You won’t hear the Note7 ban pre-board notification anymore

Last week the Federal Aviation Administration made a statement which said it was dropping the requirement of U.S. flight attendants to make a pre-boarding notification that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is prohibited.


This is apparently because public awareness that the banned Note7 was a fire risk was deemed to have reached a sufficient level. So, like, everyone’s sitting there going, DUH LADY/DUDE, WE KNOW.


And no-one needs that in their lives.


Samsung has since released a statement claiming that over 96 percent of Note 7 devices have been returned so far. U.S. carriers have sent out an end-of-life software update to handsets that remain in circulation, rendering the devices unable to charge.


Samsung will be releasing the details of its investigation into what caused some handsets to explode or catch fire while charging around the end of the month.


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