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Facebook freeing the internet in Zambia

Some feel good news in the tech world today!, an organization founded in part by Facebook, has just launched an app allowing limited free internet to people in Zambia who are connected to the Airtel phone company.


In the interest of keeping a a channel of information open to those who would otherwise not be able to access it, provides some basic internet to those for whom the data costs would otherwise be prohibitive.


Websites now accessible for free include AccuWeather, Wikipedia, job search sites as well as health information websites. Facebook is obviously included as well, making sure they get their daily dose of social networking and scrolling past other people’s politics and pictures of babies. All jokes aside, as much as people in western countries may go through their anti-social networking phases, there are those who would argue that social networking is pretty important as a free service to those who can’t afford it.


The service works as a standalone App on Android phones as well as being accessed through on iOS or the basic ‘feature’ phones that are popular in Zambia. If those using the app click outside one of the 13 predetermined services on the App, they will get a warning about data charges that apply.


What’s exciting is that according to those at, Zambia currently only has about 15% internet penetration. With a population of 15 Million, the gift of free internet is a great one.


What’s greater is that the App is planned to spread to other countries in the future, making the world a little more connected. Time to find some new Zambian friends on Facebook?