.P. Bluetooth Receiver for $18.99 from Groupon.








Aaaaaaaand we’re dealed right out. Happy shopping, campers.








$585 for a brand new MacBook Air? Here’s how.

Right now you can get a brand spanking new MacBook Air for as little as $585. We know, it’s the best deal we’ve ever seen, AND it’s from a triple stacked discount, which is all kinds of extra fun.


So here’s how you get it:


Best Buy currently has a $100 discount on all of the newest 2014 MacBook Air


This is awesome, but it only gets better once you combine that deal with the second deal that Best Buy is offering – if you have a valid .edu email address, you get an extra $150 off. 


This is what this means, broken down:


– 11.6″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 128GB SSD: $899. With the $100 Discount –  $799. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $649


– 11.6″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 256GB SSD: $1099. With the $100 Discount – $999. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $849


– 13.3″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 128GB SSD: $999. With the $100 Discount – $899. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $749.


– 13.3″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 256GB SSD: $1199. With the $100 Discount – $1099. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $949.




Would you like an extra 10% off that already heavily discounted price? Yeah?


Ok, here’s what you do. Go to your local post office. You’re looking for the Movers Coupon book. They’ll usually have them lying around, but if they don’t, you can ask them for one. They’re free, and inside you’ll find a coupon for 10% off any single purchase at Best Buy.


And yes, this further discount can be combined with the two discounts above. The only caveat is that in order to use the Movers Coupon you need to go in-store to make your purchase.


If you choose to take up the first two deals without the 10% Movers Coupon, you can make your purchase from the online Best Buy Store and shipping is free. The combined Best Buy deals will last until June 21, 2014. The $150 off deal for students lasts until July 12, 2014.



You’re welcome.




More black friday deals



More deals!? You betcha!



1, Staples is offering a Kindle Fire for $79, a savings of $80.


2, Best Buy is offering a 55-inch LG TV for just $499 — down from its current $1,100 price tag.


3, Office Depot  has the Toshiba Canvio 3TB Desktop External USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $84.99. This comes with 3 year standard limited warranty.


4, Best Buy has the Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera w/ 18-140mm VR Lens for $799.99. Apparently in store only.


ALSO You guys should totally check out this page. It’s pretty much every single ad spread for companies offering Black Friday savings and discounts.


Slickdeals know their deals like no one else knows deals! They’re what Leo DiCaprio is to acting. Really good looking experts.*


*In our imaginations, they’re really good looking. Is it sexy to assume that Jennifer Lawrence is telling me about awesome tech deals? Yes. Yes it is.







Images courtesy of CNN & TheMetaPicture.

What stores open when for Black Friday shopping??



So, opening store times are like Black Friday 101 right? It seems stores are opening for their Black Friday Sales sooner and sooner these days!


So you guys can be totally on your game, below is a list of stores and their opening hours!


Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28:

Lowe’s online  – 4:00 A.M.


Kmart – 6:00 AM

RiteAid – 7:00 AM


Walgreens – 8:00 AM


CVS: 9:00 AM


Michaels – 4:00 PM


Toys R Us – 5:00 PM


Best Buy – 6:00 PM

Sports Authority – 6:00 PM

Walmart – 6:00 PM


Old Navy – 7:00 PM


Bon-Ton – 8:00 PM

Dick’s Sporting Goods – 8:00 PM

JCPenney – 8:00 PM

Kohl’s – 8:00 PM

Macy’s – 8:00 PM

Modell’s Sporting Goods – 8:00 PM

Office Depot – 8:00 PM

OfficeMax – 8:00 PM

Sears – 8:00 PM

Shopko – 8:00 PM

Target – 8:00 PM


Staples – 9:00 PM


AT&T – Midnight

Bath and Body Works – Midnight

Dell – Midnight

Fry’s – Midnight

GameStop – Midnight



Friday, Nov. 29:


A.C. Moore – 5:00 AM

Bass Pro Shops- 5:00 AM

Burlington Coat Factory- 5:00 AM

Cabela’s- 5:00 AM

Fred Meyer- 5:00 AM

Home Depot- 5:00 AM

Lowe’s- 5:00 AM


Bed, Bath and Beyond- 6:00 AM

BigLots- 6:00 AM

Jo-Ann- 6:00 AM

Meijer- 6:00 AM

Menard’s- 6:00 AM

PetSmart- 6:00 AM


Ace Hardware- 7:00 AM

BJ’s Wholesale Club- 7:00 AM

Dollar General- 7:00 AM

Harbor Freight- 7:00 AM

Rite Aid- 7:00 AM

Sam’s Club- 7:00 AM

SteinMart- 7:00 AM


RadioShack- 8:00 AM

REI- 8:00 AM


Costco – 9:00 Am


Some Apple stores are opening at 6:00 AM on Black Friday, however others will be opening at their regular opening times. Click here to see when your local Apple store will be opening.



We think these guys probably already know the store opening times for Black Friday. We hope.






Image courtesy of CNN UsaToday.

Black Friday Deals


It’s almost here! Like Christmas but you actually get what you want! Sometimes.





NO not that episode of Southpark, that’s already been, we were just using it to make our point.






In the days leading up to the anticipated day, we’ll be giving you the best places to get the best deals on all things Apple, and all things tech.



This Black friday, you guys are gonna slay it.











          Images courtesy of & Southparkstudios.

Deal of the day!


This is an awesome deal.


AT&T are offering the OtterBox Pursuit Series Waterproof Box in small or medium at a knockout price!


Instead of $25 for a small or $40 for a medium, you can now get 3 for $11 or 1 for $5 PLUS FREE Shipping.





Yup. Go here and here! Do it!


Beware, we’re not sure how long this deal is going to be around, and there have been rumors of some people’s orders being cancelled. So cross your fingers and hope for a pretty, cheap as chips Otterbox on it’s way to your house!


High five!!






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Deals of the day!





Alright alright alright! It’s deal time!


We scoured the world ( internet) for you guys to try and find some really good deals, and we found a couple! Yay! Time not wasted!





Who doesn’t love Peanuts, right? We mean the cartoon, dummies. The nuts are good too though.


At the AT&T online store there is a special on Peanuts series iPhone 5 cases. You’re looking at ONLY $5 shipped or 3 cases for $11.25. Normal retail price $THIRTY DOLLARS$!


Go here , here and here to check it out.






You guys want to keep those shiny iPhone shiny and non-stinky right?


There’s differing opinions on the worthiness of protection cases, but if you’re into ’em, then this is a pretty good deal.


Tanga has an OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 5/5S (black, purple, or white) for $12.99. Shipping is $3.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 5/5S (black, purple, or white)






Speaking of cases, Senyx via Amazon is selling CaseCrown Cases for iPhone 5/5S/5C and Galaxy s4 if you swing that way. The cases are available in select colors for $3.49 when you use this code – 48K9PMXG. Shipping is FREE.


Make sure the seller is Senyx direct and not fulfilled by Amazon for free shipping.


The deal is limited to one item per account and for an unknown and suspected very small amount of time!


Check it out here.  



Deal away guys!











Images courtesy of, Otterbox , &

Our deals of the day!



Well, we might not make it rain, but we’ll… stop the rainclouds? Something witty like that.


Here’s our deals of the day!


These ones come all the way from that place where you think you can spend lots of money but then you realize you don’t have that much money, so you should really sell that stinky old iPhone in the drawer so you can get CASHMONEY and you can buy tickets to that sumo & sushi night AND buy these awesome accessories.


In other words – Living Social.




These two deals are all about keeping your device going and going and going and going! Battery power! Yeah!


You can get an Enerpak Tube 5000 mAh external battery pack for $29 here! You will need to bring your own USB cable to the table, but for $29, some extra battery you can carry around in your pocket is not too shabby of a deal.


ANNND you can get a Purgoodies solar paneled charger for your device for $29.00 here. USB cable is included in this deal, sahweet! Extra good for camping or electricity blackouts, or hanging out kickin it at the park for a really long time.


These are both offered at pretty excellent prices – so go check ’em out!







Image courtesy of Quikmeme